How Old Is Colin Stough?


An American singer-guitarist, Colin Stough, is living out his musical dreams by auditioning for American Idol Season 21. His performance left an indelible mark on judges and viewers at home, and he credits this success to Nara Johnson Goza’s unfailing support as his mother.

She has always supported and looked out for her son, prioritizing his well-being above everything else. Now married to Bunky Goza – director of North Mississippi Health Services.

Born on July 28, 2004

Colin Stough has won over audiences with powerful vocals and captivating performances since appearing on American Idol in 2010. Since his first audition on American Idol, he has experienced incredible opportunities – including releasing his first single and performing at CMA Fest!

Colin lives with his mother and two animal companions in a small town near Amory. Colin has found peace and strength through bonding with horses during difficult times. Colin now pursues music, dreaming of performing at the Grand Ole Opry one day.

Though he still has much work ahead of him in his musical journey, the young singer remains dedicated to his craft and works daily to reach his goals. With solid support from family and friends and his dedicated team helping him realize them, he hopes to break through in the music industry with fresh songs and performances for fans everywhere.

In his American Idol interview, he revealed that he hails from Gattman, Mississippi; received his first guitar at five years old; has been practicing music ever since; attends Hatley High School; and plans to become a professional musician one day.

Since 2016, he has been employed at Brown & Company Heat & Air and decided to audition for the show to make himself known and expand his professional opportunities. He is exceptionally grateful for this chance and feels fortunate that such inspiring people surround him during this competition.

He also enjoys riding his horses and spending time with his family, playing games, and following celebrities on social media such as TikTok, where he posts vlogs and performances, as well as Instagram, where he features snapshots with fellow Idol contestants – totaling 380,000+ followers!

Age as of 2023

Colin Stough is an exciting singer-songwriter from Mississippi who has experienced great success since appearing on American Idol. Since then, he has amassed an incredible following online and promises an exciting future ahead of him. At present, Colin is performing solo shows around his home of Starkville while recently performing alongside former members of Lynyrd Skynyrd which received an overwhelming response from local fans.

Colin’s mother, Nara Johnson Goza, has been his rock throughout his musical journey. She prioritized his well-being above everything else and helped develop his musical talents while encouraging him to pursue his dreams – even filling out his audition form for American Idol Season 21 on his behalf!

Colin has an immense fondness for horses in his personal and professional lives, having grown up near them and finding comfort and solace in them. He often spends time with them on their small farm nearby when away from home. Colin also incorporates them into his performances, which has earned him much success and recognition.

Colin is an excellent guitarist, but his greatest passion lies in singing. Since childhood, he has been singing professionally; since 13, he has also played guitar. Colin started posting music videos to Instagram, where they quickly gained an immense following, with genres spanning old rock to current country being among those that resonate.

Colin enjoys an impressive career while remaining relatively private about his personal life. He prefers not to share information regarding his finances or net worth with the public and prefers living a modest lifestyle. Colin has worked hard towards his goals, hoping to make an impression for himself in his industry, yet he remains optimistic about reaching his full potential in time.

Net worth

Colin Stough is an aspiring American singer best known for his appearance on American Idol. Born and raised in a small Mississippi town, Colin possesses an incredible passion for music ranging from old rock to contemporary country genres – which has gained him widespread social media acclaim and a promising future career path in the music industry. Additionally, Colin enjoys the support of both family members and Emma Long – whom he currently resides with, and plans on proposing marriage soon!

Colin Stough has experienced much in his young artistic life. Raised in a single-parent home without his biological father present, his mother has remained consistent and dedicated to providing for him as she prioritized his well-being above everything else – working tirelessly to make ends meet as her son excelled academically and professionally. After graduating high school with honors, he pursued further artistic studies at college.

As well as his musical career, his personal life is flourishing. He has an idyllic relationship with Emma Long, whom he met at Smithville High School; both share an intense affection for ponies, which brings them comfort in one another’s company, and they often post adorable pictures together on social media accounts.

He loves spending his free time with his dogs and horses. His passion lies with animal care; one day, he hopes to own a large ranch where many species need caretaking.

Colin Stough has also worked at Brown & Son’s Heat & Air factory. In addition to singing professionally, Colin earns a living from music and currently boasts a net worth of $100,000. Although Colin prefers not to share details of his total assets and profession with the public as he believes these aspects of his life should remain private, he has expressed an interest in expanding his music business into the film and television industries.


Colin Stough is a young and gifted singer with incredible vocal talent, known for his melodious singing voice and focus on his professional music career. He boasts an enormous fan following on TikTok, where he regularly posts covers of popular country songs and excerpts of original tracks he writes himself. Colin’s dedication has undoubtedly paid off and will make him a success story in this industry!

With his impressive vocal tunes, he wowed the judges at his American Idol audition and got himself the golden ticket to Hollywood. Not only does he possess fantastic singing talent, but he’s also an exceptional guitar player!

Born and raised in Gattman, Mississippi. He attended Hatley High School, where he played football. Has an extensive social media following. Works as an HVAC technician at Brown & Son Heat & Air Factory; currently honing musical talents a bit as well.

Outside his professional life, Colin Long has a girlfriend named Emma Long, who is slightly older than him, and they share an active and happy romance. Additionally, Colin loves animals and spending time with horses, has an extensive hat collection, and watches football matches avidly.

Colin stands out with long, beautiful eyelashes, adding charm and making him even more desirable for women. His charming personality attracts many ladies.

He currently resides in Gattman with his mother and stepfather; they strongly support his musical dreams. On stage, he shared that his biological father chose alcohol and drugs over him and his mother; Bunky Goza, who works at North Mississippi Health Services, was Monroe County emergency operation director in the past; Brittany, who works in elementary education, is his sister; currently pursuing a musical career with plans of releasing an album soon.