Ganache in World of Warcraft


Ganache is a chocolate glaze, icing, or sauce for pastries made by mixing equal parts of chocolate and cream. The flavor varies depending on the type of chocolate used; its enhancement may also involve extracts or additives.

Though Guanche was violently suppressed and exterminated, their culture can still be found today in Canarian culture and language (gofio and prequel). Furthermore, modern Canarians carry mitochondrial haplogroups originating from Guanche.


Recently, the term gauche referred only to people who were particularly pretentious or arrogant; now, however, it refers to anything that is socially awkward or tactless – for instance, reheating your leftovers in an office microwave!

Bayou Gauche was once an isolated cypress community located along nine miles of bayou facing Black Prince Island. Edna Dufrene Matherne, author of Bayou Gauche: A History, vividly remembers its early days.

Guanche culture revered magic users, treating them with reverence and honoring them religiously. Priests served as religious leaders of a magical tribe with duties including guarding and maintaining esoteric sources like lush vegetation on islands. A shaman was revered and held the keys to magic.


The Church of the Guanches is a religion that holds that an evil entity named Guayota influences and corrupts powerful entities (especially corporations). Their main objective is to combat this entity using cyberwar; Guayota appears in the form of a woolly dog resembling Teide volcano; its priests carry out baptism of male children, wedding ceremonies, pared (masculine divinities inferior or domestic) worshipping sites, public celebrations as well as passing down sacred and festive traditions both holy and cheerful – they depend hierarchically upon Faykan; while Iboiboiboibos priests are responsible for honoring spirits of deceased ancestors buried therein; their priestly role involves looking after burial grounds as well as keeping spirits of dead relatives buried therein.


Gauche is a sorceress with an unusual magical ability. Through Mirror Magic, he is capable of mimicking the entire power scheme of another sorcerer; using this skill, he mocks Marie’s spells whenever she becomes upset, causing nosebleeds. Additionally, he could amp up the effects of his magical attacks as well.

Guanche legends recount an epidemic that destroyed most magicians long ago, so those who could use magic were treated as though they were unique individuals. With magic being such a rare talent among them, only the most talented individuals received priesthoods – women were permitted to become priestesses but could not become rulers or soldiers.

Gauche may appear hostile toward most, yet he shows genuine care when his sister is injured. Additionally, Gauche is a highly adept magician and uses his powers to transform himself into different shapes; on one occasion, he even transforms into a giant bird to escape a dragon attack and save himself.

Once upon a time, Black Bull and his fellow Black Bulls protected a rural village from violent trolls who threatened its safety; fighting off these monsters without incident was such a thankless task that the villagers gave him an apple tree that bore his mark as an unforgettable token of appreciation for his hard work.


Guanches believed that their islands’ lush vegetation was bestowed upon them as a gift from gods, while magic was thought to be caused by a plague that destroyed many magicians long ago, making its use very rare and regard those capable as sacred. Rulers can reform their culture by adding new traditions if any empty tradition slots become available and replacing existing ones using Royal Court DLC; furthermore, they can remove Concubinage/Polygamy with spiritual leaders of faith in place.