Adding Touches of Farmhouse Decor to Your Living Room


If you’re looking for a fresh way to update your living room, try adding touches to farmhouse decor. French country furniture, distressed wall hangings, Shag couches, and a guitar are just a few ideas. Using these elements can make your living room feel warm and welcoming. You may also like a tray to store essential items like your remote control and books. A USA flag tray is a great option, as it can be used year-round.

French country-style furnishings

Incorporating French country-style furnishings in your living room is a great way to create a warm and welcoming space. French country-style furnishings are often adorned with cheerful fabrics and can include elements of classic farmhouse decor, such as candelabras and greenery. They are also known for their ornate woodworking and multiple sources of light.

Consider adding a large cocktail coffee table if you want to make a statement in your farmhouse decor living room. These pieces are typically made from wood with a weathered nutmeg finish. These tables have plenty of internal storage and a rustic charm that will complement your living room’s theme. They also feature a distressed wood top, making them perfect for holding decorative items.

Distressed wall hangings

Farmhouse wall decor is easily attainable. You can get large prints or wall art made from your favorite photos and hang them on your walls. You can even add personal messages or photos to personalize them. Many of these wall hangings are also affordable. You can check out various sites that sell farm-inspired decor to find the perfect one for your farmhouse decor.

Many farmhouse-themed homes also have shelving, mirrors, and wrought iron that you can use to hang photos and other pieces of decor. Wrought iron wall hangings also look great on a farmhouse-themed wall, and you can even place a wreath in the center of one of these pieces for extra style.

Shag couch

A farmhouse-style living room makes the most of a Shag couch. This sofa adds a touch of whimsy to a rustic space and can even be dressed with a shag rug. Adding a few hanging plants and a hat hung on the wall will further add to the farmhouse feel. You can also go for wicker or polished wood furniture and throw pillows to add multiple textures to the look.

A sectional sofa or an antique ottoman can be the perfect choice for a more modern farmhouse look. A farmhouse-style living room is not overly cluttered and has plenty of natural light. This room is filled with natural elements like an attic window and wood accents. Using a patterned rug or drapes adds texture to the entire look. Consider the environment and your family’s needs when designing a farmhouse-style living room.


A guitar rack will add a vintage touch to your living room. You can display guitars in a large wooden frame or arrange them one by one to form a gallery wall. For a bolder statement, you can use colorful wall paints. Guitars are not just for music lovers; they can also serve as an entertainment medium.

While adding a guitar wall is not as difficult as it might seem, you can still have a beautiful, functional music area without going overboard. Many music-inclined households have an old sheet of sheet music somewhere in the house. You can frame this piece of art in a warm frame but keep the overall decor simple.

Cotswold grey leather sofa

A Cotswold grey leather sofa in a farmhouse decor living room is an easy way to add rustic style to your space. This sofa’s ribbed shape makes it a classic choice for this style. The Cotswold collection is a high-quality collection of furniture that features a contemporary interpretation of the traditional farmhouse theme. Each piece is versatile, with basket storage on most of them.

You can choose various finishes and materials for your Cotswold grey leather sofa. The LPD Furniture website features the entire Cotswold collection. You may have to do some assembly, but LPD Furniture offers free groups.

Shiplap walls

A farmhouse decor living room can be adorned with shiplap walls to create a cozy ambiance. These walls are ideal for adding a unique touch to a room. Choosing the right one will depend on the size of your space. If the area is small, you may want to focus on staple furniture such as a comfortable sofa and coffee table. You can add accent pieces like rugs or decor to complete the look. This way, you can make the best of your new space and add a touch of farmhouse design.

While installing shiplap walls, it is vital to ensure that you prepare the surfaces well. Once the boards have been nailed to the wall, you need to ensure that the top panel will flush with the ceiling. You may also need to adjust the position of two or more boards to align them properly.

Industrial-style coffee table

An industrial-style coffee table can add a touch of rugged charm to a farmhouse decor living room. The style is versatile enough to work in many living rooms. This table is usually constructed from metal and wood. It can also be crafted to meet your specific needs.

An industrial-style coffee table will add character to your living room by adding an angled frame. Its crafted design is complemented by the metal legs and the chic finish. You can also choose a vintage-style table for an old-fashioned, shabby-chic look.