Foundr Review – How Foundr Makes Money


Foundr stands out among a sea of free content with its high-quality articles and online courses, making money via affiliate links or subscription fees.

Nathan Chan created Foundr Magazine to provide impactful interviews with world-changing entrepreneurs and has since seen it become one of the highest-ranked business magazines on Apple’s App Store.

We Interview Hard to Reach Entrepreneurs

Nathan Chan founded Foundr because he believed no business magazines offered actionable, battle-tested content to young entrepreneurs. He began interviewing world-changing entrepreneurs to gain insight into their processes, failures, and obstacles.

He eventually created a subscription-based magazine available on iOS and Android devices and podcasts and online courses to monetize its content.

Their podcast showcases high-quality interviews with influential entrepreneurs. Additionally, their long-form articles draw thousands of monthly visitors who can be directed toward their podcast and online courses via affiliate links.

Their Ecommerce Master Course is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow their ecommerce businesses using proven tactics. Highly actionable and backed by a 365-day money-back guarantee, the course stands out from similar offerings by being highly actionable with actionable insights backed up by money-back guarantees that are never fulfilled or theoretical. They also provide a community that supports entrepreneurs, creating trusting customer relationships that help grow your customer base for your company.

We Create High-Quality Content

High-quality content creation is an integral element of building an online business. Not only will this improve SEO rankings, but it can also provide customers with answers they’ve been searching for about your product or service. According to research from Conductor, buyers are 131% more likely to purchase from brands after viewing early-stage educational material about them.

Nathan Chan created Foundr magazine (available for iOS and Android) to address an area in his experience as an entrepreneur that needed filling. He wanted a publication offering real-world advice from successful entrepreneurs – an idea that has now grown into one of the top 10 business magazines on Apple’s App Store with millions of readers.

He believes he can have more impactful global influence by creating free content than by charging subscription fees for his magazine, so he is working towards increasing free content to exceed paid subscription revenue.

We Build a Community

Nathan launched Foundr to fill an apparent void in the business community. He noticed few resources for entrepreneurs hoping to start their own companies; therefore, he began interviewing world-changing entrepreneurs and sharing their stories through articles, podcasts, and online courses.

Foundr Magazine quickly gained momentum and became one of the top-ten-ranked “Business & Investing” magazines on the iTunes App Store. Since then, Foundr Magazine has continued to expand rapidly.

Instagram is an integral component of their strategy, drawing thousands of visitors each month and driving traffic directly to their online courses. They utilize strategies like tagging friends in posts or using hashtags to expand the reach of their content.

Foundr employs full-time employees and freelance contractors who contribute their time and skills to produce and promote content, including graphic designers in Bangalore, an editor in Boston, 10-20 freelance writers from around the globe, and one video editor from Hungary.

We Monetize Our Content

Foundr was launched as a digital business magazine (available on iOS & Android) for young entrepreneurs by founder Nathan Chan. Chan noticed that educational markets were oversaturated with “gurus” who valued taking money from entrepreneurs more than helping them start and build real businesses.

Nathan addressed this challenge by interviewing world-changing entrepreneurs and sharing their stories with his audience. Foundr quickly became one of the go-to resources for self-made entrepreneurs everywhere.

Today, Foundr is a multi-product company with a magazine, podcast, and online courses. They charge low subscription fees to monetize their content while simultaneously generating leads through Instagram. Recently they’ve begun providing free content in an attempt to reach a wider audience via hashtags like #fb (Founder). Furthermore, they use simple strategies like encouraging their followers to tag friends when sharing posts to boost engagement.