Family Farm and Home Expands to Big Rapids


According to company officials, family Farm and Home has announced it is moving its headquarters from suburban Grand Rapids to Muskegon’s downtown district, employing 20 people in total and using the Hume Building on Morris Avenue within 60 days.

Dennis Malaret is such a regular visitor to Family Farm and Home on Plainfield Avenue that employees get concerned when they don’t see him there. Now, however, his trips will need to become less frequent.

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Family Farm and Home has long been an unnoticed presence in Muskegon since its establishment in 2002, operating without fanfare or drawing attention from the press. Now they’ve announced they will make an impactful statement by opening their first store here.

Family Farmers is a family-owned business specializing in tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work casual apparel and footwear, lawn and garden equipment rental/lease agreements, alternative heating/heating products, and agricultural supplies for farms. Headquartered in Muskegon, Michigan, with locations all over Michigan and Indiana, and Ohio states, tool repair/rentals are also offered on-site.

Dennis Malaret is such a regular at the Plainfield Avenue Family Farm and Home location in Grand Rapids that employees worry he will disappear for several days. Soon he’ll have a more effortless shopping experience as Family Farm and Home opens their new Greenville store this month – its 71st across Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio!

Family Farm and Home is a privately held company operating over 70 stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Specializing in agriculture products, home, lawn, and garden care items, livestock supplies, and pet items, it was formed from the merger between Quality Stores Inc. of Muskegon and Central Tractor Co. in Iowa.


Family Farm and Home has been open since April 2002, providing customers various items designed for work, recreation, and agriculture. Departments include tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work casual clothing footwear, lawn and garden supplies, alternative heating supplies, farm supplies, feed/fuel for horses & livestock, and birds! The store even sells horse/livestock feed, bird food & alternative fuel options!

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Family Farm and Home has announced plans to open a store in Big Rapids by Fall 2016, projected to create up to 20 jobs. In addition, it plans on moving its offices from downtown Grand Rapids into the Hume Building on Morris Avenue, where they will occupy 38,080 square feet formerly occupied by Kmart stores.

The store will offer an expansive range of tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work and casual clothing, footwear, bird food, lawn and garden materials, and agriculture equipment and materials – becoming its 71st store for this chain based in Muskegon since its opening back in 2002. Since then, they have expanded quickly, with locations spread throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

Owners attribute Family Farm and Home’s early success to its loyal customer base and experienced managers. Many of its leaders came from Quality Stores, which merged with Farm and Home in 2000; as part of that transaction, founder Tim Fansler’s family invested over $50 million into Family Farm and Home as an investment into this new company.

Dennis Malaret of Spencer Township has a long trek an hour to Family Farm and Home’s Plainfield Avenue store to shop, often growing concerned when days pass between his visits. So when he heard about its relocation closer to Greenville he was delighted. Now closer, Malaret plans to visit less often for shopping at Family Farm and Home Greenville store.

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