Forest Glade Gardens – A Gardener’s Paradise


Forest Glade Gardens is a long-established, European-inspired landscaped garden. It is a popular holiday destination and a gardener’s and photographer’s dream. Learn more about this beautiful Garden in this article. This beautiful Garden has several sections, including an English & Japanese section, a fern gully, and a woodland area.

Forest Glade Gardens is a well-established European-inspired landscaped garden.

Located less than an hour outside Melbourne, Forest Glade Gardens is a picturesque private landscaped garden that embraces a wide range of landscaping styles. Inspired by woodland, Italian, and English traditions, the stunning gardens provide an unforgettable experience in spring, summer, and autumn. Tours are available for individuals or large groups.

The gardens are not only for plant lovers but also a photographer’s delight with their beautiful statues, fountains, and ponds. In addition, they are often used as a backdrop to wedding ceremonies. You will also be surrounded by various native and exotic trees during autumn.

It is a gardener’s paradise.

Located less than an hour south of Melbourne, Forest Glade Gardens is a private garden with an exciting mix of landscape styles. It takes inspiration from Italian, English, and woodland traditions. The gardens are visually stunning and are accessible to families and tour groups. They are dog-friendly and offer picnic areas and fountains.

The gardens are also a photographer’s paradise with dozens of striking statues and water features. These gardens are often used as the backdrop for wedding ceremonies. There are a variety of activities to keep the guests busy. There’s also an annual horticultural event that brings the community together to celebrate horticulture and the environment.

It is a photographer’s delight.

The Forest Glade Gardens is a historic private garden in Mount Macedon that has been voted one of the best gardens in Australia. This 14.5-acre site embraces a mix of styles, including English, Italian, and Asian landscape design. The gardens are filled with beautiful landscapes, making a perfect backdrop for wedding photos. The gardens are open to individuals, families, and large tour groups.

The Garden was originally an orchard and lush grazing paddock, but the Newtons bought the property in 1941. Over the next few decades, the family expanded the property and created the gardens you see today. This property has been a Melbourne landmark for over 100 years, and the grounds are a photographer’s dream.

It is a popular holiday destination.

If you’re looking for a holiday destination to inspire your inner artist, head to the Forest Glade Gardens. This place is a photographers’ paradise, with dozens of striking statues and water features. It’s even a popular location for wedding ceremonies, thanks to the Garden’s stunning backdrops.

The gardens cover 5.6 hectares and feature exotic trees, a Japanese garden, a bonsai house, fern gullies, pergolas, ponds, and a fantastic laburnum arch. It is open all year round and is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations.

Bushfires destroyed it in 1983

In 1983, the Ash Wednesday bushfires ravaged parts of the Forest Glade Gardens, destroying many gardens. The Garden has since been restored. The gardens feature four distinct themes, which make for a beautiful day out. The park is a popular tourist attraction and is open 365 days a year.

The Ash Wednesday bushfires occurred in southeast Australia on 16 February 1983. These fires caused widespread destruction across the states of South Australia and Victoria. The fires wHot winds sparked the fires/h. They were the deadliest bushfires in Australia until the Black Saturday fires in 2009.

The Cameron memorial cross was destroyed in the 1983 bushfires but was rebuilt in 1995. It was designed by Bruno and Rino Grollo in Preston and is significant for spiritual and symbolic reasons. After the fires, it became a symbol of survival. Today, the Cameron memorial cross is used for a dawn service commemorating the war dead.