Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2-8P 8 Channel Network Video Recorder


Hikvision’s DS-7608NI-K2-8P 8-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR) features 8 PoE ports built directly into it, eliminating the need for separate power supplies. Furthermore, HDMI and VGA outputs for monitor connection are provided, as well as remote access via the Hik-Connect app or browser. Read the Best info about هایک ویژن.


EasyIP is a network management software system that enables users to discover their IP networks quickly and easily. It also assists them in managing network devices, such as IP cameras and NVRs, along with any WAN/LAN protocols compatible with it and most DHCP servers, while automatically updating device configuration in real-time to reduce the manual steps necessary to run the network.

Hikvision’s DS-9664NI-M8 Ultra 8-Bay NVR is an excellent solution for customers with large security systems requiring ample storage capacity and monitoring capabilities. Supporting up to 64 IP camera inputs, its eight SATA interfaces provide plenty of storage capacity; additionally, it can be accessed remotely via a web browser or mobile app for convenient operation.

This Hikvision NVR 8 channel is an ideal option for customers searching for an easy-to-use surveillance solution. With a play setup that requires no external power supplies and built-in PoE (power over Ethernet), its plug-and-play design makes layout effortless – not to mention access via iPhone/Android smartphone via free Hikvision apps such as iVMS-4200 or Hik-Connect access!

All of our Hikvision IP systems can be set up so that they can be viewed online from a PC/Mac or iPhone/Android, using remote access via the Internet and setting up password protection so only you have access to view. Installation instructions and documentation provide everything needed for setup.

Hikvision NVRs and cameras can be powered via Ethernet, saving money on expensive camera power supplies. Please be aware that some NVRs only have eight pre-configured PoE ports for ease of installation; should your needs exceed this number, additional PoE switches will need to be purchased for proper connectivity.

Finding a Hikvision NVR 8-channel solution that is appropriate for your industry and company size can be a difficult challenge, even without IT expertise. When choosing an ideal network management system for your industry and business size, time and resources can be saved through reduced manual workload; also, improved security allows easier monitoring of suspicious activities.


H.265 video compression technology significantly lowers bandwidth and storage requirements, making it possible to deploy high-resolution cameras without expensive infrastructure upgrades. By employing advanced coding techniques that produce higher visual quality with approximately 50% fewer bits, H.265 enables smaller hard disks as well as lower transmission costs – thus making high-resolution cameras cost-effective solutions.

As with its predecessor, H.264, HEVC is widely supported by streaming services and mobile devices alike, making it suitable for delivering HD content over the Internet. Unfortunately, its increased data compression causes image latency to increase significantly as more CPU resources are required to decode and display footage – meaning H.265 may not be suitable for onsite applications with limited processing power.

HEVC stands out from its predecessor by using an aggressive approach to encoding. The coding process looks for static areas that don’t change from frame to frame, so only these must require detailed encoding while additionally offering more sophisticated pattern matching and spatial prediction capabilities than previous generations.

HEVC not only offers superior compression but can also handle up to 4K resolution and more efficient storage use. Its high-fidelity Main Ten profile can compress data up to 25 percent more efficiently than 8-bit AVC codec while still preserving high video quality; combined with advanced video analysis algorithms and patent coding technique U-Code, this new technology provides powerful means for reducing video bandwidth costs and storage expenses.

When installing a new system, be sure to specify H.265 endpoint solutions, such as cameras and recorders, in order to maximize its benefits. While such investments may cost slightly more upfront, their infrastructure savings will more than makeup for any initial investments made.

Implement a hybrid system using both IP and HD cameras and recorders to maximize your return. This enables you to capture high-resolution footage when it is needed and lower-resolution footage when the camera is idle – adding flexibility in storage configuration with external hard drives and extending an NVR 8 channel’s storage capacity.

Smart Functions

This network video recorder boasts advanced artificial intelligence features, allowing you to analyze and process data from all connected devices. It easily recognizes, distinguishes, and classifies people and vehicles to trigger accurate trespass alarms; furthermore, it supports facial recognition for intelligent facial analysis; in turn, this reduces false alarms while speeding target searching as well as sending motion-activated notifications directly to smartphones.

PoE ports make this NVR simple to set up and operate; plug your 1080p ColorVu cameras into it via ethernet cables connected to your home electrical system and power them from there. After that, use the Hik-Connect app from any location to monitor the system as well as receive push notification alerts of new events on the premises.

Another great benefit of this NVR is its compatibility with all cameras that support onvif (the industry standard for IP-based physical security products). You can connect any brand of camera from around your site, providing one centralized management interface for managing multiple sites from one interface.

NVRs support an array of cameras while providing many useful features like remote access and video playback. Compatible with different operating systems (iOS and Android), as well as providing extensive camera configuration options such as resolution and frame rate settings, the device offers many other valuable benefits that make its use worthwhile.

The NVR was designed with maximum reliability and user ease in mind, featuring a powerful processor with the latest H.265+ compression technology to store more video in less storage space. Built-in Wi-Fi supports up to eight cameras simultaneously while HDMI/VGA outputs facilitate seamless connection with monitors or TVs; additionally, there’s plenty of recording capacity with its preinstalled 3TB hard drive!

Remote Management

Remote management solutions allow IT professionals to access and monitor endpoints located across various locations remotely. They allow IT pros to solve complex issues faster while decreasing onsite support needs and preventing data breaches and other security incidents from occurring on networks. It is vitally important to implement remote management on networks containing sensitive information with features such as firewall protection and two-factor authentication for maximum security of sensitive information.

Remote management offers many advantages, yet it also presents some obstacles. One fundamental difficulty lies in remote employees not being able to communicate as effectively with one another as in-person workers would. Explaining complex topics may prove challenging; even answering simple queries may prove confusing. Therefore, employees must receive training in virtual environments in order to foster collaboration and effective communication.

Remote workers may also be exposed to cyber-attacks and other security risks. One way of mitigating these risks is implementing a firm password policy, requiring multifactor authentication, and employing firewall protection. Finally, be wary of any costs associated with remote management software and plan accordingly when budgeting accordingly.

Software not only allows remote workers to monitor devices in real-time, but it can also assist companies with the immediate resolution of any problems that arise. Lost or stolen devices can be remotely erased, while odd behaviors in devices can be assessed for screening purposes – saving both businesses time and money while protecting sensitive information from unapproved access.

Many businesses rely on unattended devices, like self-checkout machines and price scanners, which may become problematic without frequent monitoring, especially in cases of IT issues. Remote management offers businesses a way to manage unattended devices more effectively while keeping them updated, troubleshooting any potential IT issues quickly, and improving customer experiences by solving IT problems.

Remote management also plays an integral part in helping businesses remain compliant with industry regulations like GDPR and HIPAA, particularly for healthcare organizations that often rely on unattended devices like information kiosks and telemedicine stations that must be updated securely in order to protect patient privacy. This makes remote management essential in these environments.

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