How Much Higher How Much Faster – IELTS Reading Answers


How Much Higher, How Much Faster Reading Answers – Cambridge 4 Reading Test 4 Reading Passage 1 IELTS reading is one of the most demanding modules, testing candidates’ grammar, vocabulary, logical thinking skills, and keyword identification abilities.

Speeding isn’t just illegal; it also takes longer to brake and can result in accidents. Cannabis usage should never be overdone, as overdoing it may prove fatal.

Sniffing Black Pepper

Those who have ever tried marijuana may have heard from friends to sniff black pepper as an effective remedy against THC-induced paranoia and anxiety. Although it might sound counterproductive, this remedy has actually proved highly successful.

Black pepper contains an irritant called piperine, which stimulates nerve endings in your nose and causes you to sneeze, sending the irritating substance outside. Sniffing black pepper or eating whole peppercorns may soothe paranoia and anxiety while simultaneously diminishing its intensity of highs.

TikTok may have given us this tip, but humans have likely been using this approach for millennia. Lemons, peppercorns, and cannabis all contain terpenes which act as anti-anxiety sedatives; sniffing black pepper or chewing whole peppercorns is an easy and quick way to relax during highs; sniffing black pepper is another effective strategy if you need help getting to sleep or just getting through an otherwise hectic day. Don’t underestimate its worth!