How to Bypass Keep2Share’s Download Speed Limit Using Hotspot VPN


Keep2Share is a widely popular file-sharing service with numerous fantastic features, but free users may experience limited download speeds, making moving large files challenging.

A practical solution is available for bypassing these restrictions using a VPN; read this guide for details!

1. Install the app

Keep2Share is an innovative multihoster offering various accounts. While its basic free plan is limited to 50KB/s download speed and certain restrictions, its premium plans provide faster downloads and additional storage space – perfect for users who want their files safely stored remotely with an option for sharing among multiple people.

A VPN is ideal for avoiding Keep2Share download speed limits, creating encrypted tunnels between your device and their server, and keeping all online activity private and secure. They also allow you to connect to different servers worldwide, masking your IP address while giving websites the impression you are accessing them from somewhere different – this trick helps avoid keep2Share download speed restrictions and other file-sharing platforms such as DropBox.

The use of a VPN can make bypassing Keep2Share download speed limits straightforward. Once installed, connect to a server geographically close to where you want to download from and enjoy a faster connection! Don’t forget to disconnect after completing your download for maximum efficiency!

Keep2share stands out among other file hosters and multi-hosters with its impressive upload and download speeds, featuring some of the highest upload rates and capable of quickly handling large files. One of its greatest strengths lies in Keep2share’s outstanding upload/download rates; other file hosters and multi-hosters lag far behind in this category.

Keep2share’s user-friendly interface is another standout feature that makes managing files effortless. Just drag-and-drop them to organize into folders or set if a folder should be public or private – making this platform invaluable in saving time and energy over time!

User navigation of this service is also straightforward and intuitive for beginners alike, providing all the features required for an enjoyable experience without complications that other file hosters tend to have that can make their use cumbersome and frustrating. This feature stands out compared to others, which feature complicated user interfaces that may prove more challenging.

2. Connect to a server

Streaming HD videos, torrenting, and other bandwidth-intensive activities may trigger ISP throttling. Thankfully, there are ways around it – the most influential being VPN use, which encrypts data and masks your network address. Unfortunately, not all VPN services offer equal results; some may not work well with mobile hotspot tethering or connect properly to certain websites – to avoid this issue, always choose a reliable provider with fast connections you trust.

VPNs can help to protect your privacy and avoid identity theft. They’re available across most devices – desktop computers and smartphones alike; using one on the latter is especially handy when traveling abroad, and you want to secure your data against prying eyes. Here are a few top mobile VPNs with lightning-fast speeds!

Once you’ve installed and configured the app properly, the next step is connecting to a server. For optimal speeds, select one near you for quick uploads; alternatively, try switching countries if the closest server doesn’t seem to perform as desired.

Once your connection is secure, visit Keep2Share and log in as a guest user; since your IP address will be disguised by VPN technology, Keep2Share should not recognize you as a free user and won’t impose download limitations or throttle your download speed. However, if it continues to set limits, disconnect from the VPN and clear the browser cache and cookies for improved performance.

Tethering can be an indispensable feature of mobile life, but users must understand their cellular plan’s limitations before tethering. Most plans limit data used when tethering to less than what would typically be consumed on the cellular device itself; to bypass this restriction and minimize data usage, use HotspotVPN, which helps manage data usage more efficiently than just your mobile. Nonetheless, even with unlimited plans available, it’s wiser to upgrade to premium projects or seek an alternative – this may result in throttled bandwidth being limited by carriers who may still throttle tethering bandwidth restrictions. Should this become an issue, upgrade or find another alternative if necessary.

3. Visit Keep2Share

Keep2Share is a file hosting service that enables users to upload and download files, compatible with many operating systems and devices, including Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, and Android. Keep2Share features an easy search tool that makes finding what you are searching for easier than other file hosting services; unlike others, however, it does not impose limits on download speeds or file sizes, although its free account does have some restrictions and restrictions.

If these limitations do not suit you, upgrading to a Premium account offers many additional features and services. A Premium account gives faster upload and download speeds, unlimited file storage space, and other perks. Keep2Share also accepts various payment methods, such as VISA and MasterCard cards, and local payments, such as Sofortuberweisung service, for your convenience.

Keep2share offers free account holders a variety of bonus features, such as unlimited video preview and anonymous file downloading. In addition, Keep2share provides Premium accounts that resemble paid ones – ideal for anyone wanting to test out the site before committing to a subscription plan.

Keep2share provides more than its name implies: it offers secure and reliable service, featuring SSL encryption technology and round-the-clock support to guarantee user satisfaction with their experience. Moreover, Keep2share never sells user personal data to third parties.

To bypass the Keep2Share download speed limit, use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN will hide your IP address from Keep2share’s servers, thus eliminating their download speed limit. For optimal download speeds, select a server location nearby; once you finished downloading files, you must disconnect from the VPN after finishing downloads.

To protect your download speed, a torrent can also help. Just use only trusted torrenting sites to prevent malware and viruses. Also, ensure that before visiting any new website, you clear out cache and cookies to maximize download speeds.

4. Disconnect from the VPN

Once connected to a VPN server, your network traffic will be encrypted and routed through various servers – helping bypass ISP throttling and downloading files at higher speeds. Plus, using a VPN hides your online activity from ISPs while protecting your privacy!

Your internet connection could be slow due to various reasons. Congestion in the local network occurs when too many devices access its resources at once or weak signals cause lag and buffering issues – in such instances, it would be wiser to connect to another server or switch locations to optimize performance.

For optimal download speed, a VPN service like PairVPN may help. This app works seamlessly across Windows, Mac OSX, and Android devices and is compatible with most mobile providers – plus offers a 30-day money-back guarantee! Once connected to a VPN server, visit Keep2Share to begin downloading files – once they are downloaded, be sure to disconnect from it for optimal results!

Though most VPN services can help change your IP address, not all are equally effective at bypassing restrictions. For optimal results, choose a reliable service with an extensive global network of servers; additionally, it should support multiple protocols, offer unlimited bandwidth access, and allow for prioritizing downloads.

Once your phone is connected to a VPN server, visit Keep2share’s website and download files. Since the masking process will conceal your IP address, the platform won’t recognize you as a free user and won’t restrict your download speed; additionally, choosing a server closer to Keep2share may increase download speeds further.

HotspotVPN is another effective way of bypassing Keep2share download speed limits, offering fast speeds while protecting data from malicious threats. Furthermore, this app features auto-connect/auto-reconnect capabilities, DNS leak protection, and much more!