Family Farm and Home Catalog – Living Rooms and Family Rooms


Living Room & Bedroom

Living and family rooms tend to serve multiple functions; you can use them for formal events, casual entertaining, or family time. Furthermore, these areas often exist at the front of a home, making them an excellent way to greet visitors or mark holidays.

Living rooms may also be parlors, drawing rooms, lounges, or standard rooms. Edward Bok is often credited with coining the term “living room” during the 19th or early 20th century to encourage greater use within households.

No matter which room it’s called, selecting multifunctional furniture with intelligent storage solutions to maximize space is critical to making it feel welcoming and cozy. Take note of modular sofas and storage coffee tables, which can expand with your needs as they do now or later on. Layer rugs define seating areas and create zones in one larger room to create a cozy and functional personal space that’s all your own.