Video Game Console Repair Near Me


Whether you are an occasional side-scroller or a dedicated FPS gamer, stopping gaming due to a broken console is never enjoyable. Don’t fret, though–uBreakiFix in College Point offers expert repair technicians who can restore your video game console quickly so you can resume gaming again! From red rings of death and joy-con drift to all sorts of glitches on game controllers and more – our uBreakiFix in College Point technicians offer comprehensive solutions and get you back into action without delay!

Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One aims to become the centerpiece of your living room experience, taking shape as a large black box about the size of an old VCR and featuring a Kinect camera for user interaction on one side. A triumph of function over form.

Users often report poor or no display on their console, which may indicate issues with its HDMI port or GPU chip. Other problems frequently encountered by gamers include disc can’t be read errors and noise from its disc drive. Overheating can damage an Xbox console, so ensuring proper ventilation with free fans and vents will help avoid these problems from arising.

uBreakiFix can diagnose and repair your Xbox when it’s no longer functioning as it should. Our diagnostic exams are free and can often pinpoint the source of any issue, enabling our technicians to devise a repair plan. Repairs are fast, reliable, and affordable – whether your console requires new hard drives or needs servicing, our technicians can restore it to like-new condition!

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 debuted in the gaming market in 2005 and became the pioneer in its next generation of consoles. Unlike its rivals, however, the Xbox 360 was designed with HD gaming in mind and can connect via System Link with other Xbox 360s to play online gaming simultaneously or output games at resolutions of 480p, 720p, or 1080i resolution.

The Xbox 360 features an attractive yet compact design, making it durable and stylish. It boasts a white base with a simple yet effective aesthetic that complements its features well. Subsequent models were released with black outer casings and unique edition colors.

Though the Xbox 360 offers many great games, its hardware may occasionally cause serious issues. One such issue is the Red Ring of Death (RROD), caused by a faulty heat sink that overheats and forces shut-down.

Microsoft took steps to solve this problem when they introduced a streamlined model known as Xbox 360 S (Valhalla and Trinity are its motherboard code names) in the summer of 2010. This model featured smaller dimensions and quieter operations designed to prevent RROD; additionally, it was the first Xbox to feature Kinect technology, turning the 360 into a family-friendly gaming machine.


No matter the gaming genre of your preference – casual side-scroller or FPS enthusiast, PS4 has always been there for you. But whether your console has experienced red ring-of-death issues or has an annoying, blinking blue light that won’t go away, our uBreakiFix in New York technicians can diagnose and resolve them! Our free diagnostic exams allow us to create a repair plan tailored specifically for you, and we provide repairs for all PS models, including handheld PSP and Vita models! Let us put our experts into action!


Sony released the PlayStation 3 home console as their second entry in late 2006 and introduced features including an HD Blu-ray disc drive and optical CD/DVD-ROM drive as well as Wi-Fi connectivity and Flash memory card readers. Based on Sony’s Cell processor – an advanced CPU with more processing power than its predecessor PlayStation 2 (PS2), the PS3 boasts high definition Blu-ray playback capability as well as optical CD/DVD-ROM playback capacity and supports Flash card readers for Flash memory card reading capabilities.

The backside of this PC houses digital out, A/V multi-out, HDMI ports, and a system power switch; there’s also a 2.5″ serial ATA hard drive slot that stores game data or can accommodate new drives as needed.

As with the Xbox 360, PS3s often prey on YLOD yellow light of death and extreme overheating and running noise issues. This issue can often be fixed by adding our overheating repair service; if motherboard chips were killed by a heat gun or another repair shop, it may require rebelling (add our Reballing service for added peace of mind). Our company has successfully repaired many YLOD and RROD systems by simply swapping out graphics chips.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is an innovative home and handheld console system. Its portable design lets players take it anywhere and dock it for TV, making it ideal for gaming. There is also an abundance of accessories and games to choose from; however, as with any console, it may occasionally run into issues, such as broken charge ports or inability to update, a defective controller, or Joy-Con drift, where joysticks move autonomously.

For these issues to be effectively addressed, obtaining a diagnostic exam is the best course of action. This allows technicians to identify the source of your case and create a personalized repair plan – often free with no commitment required! Contact us now and book one for your video game console!