How to Find a Brutal Outgrowth in Diablo 4


Brutal Outgrowths are end-game events that bring forth thoroughly corrupted enemies when activated. Malignant Tunnels dungeons highlighted with green leaves can be found where these events can be started.

To discover Brutal Outgrowths, players must complete specific Malignant Tunnels using Invokers they craft using the new crafting bench introduced during Season 1. To locate one of these Brutal Outgrowths, they can prepare one at the newly introduced Invoker crafting bench in Season 1.

Bedeviled Grotto

Season one of Diablo 4 provided players with an easier way to collect Caged Hearts without searching worldwide for them – Malignant Tunnels are dungeon variants designed to give players a higher chance of collecting powerful drops more efficiently by clearing faster. They require special invokers who interact with Outgrowths on the ground that pulsate violently before forcibly pulling out Fully Corrupted Foes that contain them and will drop Caged Hearts upon being pulled out by force.

Not only can these dungeons provide Caged Hearts and other valuable items, but they also offer a considerable experience, which makes them worthwhile for people looking for new sources of income or simply leveling up.

Finding these dungeons may prove challenging; not all players will have access to the same Malignant Tunnels and some are more challenging than others. Therefore, it is vitally important that individuals know all of these locations to plan their travel routes and Invoker requirements accordingly.

Bedeviled Grotto can be found easily since it lies right at the heart of the Hawezar region, but getting there still requires an effort due to three objectives that need to be cleared in this dungeon. One goal requires killing an Elite Nangari known as Alcanthe, who can poison or turn players into stone; two involve killing Serpent Cultists; and the final objective involves dissolving one Malignant Corruption that deals extreme amounts of damage.

Malignant Tunnels offer an easy way to guarantee to find Brutal Outgrowths: the Boiling Wound and Bedeviled Grotto tunnels. To open them, one must have completed all levels in Burning from Within’s storyline and possess an Invoker that can cause Malignant Outgrowths within them.

Dindai Hollow

Diablo 4’s most efficient method for farming Malignant Hearts is Brutal Outgrowths, but finding and fighting them can be tedious. To make things simpler for players searching for and fighting them, players may utilize Malignant Tunnels — unique dungeon variants designed specifically to target-farm specific types of Malignant Elites – at various locations within its three regions: Fractured Peaks, Dry Steppes and Hawezar – two in each. To locate these dungeons, players must look out for green-marked tunnels on maps; hovering over them will reveal which type of Malignant Invokers may need access before proceeding with your search efforts.

Depending upon the type of Invoker used, different elites will appear; more rare Invokers guarantee Wrathful Elites as enemies that must be defeated for victory and an Infested Socket slot to slot them into for mighty bonus powers. Once defeated, players are awarded Brutal Hearts that can be slotted into to unlock more bonus abilities for battle!

Dindai Hollow is one of the more accessible Malignant Tunnels in the game, yet also one of the hardest to clear. Packed full of Moon Clan monsters and other enemies, players may quickly feel overwhelmed by all their adversaries here.

For quick travel to Dindai Hollow, players can use the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint located north of Brackish Pans as their starting point. Alternatively, players may travel southwest from Ked Bardu or northwest from Qara Yisu to arrive there quickly.

Den of the Blighted is one of Hawezar’s more accessible Malignant Tunnels. This dungeon can be found just outside Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court Waypoint in its central part and quickly reached from either Yelesna Throne Room, Bear Tribe Refuge, or Onyx Watchtower via fast travel. Likewise with Dindai Hollow, accessing Den of the Blighted requires either Vicious or Wrathful Malignant Invokers; similarly, it will spawn enemies with similar monster types while providing players the chance to acquire Caged Hearts.

Ravening Pit

Ravening Pit, situated near Dindai Hollow, requires the presence of a Brutal Malignant Invoker to interact with it. As one of three Malignant Tunnels players can visit in Season 1, players can visit Ravening Pit to obtain Wrathful Hearts, which can then be slotted into Infested Sockets on specific pieces of Season 1 gear for powerful bonus abilities.

Ravening Pit, unlike most Malignant Tunnels, is easy to locate. Situated southwest of Ked Bardu and marked by two crossed spears on the map, players can easily locate its entrance. Within, an Indigo Malignant Outgrowth must be stabbed with the appropriate Invoker to summon its matching Brutal Malignant Elite enemy.

Each Elite enemy in Season 1 carries a Brutal Heart that can be used to infest Sockets on certain types of gear and provide invaluable bonuses that make some builds extremely powerful. Gaining these hearts can make an already potent build even stronger!

Ravening Pit offers more than just the Brutal Hearts; it also contains rare items like Bloodshrine Relic, Sinsweaver Relic, and Sinwreaper Relic that make it an excellent location to complete challenges, with players quickly harvesting unique rewards in relatively little time.

Ravening Pit offers one of the easiest ways to obtain Brutal Hearts in Diablo 4 due to its straightforward objectives and layout. Players can quickly run around, looking out for elite enemies with skull icons and killing them before exiting and restarting without losing progress. If any enemies don’t possess one yet, players can reset without losing progress.

As with other Invoker-based dungeons in the game, to access Dindai Hollow and Boiling Wound Brutal Outgrowths, players must first create a Brutal Malignant Invoker from Cormond’s Wagon before engaging the enemies that appear there. Each one will summon its own elite enemy that can give out Hearts when struck with its respective Invoker weapon.

A Plague of Hatred

The Hate Plague was an unimaginably devastating spore-based contagion that nearly tore apart our galaxy. Its glowing red spores infected any organism who came in contact with them – from rats to humans to Transformers! Once infected, organisms would display increased violence and hatred towards everything and everyone. Luckily, an intelligent being could counter the spores by sealing them inside a star sphere for protection.

After players complete Burning from Within, A Plague of Hatred begins in Season of the Malignant. This new dungeon will unlock Cormond’s Workbench and introduce them to Malignant Invokers.

To complete A Plague of Hatred, players should travel to Dindai Hollow in Dry Steppes and, from there, ride southwest until reaching Ked Bardu’s waypoint in the Khurel Passage dungeon. Once there, look out for a Brutal Outgrowth near The Writhing Creche that they can interact with to use against malignant Invokers. After encountering said enemy(s), defeat it and claim Caged Heart as your prize.

A Plague of Hatred is an engaging and rewarding dungeon featuring unique challenges. The Brutal Outgrowths and invoked enemies provide ample loot opportunities, while it is also a fantastic place for players to test their mettle against powerful Malignant creatures.