How to Locate a Phone by Phone Number


Locating someone via phone number tracking can be an efficient way to protect both children and employees from danger. Some various apps and websites offer accurate results for tracking phone numbers. The ultimate guide to Locate a phone number.

Whitepages provides a simple way of searching for information on any individual by their phone number, returning a list of potential owners along with details like current and past addresses, social media profiles, and any possible criminal records that exist for that individual.

Type in the phone number

Intelius and BeenVerified apps allow mobile phone owners to pinpoint their device’s Location quickly and with pinpoint accuracy, making these services especially helpful for businesses in tracking employees’ movements and potentially taking action if an employee breaches company policy.

Other phone number tracking tools utilize cell towers to triangulate a phone’s Location, often for free and online. Some apps require that the target phone connect to a network – such as Minspy on an iPhone – in order to triangulate its position by phone number – this may come in handy if you wish to monitor children or elderly relatives remotely.

PeopleLooker is another widely used phone number tracker that works by searching public records. Its reverse phone number lookup feature enables you to search millions of documents associated with a specific number. Furthermore, PeopleLooker also provides potential owners’ full names, aliases, social media profiles, current and past addresses, as well as relatives, associates, and criminal and traffic records of potential owners of that phone number.

Look up the area code.

Before attempting to locate a phone number, the first step should be searching its area code. This tool allows you to approximate where a device may be using its signal exchange with cell towers – perfect for anxious parents who wish to keep an eye on their children or spouses who suspect infidelity among partners when creating digital boundaries around target devices and alert software if one crosses those borders.

A great way to locate an area code is by visiting the NANP website, which offers a user-friendly map database displaying area codes by state and region. Click the map icon on the home page of the NANP portal for quick access; be aware that updates to this portal may occur regularly, so be sure to bookmark or save it in your browser for easier use in future searches.

If you want to track a phone number in real-time, try using a Caller ID service like Truecaller or another similar app such as Find My Friends (FAM). These will show the name, number, and part of their address of who’s calling from where. Likewise, these services allow you to keep tabs on children or elderly relatives, but it should be noted that these may not be as accurate as services used by law enforcement and government agencies.

Look up the service provider.

If you are uncertain whether a phone number belongs to a cell or landline phone system, use a reverse search engine. Not only can you uncover its status, but you may even learn who owns it as this can help guide your decision whether to accept or decline their call – many tools offer free services yet may still fail to provide sufficient details needed for decision-making.

PeopleLooker is an invaluable tool that enables users to search for names linked to phone numbers. Available both on computers and mobile devices, PeopleLooker searches billions of public records to identify phone number owners as well as provide other pertinent details, including past addresses, social media profiles, and criminal records if available. You can even view their profile or track their movement history!

BeenVerified and Intelius provide reverse lookup services for both businesses and individuals, enabling you to enter a total 10-digit phone number to locate anyone or anything – you can enter any total 10-digit number to find someone or anything, such as their owner’s name, Location, type of phone (cellphone or landline), person details like age, email and social media accounts as well as a risk score to identify potential problems with potential customers or partners. Furthermore, tracking apps linked with carriers allow you to track cell phone locations using triangulation that uses three cell towers as well as notifications whenever the person’s cell phone leaves your geofence zone boundaries – great tools!

Use Google Maps

If you need to use Google Maps without their knowledge to track a phone number, there are various approaches you can take. One is using the built-in Google Maps app on the device you wish to monitor; this method works on both Android and iOS platforms.

To use this method, open Google Maps on the device you wish to track and tap on its icon (it looks like a person’s photo in the top right corner). A drop-down list will appear; select Location Sharing, then share your device’s Location with specific people before getting a unique link that lets you share its position publicly.

This method only works if the person you’re tracking has an active Google Account with location sharing enabled; otherwise, they must agree to let you do it themselves. Once this step is taken, you will be able to track their movements on a map as well as know when they will arrive at your home or place of business.

A practical and easy way to track someone’s Location on Google Maps is using a spy application like Spylix. These apps provide simple solutions for remote tracking devices – great for spying on an unfaithful spouse, monitoring children, or tracking employees.

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