A Review of the Color Me Beautiful cosmetics

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All about color me beautiful cosmetics:

color me beautiful cosmetics is a company that sells several lines of beauty products including Iman, Color Me Beautiful, Adrian Arpel, Flori Roberts, and Patti LaBelle. The company gears itself to the color me beautiful cosmetics needs of women and sells its products through brick-and-mortar stores and independent sales agents alike.

There are several ways to earn an income with the color me beautiful cosmetics opportunity. You can carry an inventory of beauty products, sell through a catalog, or recruit others to become a sales consultant. Or, you can use a combination of these methods to earn income.

If you have your own store or would like to start your own store, you can carry an inventory of the company’s products and sell them for profit, just as you would with any other product in your store. You will purchase the company’s products at wholesale and sell them at a mark-up.

However, for those just getting started or who want to participate part-time, there is a no-inventory opportunity where you sell items through demo products and catalogs. The company will handle credit card transactions, returns, and order shipments. You receive a commission on your personal sales. They call this the “At Your Service” program where you can earn commissions as high as 40%.

The company also offers an opportunity to create multiple income streams. You start out by becoming a Color Me Beautiful Consultant and work your way up by recruiting others to become consultants. You can earn a percentage of goods sold through your recruits, as well as your own sales.

There is an unlimited opportunity for income since there is no limit to the number of sales consultants you can recruit. You will be expected to sponsor and train your recruits because your success is dependent on theirs.

As a color me beautiful cosmetics Consultant, you have a chance to earn beyond a paycheck. Those with superior sales can earn bonuses like a Mercedes Benz or diamond jewelry. You can even earn cruises and vacation packages for you and your family.

The number of additional incentives you can earn will depend on your sales totals, your recruits, and their sales.

Like other home-based businesses, you can enjoy flexibility in your schedule and have control over your business. The more effort and marketing dollars put forth, the better your chances of earning income and bonuses.

As well, you can make Color Me Beautiful a full-time job or a part-time opportunity, and switch between the two at your leisure.

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