Final Fantasy XVI Strategy Guide Download


Final Fantasy has long been one of the leading names in JRPGs, and its latest mainline entry, FINAL FANTASY XVI, features several vital modifications that significantly change its proven formula.

Players will encounter several powerful enemies as they progress through the story and participate in Bounty Hunts. While Notorious Mark enemies can take considerable punishment, there are ways of leveling the playing field and leveling off.

Notorious Mark Enemies

Although Final Fantasy 16’s world has numerous enemies, some prove more formidable than others. Notorious Mark enemies can be found through the Hunt Board and challenged for unique rewards and experience points; these deadly hunters use potent attacks that could quickly overwhelm unprepared players.

There are a few tricks available to you for defeating Notorious Marks that pose the most significant threats, like Torgal’s Brother using Crea y Cwm (three-hit combo), which can be avoided if backed away from. This method also works well against Dread Comet, who will only attack physically.

For this trophy to unlock, five pieces of gear must be produced or upgraded at The Hideaway Blacksmith; this includes weapons, armor, and upgrades.

Side Quests

Final Fantasy 16 takes an unexpectedly darker turn with its story of revenge, power struggles, and inevitability. Along with new Eikon summons being introduced and traditional side quests reimagined into bounty hunts, many may seem tedious, but thanks to top-tier writing and performances, Valisthea becomes one of the most immersive environments yet in any FF game! Additionally, Active Time Lore allows instant access to glossary information about characters or places featured or mentioned during cutscenes, an innovative touch many more games should implement!

Final Fantasy has long been known to offer numerous side quests across its worlds. Most will unlock as you complete Main Quests, while some can be finished earlier by reloading an old manual save or doing them in New Game+. This FF16 Guide is your comprehensive resource on these Side Quests, detailing when and why they unlock.

Clive Rosfield’s side quests center around Cid’s Hideaway, a bustling hub that houses his allies and oppressed people. Frequent visits will allow you to form relationships with these NPCs while reminding yourself why Clive is fighting – unlike the Mass Effect series, where characters were so fully realized and enjoyable to interact with.

Eikonic Abilities

Eikonic Abilities are particular actions Clive can utilize during combat to deal more significant damage than general attacks or melee combos and provide both offensive and defensive options. Each Eikon grants players their own abilities; additional ones may be unlocked through the Skill Tree, ranging from closing distance between enemies to blocking attacks from coming closer.

Eikon Garudas possess a range of powerful maneuvers that are useful both offensively and defensively, particularly Deadly Embrace – his signature Eikonic Ability, which allows him to grapple lighter enemies for combos or aerial combinations or pull them close for close combat or launch them into the air for aerial combos while at the same time cutting an enemy’s Will Gauge by 50%! Other notable Garuda feats include Rook’s Gambit, which quickly evades any enemy attack while pressing forward into a counterattack, or Ice Age, which releases multiple shards of ice that freeze enemies solid.

Eikons such as Ifrit, Shiva, and Bahamut all offer similar abilities suitable for either offense or defense. Titan’s strength-focused skills are efficient for decimating mobs of weaker enemies, while Bahamut’s enormous abyss provides excellent protection against creatures swarming more vulnerable areas.

Eikons and their Abilities may make great choices for offense and defense, but Clive should never forget his basic Skills are available regardless of which Eikon is equipped. Press X to trigger them; these skills provide attack and staggered damage with no cooldown period, making these essential for all battles. Maximizing combat performance is worth upgrading these as soon as possible.

Timely Accessories

Combat in Final Fantasy XVI can be intense and furious, which may make it more manageable for newcomers to action games. Square Enix has implemented Timely Accessories that make actions like precision dodging and combo execution simpler for these less experienced gamers.

These rings act like in-game cheat rings to make the game more accessible to newcomers and help overcome early-game challenges where enemies may be particularly challenging. When enabled on a Story-Focused playthrough, they will automatically equip and can be disabled via the Settings menu if not needed – no experience loss occurs; however, they take up one Gear accessory slot, which could otherwise be used elsewhere in gameplay.

Each ring serves its function: increasing dodging time, automating blocking/parrying attacks, and enabling complex combos with just a press of one button. Unfortunately, they prevent you from equipping other accessories that would enhance Clive’s attack/defense stats or provide other effects – which can be disappointing.

Timely Accessories can help you overcome the initial learning curve of the game, but once you feel comfortable managing multiple mechanics at once, they should be removed to make combat more manageable and counterintuitive. Otherwise, you could switch back and forth between manually attacking with keyboard and mouse buttons and issuing commands through Torgal using his d-pad – an inefficient process that may prove frustrating and counterproductive. If combat remains too challenging after eliminating Timely Accessories from play, other difficulty options in the Settings menu might provide another avenue of relief.


Final Fantasy XVI allows players to craft and upgrade various weapons and gear as they progress through the game, with other crafting opportunities, including cooking, fishing, and foraging.

The game features a semi-linear and semi-open world structure, with the main story taking place across three timelines of Clive’s life: his teens, twenties, and thirties. Each timeline contains an endpoint; nothing that happened prior to this point counts towards collecting trophies or collectibles; however, after completing the story there will still be free roam and stage replay available.

This 228-page guide features exclusive artwork, high-resolution screenshots, and comprehensive information to enhance your FFXVI adventure. Piggyback works closely with the development team to bring readers inside the game experience while gathering extensive lists for skills, enemies, and more – something they have done successfully with significant releases like Breath of the Wild, FFXVI Tears of the Kingdom & Cyberpunk 2077.