Farm Credit Capital For Homesteaders


Homesteading is an ideal way to combine farming and livestock into one property where you live, creating an idyllic lifestyle where everything from your food source is grown on your land and raised for consumption. Homesteaders tend to ascribe themselves as “back-to-the-land” people as they strive to live off what the land provides them and produce as much of it as possible.

Zippia provides an in-depth view of capital farm credit, including salaries, political affiliations, etc. Please be aware that this data comes directly from employees and may contain errors or be incomplete.

Agricultural Lending

The company provides financing products and services to farmers, ranchers, rural homeowners, agribusinesses, senior and agri-insurers, and rural homeowners in rural communities and agribusinesses. Their product offerings include agricultural real estate purchase/improvement loans, operating loans, equipment loans, senior/agri-insurance policies, and non-credit retail banking products like zero balance sweep accounts or home loans.

Capital Farm Credit offers an innovative financing program called AgVista for beginning farmers and ranchers who lack experience, mentorship, and knowledge to run profitable agricultural enterprises. Furthermore, this program targets historically underserved groups such as women, minorities, and veterans as it targets these unique producers with loans tailored specifically for them.

An essential step for any farming operation is managing its debt responsibly, including avoiding late fees and keeping interest rates as low as possible. Doing this will improve cash flow, decrease default risk, and ensure healthy operations.

Attracting a lender who understands agriculture is paramount. Doing so enables the lender to provide expert advice based on sound economic principles, allowing farmers to make decisions that will support their business without missing opportunities or experiencing financial strain.

Capital Farm Credit offers innovative and flexible agricultural lending solutions for farmers, ranchers, and agribusinesses in Texas and beyond. Their loan programs cater to customers’ needs, offering land purchase loans, operating loans, and senior agri-insurance policies among their most popular loan products. It is based in Bryan, Texas, with over 480 employees.

Capital Farm Credit is a cooperative agricultural lender operating across Texas. Since 1898, they have been offering rural financing products and services. The main products/services provided include financing for farmers, ranchers, rural homeowners, and agricultural agribusinesses and offering agri-insurance products such as zero balance sweep accounts. Furthermore, employee benefit programs have also been implemented; on average, republicans stay with Capital Farm Credit for an average of 4.3 years.

Home Lending

Finding a lender who understands rural real estate financing can be as crucial to realizing one’s dreams of living on an acreage property as finding one’s ideal land. Many city residents searching for their acreage property turn to Farm Credit for assistance. Unlike commercial lenders, their expertise enables them to make informed financing decisions to help clients meet their country’s dreams.

Capital Farm Credit’s mortgage lending team strives to offer excellent customer service by getting to know its customers and understanding their goals for their property. This approach can especially be helpful when financing rural properties, such as explaining how building on acreage works or answering queries regarding school districts in their region.

Capital Farm Credit offers residential loans, commercial loans, and financial services. Their loan portfolio features agribusiness loans such as operating and equipment loans and leasing; junior farmer financing; beginning farmer and rancher loans; personal financial products including non-credit retail banking products such as zero balance sweep accounts and home loans related to agriculture – in addition to offering agricultural/livestock insurance products as part of their services division.

Capital Farm Credit of Bryan, Texas, employs approximately 480 individuals with median salaries averaging $59.561; its headquarters serves 192 of Texas’ 254 counties.

Fitch Ratings recognized that this company enjoys a solid brand. Unfortunately, its narrow business model limits its ability to compete against larger, more diverse commercial banks.

Zippia provides an in-depth company profile, providing insight into its salaries, political affiliations, and employee diversity. This data comes from self-reported employee reports and estimates from public and private sources (BLS and census estimates). Employees at Capital Farm Credit tend to be Republican; employees stay for an average of 4.3 years before leaving.

Commercial Lending

Fitch Ratings has noted that CFC has a narrowly focused business model, giving it a distinct competitive edge in agricultural lending within its territory. Furthermore, its debt profile remains secure while its liquidity position remains strong.

This company provides a broad range of rural financing products and services, such as real estate purchase and improvement loans, operating loans, equipment loans, leasing arrangements, and young, beginning, and small farmer/rancher financing. Furthermore, the company provides agribusiness loans, senior loans, zero balance sweep accounts, non-credit retail banking products, and related insurance, as well as insurance policies related to agriculture-related businesses in Texas, as well as various financial services for rural homeowners in Texas.

Financial assistance is often essential when buying or launching an agribusiness, which is why so many people turn to their local Farm Credit lender for help. Unlike commercial lenders, Farm Credit considers several factors when making loans, such as equity in your land, customer references, and subcontractor lists when making loan decisions.

These lenders typically provide more flexible terms and lower interest rates than traditional lenders. If you’re home-hunting, they could even help you qualify for a mortgage with just a 5 percent down payment!

FSA’s Beginning Farmer Loan programs provide crucial assistance for new farmers to become productive and competitive in the marketplace, from providing access to land to aiding with normal operating or family living expenses, supporting diversification efforts, opening doors to marketing opportunities, and much more.

The Capital Farm Credit Scholarship is open to Texas college and university graduates majoring in agriculture, education, finance, or natural resources who possess at least two letters of recommendation and a application form completed. To be considered for this award, please send 1-2 letters of reference from educators in these disciplines, current transcripts, and your application form to Capital Farm Credit by March 15, 2016.

Financial Services

Beginning farmers and ranchers require access to capital to purchase land, buildings, fencing, and seed. Furthermore, they must be able to generate revenue and pay off debt. There are various sources for funding, including local banks, state finance programs, and Farm Service Agency loans with low-interest rates, loan guarantees, or participation available specifically to beginning producers; some banks even offer special initiatives like Aggie Bond programs, which link depositor funds directly with loan pools public for new producers.

Capital Farm Credit, established as a borrower-owned lending institution in 1916, specializes in agricultural financing products and services. They offer equipment- and operating loans for agribusiness operations, agricultural real estate purchase/improvement/rural home purchase loans/refinancing loans, refinance loans to rural homeowners, and refinancing. Furthermore, Capital Farm Credit also offers non-credit retail banking products, zero balance sweep accounts, and farm-related business loans across the U.S. The company serves farmers, ranchers, rural homeowners, and agribusinesses nationwide.

Capital Farm Credit utilizes an enterprise risk management system and risk control group responsible for creating policies to mitigate credit losses, providing their clients with agronomy and financial, legal, and accounting services. Furthermore, they are members of the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis.

Capital Farm Credit employs approximately 480 people at its Bryan, Texas-based headquarters. Employees tend to lean Republican and stay at this company for about 4.3 years on average. Capital Farm Credit employees receive generous salaries compared to similar businesses: their average annual salary is an estimated $59,561.

Our company offers a scholarship program for high school students interested in agriculture. To apply, applicants need 1-2 letters of recommendation, an essay with 100-200 words about the topic given on the application form, and current transcripts from high school. Scholarship recipients must also be graduates from an accredited vocational or technical school. In addition, regional and district offices of our organization provide career development programs.