Vintage Interior Design Using Wooden Crates and Wall Clocks


There are several ways to achieve the look of a vintage interior design. These include using natural materials, choosing feminine colors, and adding wall clocks. The key is to find a balance. Then you can start to incorporate the other elements into the room. Below are some ideas: Wooden crates and Wall clocks.

Natural materials

Despite their age, natural materials have retained their high status in the deco world. They are an essential part of vintage interior design and can be found in bric-a-brac shops. They can also create a stunning focal point in your room. These materials are great for adding a touch of luxury to your interiors while remaining on trend with today’s design trends. Let’s look at some of the most popular types of natural materials and their applications.

When designing a home, you should focus on natural materials and colors. These elements will give a warm, cozy, and elegant atmosphere. Whether you want a traditional or modern home, raw materials will provide a natural, earthy feel. Use natural materials on furnishings, tablecloths, and other accent pieces to give your room a unique look.

Feminine colors

If you’re thinking of redecorating your home in the style of a vintage-era home, consider using pink and pink accents. This combination can make your house look ultra-girly while still being masculine. Pink and blue accents are also complementary to vintage furniture and accessories. Dark shades of these colors are also gender-neutral and versatile, making them ideal backgrounds for luxury furniture pieces.

Traditionally, feminine rooms feature soft, calming colors. They’re usually neutral and pastel but can also be bright. Many feminine materials, such as marble, gilt, and faceted crystal, are associated with femininity.

Wall clocks

There are many ways to use wall clocks in vintage interior design. One of the most popular styles features a sizeable wooden watch with a distressed finish. This type has three arms, Roman numerals, and a white background. It is an exciting alternative to the traditional starburst design.

One way to use clocks in vintage interior design is to add accent colors to the walls. You can buy decorative clocks in various colors and styles, and bold colors can stand against neutral walls. The George Nelson clock is an excellent choice for this. You don’t want the watch to be the room’s focus, but it can fill a space.

Wooden crates

Wooden crates have many uses, from storage to a statement piece in vintage interior design. Instead of leaving them in a landfill, reuse them for something beautiful. Consider using an old crate as a centerpiece for a dining table. Stain it a rustic color for a stunning centerpiece. Then, attach mason jars in sets of three in them, or use them as a planters for succulents.

If you don’t want to make a significant investment, wooden crates can easily be salvaged or purchased inexpensively at a craft store. Once painted, they can become an interesting piece of decor or even storage. They can also be used for a more industrial feel in a contemporary or European home.

Velvet sofas

Using velvet sofas in vintage interior design is an excellent way to create a stylish yet cozy atmosphere. Velvet sofas are a luxurious choice that can be paired with various colors and styles. The JC Penney brand, for example, offers a unique collection of velvet sofas inspired by vintage models while retaining a sense of vintage appeal.

However, velvet can become soiled quickly and requires special care. While it isn’t as porous as other fabrics, velvet can lose its nap after several years. You can clean it easily by misting it with water and vinegar. Make sure you don’t soak the piece in the solution, but gently wipe it with an absorbent cloth. For stubborn stains, you can use baking soda. Sprinkle it over the stained area before vacuuming. You can also use a steamer or a soft hairbrush to shine your velvet sofa.

Silk curtains

Silk curtains add a touch of elegance to a room and are ideal for adding vibrancy to a room with a plain color scheme. They are lightweight and can be used alone or with various fabrics to create a vintage formal look. The off-white color of silk curtains complements many color schemes, making them a versatile choice for any room.

Silk curtains can be paired with modern or vintage curtain rods, tie-backs, or crystal finials for an elegant look. Regardless of your interior design style, silk drapes can enhance the decor of your room.

Using a museum approach

If you want to add some vintage flair to your home, then a museum approach will help you achieve the effect without going overboard. This style is often minimalist and focuses on natural materials. This style allows you to use different vintage styles and components within one room. This style mimics the look and feel of a museum and is a great way to display your treasured antiques.

Another great way to incorporate vintage style into your home is to use alcoves. Alcoves create pockets in the wall that can be used to showcase some of your favorite vintage pieces. These nooks are handy for displaying mariner artifacts and Spanish-style dining furniture.