Wedding Day Survival Kit Essentials


No matter how carefully you prepare, there’s always the chance that something unexpected could arise on your wedding day. From wardrobe malfunctions to incredible headaches, you must be fully prepared. bugout bag
So make sure you pack a bride survival kit containing everything necessary for looking and feeling picture-perfect on your big day, including 1. First Aid Kit

1. First Aid Kit

Your bride’s survival kit should include an emergency first aid kit. Include items such as Sellotape for long fabric tears, sewing kits, and safety pins so any minor mishaps can be resolved quickly.

Pain relievers (for headaches and other aches and pains). Headphones/earring backs that tighten during dancing. Breath mints/gum. Extra dress socks (if sweaty). Hand sanitizer.

2. Lint Brush

Lint brushes can help prevent dress stains. From champagne spilled on your bridesmaid dresses to lipstick smudged during your ceremony, lint brushes can save the day!

Include stain remover pens or wipes in your emergency kit in the event of unexpected spills, as well as blotting paper, hand sanitizer, and an extra pair of earring backs for yourself and your bridesmaids.

Your emergency kit for your wedding should also contain bobby pins and hair ties for quick touch-ups or to untangle stray locks or knots in strands of hair.

3. Eye Drops & Contact Lens Solution

Even if you don’t wear contact lenses, keeping eye drops on hand is always wise to prevent your eyes from drying out or becoming irritated throughout the day. They can help ensure they remain clear and comfortable as life moves forward.

An additional consideration for bridesmaids who wear contacts should be providing them with contact lens solutions in case their glasses get misplaced during the day or vice versa.

Pepto Bismol can be helpful if you feel an impending headache coming on or are experiencing heartburn due to too much food!

4. Deodorant

Deodorant should be included with every member of the bridal party to keep them smelling their best all day long, and spare earringbacks may come in handy should any go missing.

Stain remover pens provide quick solutions when accidental spills happen, while dryer sheets help eliminate static cling on clothing or shoes, making a survival kit essential. Lint rollers and razors should also be readily available.

5. Sunscreen

When hosting outdoor wedding ceremonies, sunscreen should be worn by everyone on the guest list in order to prevent red spots or peeling that might appear later in the day. It can help protect from redness or peeling issues that might surface later.

Keep your big day flawless by including a lint roller in your kit to remove stray hairs or pantyhose snags that may hinder it. Additionally, this tool is helpful in eliminating any shoe or jacket snags!

Tums or Pepto Bismol can help ease nerves. Furthermore, these medications may also assist if any bridesmaids or themselves experience stomach issues – providing both extra support and allowing the event to run more smoothly!

6. Water

Water bottles are essential to staying hydrated throughout the day and being prepared in case someone spills food or beverages on themselves or the bride.

Stain remover wipes are handy to have on hand as well. They can help clean away makeup smudges quickly as well as quickly clean up something such as champagne that may have accidentally spilled in the back of a limousine!

To save yourself some time and stress, prepacked wedding emergency kits for the bride and her party could be just what’s needed to get everything covered – no more running last-minute errands!

7. Phone Charger & Backup Battery

Even when your wedding is perfectly planned, unexpected mishaps may arise on the big day – having an emergency kit at hand will provide peace of mind when something goes amiss.

Stain Remover Pen: Even with careful planning, accidents happen! Stain remover pens will make any situation less stressful when something stains a dress.

Blotting Paper: For photos with oiliness or shine, blotting papers are an indispensable asset! Also, be sure to bring along backup earrings in case one breaks.

8. Makeup Brushes & Eyeliner

On your big day, having an emergency kit of items such as blotting papers and tampons ready can be invaluable. Don’t leave anything out – keep them handy just in case something goes amiss on your special day!

As an example, having some extra deodorants on hand is sure to keep everyone smelling great and looking their best while having some spare earringbacks handy in case someone loses theirs is also very handy. In case anyone experiences headaches or stomach upset, having some essential medicines on hand would also be prudent.

9. Hairbrush

Your bridesmaids’ hairbrush and comb should be an indispensable part of their wedding day survival kit, helping them control any flyaways or loose locks that might appear.

Stain remover pens or wipes are also essential to have on hand for your wedding day since accidents inevitably will arise during its course. Shout Wipes make an excellent option since they’re portable and compact – the perfect addition to your bag.

10. Sunglasses

Sunglasses can come in handy for anyone attending your wedding who may require them, especially if your ceremony will take place outdoors in bright sunlight! Adding them is especially crucial if the ceremony will take place outdoors!

Preventative items are necessary, but it’s also crucial that you bring along items to help remedy any mishaps on the big day. Clear nail polish is excellent at stopping runs in pantyhose, while Tide pens work wonders on stains.

Other items include a large umbrella, power strip, extension cord, contact details of vendors, as well as mints for fresh breath!