How to Evaluate a Commercial Paving Contractor


Asphalt and concrete are strong, resilient materials that can withstand high traffic loads and the elements; however, they require ongoing maintenance in order to remain functional and attractive. The best way to find Asphalt companies in Modesto.

Search for a commercial paving contractor with precise quotes, project timelines and processes, transparent business processes, and comprehensive warranties and guarantees.


An effective commercial paving contractor will do their utmost to keep your business secure from start to finish, being mindful of traffic patterns, protecting workers and drivers who pass by, marking all equipment clearly, and providing enough lighting so as to work safely at night.

Top commercial paving companies employ teams of specialists trained in safety protocols specific to large-scale projects. These teams are often affiliated with national organizations with similar commitments to safety. This increased attention helps eliminate risks that could cause injuries, lawsuits, or project delays.

Paving contractors licensed for both residential and commercial work should be willing to present evidence of general liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Otherwise, this could be taken as a telltale sign that they don’t possess the credentials needed for your task.

Your commercial paving contractor must have enough staff to manage its workload effectively, but too much of a good thing can be detrimental. Too many workers could make it more difficult for employees to hop onto and off equipment quickly, increasing the chance of accidents. Workers should also receive proper training on any machinery used during the job and wear personal protective equipment when handling asphalt, such as thermally insulated gloves to prevent burns, face masks to safeguard respiratory system health and eyesight protection, as well as protective clothing to shield skin from UV rays.


Experience is vital when it comes to commercial property maintenance services like line striping, seal coating, or new paving projects – experience ensures they’re completed quickly and correctly. When hiring contractors for such work on commercial properties, experience is of the utmost importance to ensure it gets done right the first time around. Before engaging a provider for their service, do some background checking such as checking their company history, browsing their portfolio of work online, and getting referrals; any reliable contractor should happily supply these references while discussing prior projects that share similarities.

Residential driveway projects tend to be smaller in scope than commercial ones and, therefore, require different skill sets and expertise. Commercial asphalt projects tend to involve accommodating increased traffic as well as using more heavy equipment than needed during their completion, in addition to working within tight deadlines while controlling traffic around the work site – these are essential ingredients of success for a successful asphalt project.

Make sure that the contractor you select has the appropriate licensing and insurance to complete a quality job. Check their status with your state regulatory agency and check customer reviews online to confirm.

Investment in high-quality paving will enhance the appearance of your commercial property, improve its image, and draw in tenants. Furthermore, this investment can save on maintenance costs by prolonging the pavement’s lifespan and decreasing downtime for repairs.


Reputation is of the utmost importance when selecting a commercial paving contractor. A reliable company will have an outstanding track record and positive customer reviews, in addition to being licensed and insured for commercial projects. This protection could save you from liability should someone become injured while working on your property.

When choosing a paving contractor, make sure to get references from previous clients and read online reviews. Compare costs and timelines between several companies before selecting one; if a certain one frequently over- or underquotes their estimates for your project, then this might not be an ideal match.

Paving contractors are highly specialized tradespeople, similar to plumbers and electricians. Some specialize in both residential and commercial paving, while others may specialize in particular types of asphalt or concrete. It is essential that you select an experienced specialist contractor with all of the appropriate experience and equipment to meet your specific needs.

Maintaining a well-kept parking lot extends its lifespan and enhances the image of your business. Furthermore, regular maintenance helps prevent customer accidents and lawsuits related to poorly kept lots. Regular upkeep includes patching cracks, clearing away debris, and responding quickly to oil or fuel spills and stain incidents as soon as they arise – something any reputable commercial paving contractor can assist with and advise you on for optimal property upkeep.


Commercial paving contractors provide service-based businesses that charge accordingly, but when reviewing quotes, it is essential that more than just cost is considered when making decisions. Each quote should include project details, timelines, and warranties in addition to testimonials or referrals from businesses who have worked with this particular provider – this will indicate their reliability and track record.

Quality commercial paving contractors value open communication and swift project execution. They provide precise quotes that cover every aspect of a project and communicate any changes in pricing or scope early in the process. In addition, they should always be available to answer questions or concerns at any given time.

Finding a qualified commercial paving contractor will protect both your business property and customer relationships. From parking lot repairs to roadway and driveway reconstruction projects, finding an experienced team with knowledge of asphalt and concrete materials will be critical. Lyons & Hohl Paving can assist with installation, repairs, preventative maintenance, and long-term care and attention. Give us a call now so we can give you an estimate for any upcoming paving needs you might have!