Falcor Forex Robot Review


The Falcor Forex Robot is an automated trading system that promises to revolutionize trading for thousands of traders worldwide. The robot allegedly finds, manages, and closes trades all on its own – no setup is needed as all currency pairs can be supported simultaneously by it – though its manufacturer does not provide verifiable trading results.

Forex robots may make bold claims about themselves but in truth have numerous flaws. They cannot account for fundamental factors like economic and geopolitical news events that could influence trading outcomes.

It is based on Heiken Ashi Smoothed Indicator

Developers of this robot have been in business for more than seven years and have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction, offering regular free updates and support to their clients.

Falcor is a MetaTrader 4 Forex robot designed to find, open, manage, and close trades on behalf of traders of any experience level. This trading bot can be used alone or together with other trading robots; furthermore it can also be utilized by novice traders as an entryway into trading Forex.

Falcor takes a unique approach to trading by not looking backward. This allows it to identify trade opportunities in the present and ensures all deals are novel.

It is based on price action

Forex robots allow for 24/7 trading without constant monitoring; however, they are vulnerable to hacking and viruses so it is wise to choose one with which you feel comfortable trading.

Investigate companies whose robot has been tested under different market conditions and currency pairs. Check its drawdown rate and order size.

When companies make overly ambitious claims, it may be best to move on quickly. Such grand statements include promises of significant profits with little financial risk or spreads.

It is based on no lag indicators

Forex robots for Android enable investors to monitor and modify their trading strategies from anywhere at any time, from any location. Furthermore, these devices facilitate leverage trading using different amounts per trade as well as leverage.

The EA vendor claims this EA helps traders take back control of their charts using no-lag indicators and price action; however, its performance results and pricing remain in doubt.

Be wary of countdown clocks that attempt to pressure potential buyers into purchasing an EA quickly. Instead, take your time and assess if it fits with your financial goals before making a decision.

It is based on a trend-following strategy

Falcor Forex Robot from Forex Robot Trader team offers fully automated trading robot for MT4 platforms. This lean trading machine utilizes no lag indicators to find profitable trades quickly.

Combining daily Fibonacci targets and trend shifts to find unstoppable forex trades, and offering a diverse selection of currency pairs for trading.

It is based on a reversal strategy

Falcor is an all-in-one Forex robot which searches, manages and closes trades automatically. Utilizing no-lag indicators and price action analysis to spot real-time reversals. Falcor helps traders understand the market better and make better trading decisions.

Most forex systems rely on historical prices to locate signals. Unfortunately, this can be risky since results might not recur in the future.

It is based on a breakout strategy

Falcor Forex Robot is an automated trading system designed to work within the MetaTrader platform. It enables traders to trade real time with no-lag indicators and price action methods in real time – all by itself! Falcor Forex Robot finds, manages, and closes trades all on its own.

When shopping for a forex robot, be wary of companies making bold claims about their product or service and provide verifiable trading results. Genuine companies won’t use extravagant language promising huge profits.

It is based on a swing trading strategy

Falcor forex robot employs a swing trading strategy designed to take advantage of market momentum. It looks for breaks in either high or low of previous swing on a higher time frame to identify trading opportunities; additionally, it monitors market momentum and closes trades before they reach either their stop loss (S/L) limit (T/P).

This EA promises astronomical returns, yet no evidence can be found to substantiate this promise. There are better forex robots out there which could offer much higher returns.

It is based on a day trading strategy

This multi-currency Forex robot employs multiple strategies. With low risks and no need for constant monitoring, its user-friendly interface provides a pleasant trading experience.

Many trading robots utilize scalping, or making small profits from frequent price changes, to achieve their intended results. Unfortunately, this approach may lead to losses when market conditions shift unexpectedly.

Check whether backtesting and live trading results can be verified, as well as whether the company offers guarantees and returns your money if their promises cannot be kept.

It is based on a scalping strategy

Falcor Forex Robot is an automated trading system that utilizes price action and no-lag indicators to capture market opportunities. According to its vendor, this software can produce significant profits; however, no monthly performance results or back tests have been shared by them.

Scalping trading refers to short-term, profit-seeking investments designed to make quick gains. It differs from day trading in that its focus lies on capitalizing on large market movements.