How to locate Great Content Ideas for Your own personal Blogs, Books, Articles, Video and Podcasts


One of the troubles people face in generating content for their blogs, content, reports, videos, and podcasts is coming up with exciting along with original ideas on a regular basis. Typically the pressure to find new, intriguing content often deters men and women from continuing with their jobs. This article looks at some established stress-free strategies for finding wonderful ideas for content that your market will enjoy.

One of the most effective ways of actually finding content ideas that are strongly related to your niche is to get directions to your niche and discover what topics are being mentioned. Your niche will have problems, interests, questions, and concerns that they need or are looking for an address. By keeping track of the actual burning issues with which your own niche is absorbed, you’ll certainly be provided with appropriate themes that you could develop for your publishing outcome.

Keep note of the subject categories that appear on niche sites and keep files using the same heading where you can decrease ideas and content just as you do your research.

So let’s look at the online and offline methods that may help you keep up with your niche target audience:

Special Interest Forums

Your own niche community congregates upon niche forums where these people spend time discussing matters which they find of interest. Many of you should have already become a member of these discussion board sites to help you develop human relationships and raise your user profile within the community. Take time to notice what topics are approaching time and again in chat rooms as well as use the questions or inquiries as titles for your brand-new content.

For example, if you are thinking about parenting issues, visit websites such as mums. net or even Netmums will give you a lot of home elevators topic themes for your posting program. Use the chat rooms to discover the issues that are concerning moms and dads and how the community is assisting each other resolve them. You will notice a pattern building as parents of different encounter levels discuss common problems such as toilet training, weaning, night-time sleeping, bed-wetting, buddy rivalry, and so on.

This can will give you a structure to work with – consuming each topic as a distinct theme, you can produce a few articles, podcasts, videos, personal blogs, and even a book.

Exclusive Interest Magazines & Stories

Whether print or digital camera, these SIMs (Special Desire Magazines) are a great source of delete word content creators. Look at the titles that they use and all over again think of them as binder categories into which you can yank together ideas. What sort of subject areas do they discuss in each issue? Use the articles along with the letters pages as enthusiasm from which you can create completely new content of your own.

Use the SIM to find out who the leading authorities are in your field to help you to approach them for job interviews and quotes. You can use that material to create new content and also using experts that are identified in your niche, you put credibility to your brand.


If you are creating content for people who do business or professional market, LinkedIn is a great resource for content marketers. Use the Answers Centre and also Group discussion areas as being a supply of content ideas that have real relevance to your concentrate niche. The Question and also Answers section is broken into category headings and sub-topics – again, something that it is possible to adopt for your own themes and also categories.

LinkedIn Members publish questions to which they seek responses from the general LinkedIn neighborhood. Use the questions and the offered answers as the starting point for your material and even as circumstance studies and examples. Once more, if you find someone showing genuine expertise on a topic, request them to take part in an interview (written, audio, or video) about them which you can release as a video clip, or podcast, or transcribe into a longer article for discharge.

LinkedIn Members join Groupings that are relevant to their matter interest and expertise. The following again, they share know-how and experience which you can use seeing that springboards to new information. You can use the discussion posts for indication of what difficulties and concerns your niche market is concerned with and create information that provides solutions and replies to match.

Google Keywords

In the traffic-driving strategies, you’ll be employing keywords to make sure your content appears on search engine results but it is often a valuable strategic tool used to create targeted content for one’s niche.

Use the Google Key terms feature to see what sort of terms and keywords appear when folks search for websites in your niche market. Seeing how people are phrasing their questions can be very disclosing as it will show you what’s individual minds. You can frame your articles to reflect the play acted concerns that these keywords are based on.

For example, if you are interested in pets, on a general level, you will observe that people are interested in dog conditions, dog breeds, dog breeders, dog foodstuff, dog behavior, and so on. Inside those general themes, you can get that there are certain questions in addition to keywords that appear often – these keyword search terms will reveal the subjects from which you can create focused and targeted content.

Websites & Articles

Successful article publishers take note of other people’s accomplishments and use them as inspiration to produce content of their own. Articles and also blogs can provide you with the tiniest seed of an idea that you can take more and add your own unique feel.

Use article directories and website directories as reference points: again, category and sub-category headings are useful starting items for general themes. After that, you can drill down to see what topics are well-liked and to what degree. You need to decide whether you want to help to increase an already crowded industry or to make a name by yourself in creating content in an area that is less properly serviced.

Your research will tell you regardless of whether those topics that have a number of articles and blogs are usually due to the difficulty of the subject matter. But the key fact concerning niche markets is that within just that niche, there will often be people interested in the content. If you possibly can provide relevant, interesting, engaging, or informative content that will meet the requirements of this niche, you will find your content will be highly valued in this community. It’s not sizing but a quality that matters…


Finally, YouTube is another source that will provide you with a wealth of fresh publishing opportunities. Using the methods discussed above will help an individual gauge what are the core issues that your niche is trying to find. Use the download and observing figures to see how common a topic is but bear in mind that it could also reflect on the quality in addition to the standard of the video itself.

Use the advanced search substitute to refine your search and look at exactly how people are creating content inside of your niche. Subscribe to channels which provide content that is relevant to what exactly you’re looking for. Make sure that you’re introducing relevant tags to your own video content so that your own portions appear more prominently with searches too.

Don’t forget that your individual videos can be turned into other kinds of content – transcriptions can be converted into blogs in addition to articles and extended in book form. You can also give an audio version seeing that podcasts. Cross-referencing a variety of publishing formats means that you can commute traffic to each format, and elevate your SEO rating (Search Engine Optimisation) and entire brand visibility within your niche market.

Again, using YouTube like this provides another opportunity to talk with experts who can provide you with information through interviews and aides.

Using the resources and tactics listed above, you will find yourself a nonstop supply of fresh content thoughts that will have a direct adéquation to your niche. As you turn accustomed to thinking laterally to get content, you’ll see opportunities due to a wide range of sources. By turning out to be an expert in sourcing deleted word compelling content, you’ll be free of charge from the pressure and also anxieties that afflict additional content publishers in your specific niche market.

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