How to Clean Your Breville Espresso Machine


To keep your Breville espresso machine working in tip-top condition, you need to clean it regularly. This will remove oils and residues that can affect your coffee’s taste.

A regular cleaning cycle can also help your Breville espresso machine last longer. It also ensures you get the best-tasting coffee from your device every time.

Clean the Drip Tray

The drip tray is part of your Breville espresso machine where coffee, water, and milk collect. Taking care of this will help ensure you make good coffee for years.

The drip tray should be cleaned every few days. This doesn’t take a lot of time, and it will help keep your machine clean.

Clean the Grinder

If you want to brew perfect-tasting coffee, you need to clean your grinder regularly. It will help keep your machine running efficiently and ensure that you get consistent grinds every time you use it.

To clean your grinder, you need to unlock the hopper and run it empty to remove any ground beans. Then, drag the top burr and thoroughly clean it using a brush.

Regularly cleaning your coffee grinder is a great way to avoid problems such as clogging and keep your Breville espresso machine looking its best. It can also save you time and money in the long run.

Clean the Filter Basket

The filter basket is one of the most critical components of your Breville espresso machine. It needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent it from clogging up.

This can cause your machine to malfunction or brew espresso with poor flavor. You can clean your filter basket by pouring warm water into it and letting it soak.

You should also flush the filter basket with hot water before every use. This will help remove residue from the coffee grinds and oil build-up.

Clean the Portafilter

A clean portafilter and filter basket can make all the difference to your coffee. Over time, coffee residue and espresso oils can build up on the components of your machine, affecting both the taste of your drink and the performance of your device.

To keep your espresso machine in top working order, you must take care of these parts regularly. This will ensure that your coffee is always delicious and will also help extend the life of your espresso machine.

Clean the Steam Wand

If you enjoy making cappuccinos or latte art with your Breville espresso machine, cleaning it regularly to avoid unwanted residue is essential. This can have an impact on your coffee’s flavor and will also degrade the performance of your machine.

To prevent this, you should clean the steam wand of your Breville espresso machine at least once a month. It is a simple task, but it will keep your espresso machine performing at its best.

Clean the Water Tank

When your Breville espresso machine isn’t cleaned regularly, it can affect the taste of your coffee. Old coffee grounds, residue from the natural oils in coffee beans, and minerals in your water can build up inside your device.

Cleaning your Breville espresso machine is an easy and inexpensive way to keep it in good working condition. It doesn’t take much time and helps ensure you get the best espresso shots every time.

One of the first things to do when cleaning your Breville espresso machine is to purge and backwash it. These steps remove any small pieces of coffee or dirt that may have been trapped inside the device and prevent it from working correctly.