Double Downlight – Adding a Contemporary Look to Your Home


Modern downlights make an excellent addition to any home or commercial building, providing light for practical purposes while setting a mood or emphasizing key design features. Tips on how to choose led downlight?

One way to achieve optimal lighting for your space is by selecting an optimal beam angle. There are plenty of choices available.


Double downlights add a contemporary aesthetic to any home, and with their adjustable features, you can control where light shines to highlight specific areas. They’re accommodating spaces with higher ceilings as you can direct it at just the right height – Electrical2Go offers fixed and adjustable options to find one to suit your space best.

Our Adjustable LED Square Twin Downlight boasts a modern rectangular shape with a gorgeous brass finish, offering full adjustability to illuminate your home perfectly.

This downlight comes in timeless, trim versions for easy installation with standard GU10 lamps. Additionally, its unique twist-and-lock system makes replacing its LED engine and driver effortless, making this model simple to fit and maintain.

This recessed double downlight highlights your home’s art, furniture, and other features. Its adjustable gimbal mechanism enables you to direct light in any direction you please – great for wet environments as it has an IP65 rating – while its 25mm dual black baffle helps reduce glare. Furthermore, this downlight meets EN60598-1:2007 regulations and is also suitable for commercial projects.


Ceilings of buildings are naturally fireproof, providing a barrier that stops fire from spreading throughout their entirety. When an opening is cut into this barrier to install recessed lighting, however, this natural protection is undermined and should only ever be installed using fireproof downlights in both residential and commercial settings.

Fire-rated downlights are specially engineered to stop fire from spreading through ceilings for an extended period. They feature an intumescent pad that expands when heated to an appropriate temperature, blocking flame progression while delaying its progress and saving lives and property damage. This type of lighting could save lives as well as protect valuable assets.

These downlights come in various wattages and colors to suit any room in your home or workplace, with dimmable or non-dimmable bulbs to meet any need. You are sure to find the ideal downlight solution here!

The EFH6-LED is a two-hour fireproof LED new construction downlight designed for new construction applications that features double wall steel design with non-combustible insulation that prevents flames, toxic gases, and ignitable gases from passing into the ceiling above, protecting people and property against fire damage. Ideal for residential, multifamily, and commercial settings alike.


Double downlights can be an attractive and energy-efficient way to illuminate any room, adding depth and definition. By layering them alongside decorative fixtures or evenly spacing them across the ceiling, double downlights can create a stunning ambient effect while helping reduce energy costs. Combined with dimmers, they also allow for the flexibility of controlling brightness levels and saving money overall.

Modern LED downlights produce less heat and consume fewer watts than traditional bulbs, saving you money while providing quality illumination. Some models even come equipped with intelligent bulbs that adapt colors according to your mood!

These slim, recessed fixtures are typically tailored for spaces with shallow plenums (the area in the ceiling that facilitates air flow for heating and cooling), making them an excellent choice for new construction or remodel applications. Some have an IC-rated housing that allows installation in close contact with insulation without creating a fire hazard; other fixtures must remain at least 3 inches from any insulation for safety purposes.

Some models, like the Square Double 50, feature shallow housing designs ideal for tight plenum spaces. You can select between various finishes, color temperatures, and insulation coverable options that best meet your needs. Other models come equipped with interchangeable LED modules, so you can swap out bulbs or keep extras handy in an emergency.


Double downlights differ from standard recessed downlights in that they can be used indoors and outdoors, providing maximum space utilization. They are ideal for lighting walkways and hallways while adding style to any home; their square or rectangular shapes add character when installed on a fascia or soffit.

These LED recessed downlights are explicitly made for new construction and retrofit applications, enabling easy mounting directly onto ceilings using foolproof spring clips. Airtight and insulation-safe, they feature an ingenious snap-in junction box that eliminates the need for separate fixtures to speed installation while cutting labor costs significantly.

They come in various wattages to meet your specific lighting needs, spanning 80W-180W for ample lighting in large spaces or industrial applications; commercial, retail, warehouse, or auditorium settings may also use them effectively.

GE’s Lumination DI Series features a range of lumen packages and color temperatures, including warm, neutral, and cool white hues. You can even opt for color tuning to fine-tune your lighting for your desired look – making the fixture more versatile and future-friendly than standard recessed downlights.

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