How to be a Car Mechanic in the UK


Vehicle mechanics specialize in the support and repair of automobiles. They work on the maintenance as well as repairing of all aspects of autos, by performing preventative along with restorative work on the serp, electrics, gears, brakes, tire out system, security features, gasoline pump, and air conditioning. Auto mechanics will also carry out the planned servicing of vehicles, along with providing advice for customers about the condition of their vehicles, and definitely will carry out tests for kinetic faults.

If a vehicle carries a serious problem, then the driver will need the fault to be repaired but will want the work to be performed correctly, in a manner that prevents just about any future recurrences. Only a seasoned and qualified car repair shop can provide this level of assistance. So, car mechanics offer an important role to play in the mending and checking of numerous vehicles, in and sector with approx 31million autos on the road in the UK.


Those that hope to one day work as an auto mechanic are expected to have fine GCSE results in Mathematics, Scientific research, Design Technology, and the English language. However, although employers would like to know that aspiring mechanics could demonstrate knowledge of science along with engineering, and possess strong sensible abilities, they will still want training. One of the ways that this is possible is through an apprenticeship.


Trainee car mechanics could undertake an apprenticeship that has a qualified employer, although they will often be limited to school leavers, the actual age of 25 or underneath.

Apprenticeship programs involve a pair of parts of training: part of it can be practical on-the-job training in motor mechanics, and the various other parts will be theoretical teaching. Apprenticeships comprise studying for any NVQ qualification such as NVQ Level 2 Vehicle Repair and Repair, and well-designed skills in Maths along with English. Other apprenticeship techniques will start with a Level three qualification, which generally needs entry-level qualifications such as the least 4-5 GCSE including Maths and English, or equal BTEC qualifications.

Apprenticeships are among the main ways of getting into the. Huge giants in the car business such as BMW, Honda as well as Jaguar carry out recruitment associated with apprentices each year, and one of the biggest tips is to research their websites to see the key characteristics and behaviors they are searching for.


An alternative to an apprenticeship for aspiring mechanics would be to earn qualifications through a training course. In the United Kingdom, there are several different skills in vehicle mechanics, and each has its own unique core components. This will provide you with the necessary coaching to become a car mechanic.

The BTEC covers motor vehicle administration and technology. This is created for those who hope to manage car companies in the future. There are 2 BTECs: an HNC along with an HND. An HNC is really a Higher National Certificate, or perhaps a BTEC Edexcel Higher Nationwide Certificate in Vehicle Procedures Management, to give its complete title. This course looks at controlling people, and managing resources, and finances for vehicle operations along with a specific project. This is regarded as equivalent to a GCSE-level qualification. Getting this document allows you to progress towards finding an HND; a BTEC Edexcel Higher National Diploma throughout Vehicle Operations Management. Typically the core modules are the same and tend to be more detailed and advanced. Receiving the Diploma is considered to be the equivalent of a diploma in motor mechanics.

The metropolis & Guilds offers numerous different qualifications. They are designed toward different aspects of motor unit mechanics and are based on the expertise level and knowledge of scholars. For instance, the City & Guilds Level 1 IVQ Document in Vehicle Maintenance along with Repair focuses on basic elements of motor mechanics, such as having the capacity to use tools and popular workshop equipment, and discovering how to identify joining methods along with materials. However, at Level 2, the qualification turns into a diploma and focuses on higher aspects of motor mechanics, such as the removal and replacement of serp units and components, reliable electrical units, and case units.

The City & Guilds do offer other courses, on the other hand. For instance, the Award throughout Vehicle Maintenance and Restoration is a QCF (Qualifications as well as Credit Framework) is a certification earned over a short period of your time, with three different amounts (depending on one’s experience). The qualification is nicely respected within the industry, and it is a valuable one for ambitious car mechanics to have whenever seeking employment.

What Companies Are Looking For?

The first thing employers may wish to see is your knowledge of car technology and new advancements in the industry. Of course, your skills will also be considered.

In addition, companies will be looking at your qualifications, not only for industrial martial arts and safety but also for a number of computer science. You must carry a driving license that is certainly valid for the type of motor vehicles you’ll be serving. You have to be in good physical condition, given the requirements of the position. And it helps to possess good problem-solving knowledge and to be able to work easily and accurately.

Customer service is really important. There will be times when you need to make clear problems to customers, also, you will have to deal with irate buyers, so showing understanding along with patience can be crucial throughout retaining customers and constructing business if either anyone work for an employer or you grow to be self-employed.

Flexibility and effort are crucial abilities employers search for. Car mechanics will need to work day and night, work overtime in the evenings, and work a few weekends. Hard work and commitment are the key traits that must succeed especially when working on a vehicle by yourself, where concentration is really a necessity.

How Much Money Will I Create as a Car Mechanic in the united kingdom?
The starting salary for any car mechanic, or for any trainee mechanic, ranges between £7, 000 and £11, 000 on apprenticeship plans. The actual figure will be based on both age and encounter. With the necessary qualifications, a vehicle mechanic’s annual salary will certainly rise to between £13, 000 and £20, 000, depending on who they work with and where. With experience, the actual annual salary should increase to around £26, 000.

In case a car mechanic is a sole proprietor, however, then their wage can vary, month by thirty day period. It will depend on how many jobs they have to do, the tasks that they can perform, and the frequency of their work. Therefore, self-employed auto mechanics do not determine their very own salary on an annual base, but job by job. It’s worth noting that most self-employed auto mechanics will start off by simply working for a business, and once they also have gotten experience and received enough money, they will subsequently be able to support themselves if it is self-employed. Self-employed mechanics could, in essence, earn what they need, as with all jobs if you work for yourself it depends on how hard you want to work.

Positives and negatives of Becoming a Car Mechanic in England

There are pros and cons to becoming a car mechanic. The key advantages and disadvantages are listed below.

• For car lovers, an opportunity to make a living by practicing your own personal hobby
• opportunities to work towards other vehicles, such as bicycles
• You will have the necessary knowledge to repair your own vehicles
• More computer-based work for contemporary mechanics; not solely actual physical


• Work settings can be poorly lit in addition to dirty
• Mislaying applications and car parts can lead to traumas
• Some of the machinery is often very noisy
• You may be in uncomfortable positions for an extensive period of time

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