Home Office Designs


When it comes to home office designs, there are several things you can consider. Some include Mezzanine home offices, Desks in the corner of a dining room, and Floating shelves. You can also use bookcases or built-in storage to store files and other essential items. These home office furniture pieces will help you keep your space tidy and organized.

Mezzanine home offices

Mezzanine home office designs can be designed to serve a variety of functions. For example, they can be used as a customer call center and divided into separate offices. The walls can also be customized as corkboards, large whiteboards, or retail displays. This allows you to keep all your presentation needs in one place, which will help you provide the best service for your clients. Critical employees in one location will also help your business respond more professionally and efficiently.

Another excellent option for a mezzanine home office is to tuck it under a sloping roof. The view from this elevated space will make it easier to focus on work. You will also need a desk, seating, and lighting. Designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec created the Kaari table collection and Rope chair to fit this design.

Desks in the corner of a dining room

Desks in the corner of a home office can be an excellent option for a small space. In addition to saving floor space, they allow you to utilize two corner spaces. An angle desk is ideal for this space, as it provides a broad view of the room. You can also incorporate angle shelves or cabinets behind the desk. You can also place a comfortable chair in the corner.

If you don’t have a lot of space, you can use paint to help define the space. You can paint the walls a lighter color than the rest of the room. Also, you can use paint to frame the desk so that it will be a framed backdrop. Then, you can choose from corner desks that will fit into the space and still have enough storage space. You can also incorporate ergonomics into your design by adding a pull-out keyboard.

Wood bookcases

Whether you need extra storage space for a home office or want to add a more personal touch, bookcases are the perfect way to accomplish both goals. They’ll eliminate clutter and keep your space tidy. Plus, they’ll add a lovely finishing touch to your room and show off your decorating skills. Choose a white bookcase to lighten up dark office furnishings or a chic glass-doored option to showcase your favorite home accents.

Consider a corner bookcase for maximum space efficiency if you have a small home office. These versatile pieces feature built-in shelves on the inside and a rolling ladder to the top. They also add a touch of old-house character to a farmhouse-inspired space. Alternatively, you can opt for a cube bookcase with square shelves and sliding drawer space. An etagere-style bookcase is also a popular choice.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to add an extra display area to your home office. They can also add additional lighting and color to your space. They can even be used to create a creative zone. While floating shelves may not be practical for a large home office, they can be an excellent option for a smaller space.

The best way to incorporate floating shelves in a home office design is to choose a style that complements the space. Consider painting your walls a different color than the shelves. This will add contrast and a lovely backdrop for decorative items and wall art. Another popular choice for a home office is to add a freestanding wood shelf unit to the room. These shelves add a bohemian or industrial feel to any workspace.

Statement lighting

The correct statement lighting can bring life to any spot. For example, you can place a big statement light above your desk area if you have enough space. This type of lighting will be a nice touch, but choosing a height that works for your workspace is essential. The proper lighting can also reduce eye strain, which is important when reading or working on a computer.

The proper lighting for a home office is crucial. You can use recessed office lighting for indirect light or add desk lamps to create a brighter atmosphere. While desk lamps do not provide as much direct light as a chandelier, they can add a touch of style to the space. Alternatively, a naked bulb with a chic shade can create interesting shadows. To create a coordinated look, match the shade to the room’s color scheme.