Game on Fitchburg Moves Into a New Facility


Students wearing virtual reality headsets are testing Worm Punk, a networked VR movement shooter designed by Fitchburg State to teach entrepreneurial-style video game design.

Graduates often work for large companies like North Carolina-based Epic Games – the maker of Fortnite – while some also establish their game studios.


Boston newspapers described This game as the “most significant high school football contest in Massachusetts” and, at one time, even considered it an unofficial state championship match. As such, many travel great distances to witness its reenactment.

On the second floor of a nearly 100-year-old theater building in downtown Fitchburg, several students wearing virtual reality headsets swiveled their heads and waved their arms behind glass walls as they tested a new video game, Worm Punk: an online networked VR movement shooter in which players fly around arenas attempting to eliminate opponents before becoming victims themselves.

Following the Revolution, Fitchburg’s peaceful development was disturbed when many residents joined the Continental Army to fight against England and win independence for America. Fitchburg saw 169 soldiers perish during this conflict. Following World War I and II, industrial development and growth resumed within Fitchburg, but significant economic expansion occurred further west by 1900.

Today, a group of dedicated local volunteers have taken steps to ensure The Game remains popular for decades. They have organized two re-enactments of the 1933 Fitchburg-Leominster match at Doyle Field in Leominster this Saturday; these events are the brainchild of Leominster attorney Mark C. Bodanza with support from numerous sponsors.


Game On Sports & Performance Center will be Fitchburg’s focal point for sports programming, player development, training, and community recreation. It features a state-of-the-art indoor complex, outdoor sports fields, and batting cages – among other programs and amenities – offering residents plenty of activities and amenities.

Sangermano reported they are working closely with both Fitchburg Public Schools and Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School athletic teams to offer reduced or no-cost field time at Game On to assist them with affording equipment costs, among other expenses.

Tara Flex flooring and JPro equipment, along with ten basketball courts, 14 volleyball courts, and eight pickleball courts, make up this indoor facility, which also features a sports bar, restaurant, and party rooms for guest use.


Game On Fitchburg has long been known for hosting concerts, sporting events, and plays – featuring shows by world-class artists and its long-running broadcast of one of the oldest cycling races in America – the Fitchburg Criterium. Game On Fitchburg works closely with its city public schools and Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School to offer reduced or no-cost field use to them for sports programs at these schools, enabling more money to go towards equipment than field rentals costs, according to Sangermano. Tickets can be purchased online using secure ticket checkout with 100% ticket guarantee coverage!


Game on Fitchburg offers scholarships to high school athletes to assist in covering the costs associated with membership in its facility while working closely with local schools to provide reduced-cost access to games and practices at Game.

This game includes Friender Bender, an innovative local multiplayer sabotage driving competition where up to four players compete against one another on two insane courses. This major in game design marks a historic first at any public institution in the Northeast.