How Do I Get My Business on Forbes?


Forbes is an iconic publication for business. However, being featured is no simple feat, and you must do something groundbreaking or exciting for it to consider for publication.

Many companies have experienced significant sales increases after being featured on Forbes, so how can your business gain entry to this influential publication?

1. Know Your Audience

Forbes attracts an influential business audience, from C-level executives and investors to entrepreneurs and influencers. To ensure you deliver content relevant to their interests and needs.

One practical approach is to reverse engineer your competitors. Search out two or three Forbes contributors who write about your industry and analyze their articles; find out what they’re doing right or wrong, and see where improvements could be made to their ideas.

Use Rocket Reach to access the email addresses of various journalists. Once you have access to this list, build relationships and compose persuasive pitches to increase your odds of getting mentioned or featured by Forbes.

2. Know Your Competitors

Forbes is an influential business magazine and media company, but they will not share your content without an exciting news angle. Their writers receive many pitches, so they will only publish your article if it fits their audience and stands out as unique.

Forbes contributors must also specialize in one field or another, so you must conduct extensive research on which writers cover the topics you wish to write about. Utilize tools such as BuzzSumo and LinkedIn to collect details about writers that interest you – their beats and past articles can all help!

Communication with former employees of your competitors can provide great insights. Reach out to those who have left and reach out (provided no non-compete or confidentiality agreement exists). Ask what changes they would make if they reran it.

3. Know Your Story

Forbes features articles focusing on excellence in business, communications, leadership, management, investments, and wealth. When creating content for their site, stories must focus on creating news that will pique the readers’ interest and deliver the information they can use immediately.

Forbes editors receive hundreds of pitches every day. They are most interested in human-interest pieces with facts and data backing them up, such as IoT in Asia, small business HR practices, or tech VC funding. Find a niche within one section like IoT, HR practices for small businesses, or tech VC funding to submit articles that speak directly to Forbes editors.

Once you have amassed emails from Forbes reporters, research to understand their writing style and tone, furthermore, consider teaming up with other Forbes writers by helping with research, interviews, and the building blocks for articles they need assistance on.

4. Know Your Value

Discovering your worth goes beyond raising self-esteem; it forms the basis for building your business. By understanding your worth, you can outshine competitors and craft pitches that could interest Forbes writers.

Step one in this process should be determining who your target audience is. Ideally, aim to contact Forbes contributors that write about your industry; frequent contributors are more likely to accept your pitch than one-time guests.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, collect data such as email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, and Twitter handles. Use this data to craft personalized pitches tailored to their interests – significantly increasing your odds of getting featured!

5. Know Your Goals

Forbes can give your business a high-profile boost and enhance the credibility of your brand while simultaneously drawing in new customers and increasing sales.

To achieve success on Forbes, you must understand your goals and have a plan. There are various approaches you can take, including hiring a PR agency that can connect you with writers to streamline the process and help make the journey simpler.

Forbes is a well-known online publication that covers news and opinion pieces. Articles written by contributors span topics ranging from politics to technology; its primary audience comprises business leaders and entrepreneurs who find the content provocative. Forbes enjoys high domain authority and provides follow links that improve SEO performance.