How to View Deleted Instagram Posts


Instagram is one of the most widely used social media applications that allow users to post photos and videos. Instagram may delete posts that violate its community guidelines or are considered inappropriate by its community managers. Find the best private instagram viewer.

Luckily, deleted posts, stories, and IGTV videos can be recovered within 30 days on both PCs and smartphones. Additionally, deleted posts may even be retrieved directly through Facebook itself!

How to View Deleted Posts on Instagram

Though some apps claim to allow you to view deleted Instagram posts, it’s essential to remember that accessing another person’s private content without their knowledge could compromise their privacy and lead to legal complications. Doing so could compromise their privacy further and even be illegal depending on who accesses them first.

While deleted posts from Instagram may not immediately disappear, they can still be restored within 30 days. With this feature, users can regain photos and videos deleted from their profiles or stories by tapping “Recover” and fixing them. Once restored, posts will reappear on their public profiles or within their Archive folder if it was an archived post.

Third-party tools offer another method for protecting deleted Instagram posts should they become necessary. With FastSave, for example, all deleted Instagram posts can be stored as ZIP files on your device for easy retrieval at any time. You have immediate access once this file has been downloaded onto your device.

If you’re concerned that Instagram posts could be deleted in the future, creating a backup copy of all photos and videos posted to Instagram is advisable. You can use numerous third-party tools for this task; among them, social media management apps or Google Photo’s gallery synchronization feature can help ensure you always have access to a copy in case it gets deleted by Instagram or gets compromised. This way, you will always have a copy if they disappear unexpectedly!

Private Instagram viewers are an excellent way to monitor the status of your posts before deleting them, giving you an idea of whether or not the bar has been seen by anyone else. If there’s one you don’t want anyone else noticing, visit your profile and choose “Edit Post,” followed by “Delete Permanently.”

How to Restore Deleted Posts

If you accidentally delete Instagram posts, a few retrieval methods are available to you. First, check your Recently Deleted folder within profile settings – Instagram keeps deleted posts in this folder for 30 days before permanently deleting or restoring them. For added security measures when restoring posts, an OTP must be issued via phone number or email address as part of this process.

An alternative way of viewing deleted Instagram posts is using a third-party app explicitly designed to do just this, which is available for Android and iPhone devices. They’re easy to use but should be used cautiously due to the potential risks involved; keep in mind that Instagram may delete deleted posts if they breach their terms of service and compromise security.

Viewed Instagram posts via a desktop website is another way of seeing them, though this method requires slightly more effort than an app. Visit Instagram’s website and log in with your account before accessing old posts by clicking the “Post” tab or scrolling down your profile page to the DP section.

An effective way to view deleted Instagram posts is through using third-party websites. Such platforms enable you to see deleted Instagram photos and videos, private placements, and, potentially, deleted Stories and IGTV videos.

Finally, Instagram customer support may help restore deleted posts. If your posts were accidentally deleted from Instagram without warning or against community guidelines, contact them and explain the situation – the company may fix your posts if they deem appropriate.

If you want to recover deleted Instagram posts, you must act quickly. With only 30 days to restore these deleted posts, don’t waste them; otherwise, they will become part of history forever and disappear permanently from your account.

How to Undelete Deleted Posts

If you want to know how to access deleted Instagram posts, there are various apps you can use. Many are free and available through App Store and Google Play downloads; just be careful with any that may not be reliable or safe for your device – always read reviews before installing an app!

To view deleted Instagram posts, you need access to the account in question – either through following their profile or using a third-party application that provides access. Once inside, you can quickly scroll through their timeline and see photos and videos deleted by scrolling back through time.

Search engines may also help you locate deleted Instagram posts; however, this method should be avoided as it could breach user privacy, and accessing private Instagram content without authorization is illegal.

Instagram recently unveiled a feature that allows users to recover deleted posts within 30 days if they accidentally delete one or have had their account compromised by hackers. You can recover photos, videos, stories, and direct messages deleted via iPhone or Android apps. This feature is only available through Instagram itself.

Archiving Instagram posts is the easiest way to restore them after being accidentally deleted, keeping a copy in your posts Archive for future access. Tap the three-dot menu, choose “Archive,” or visit Instagram’s website to access your archives directly.

Alternatively, FastSave offers an easy solution. As a third-party app with limited storage and small file size requirements, all you need to use is to access Instagram posts you think may get deleted soon; click their three-dot menu, select “Copy link,” then open FastSave app and paste in their link into it.

How to Recover Deleted Posts

Instagram does not currently provide an inbuilt mechanism to recover deleted posts; however, you may still use its Archive feature to recover older Instagram posts that were accidentally deleted. Doing this will temporarily hide them from view on your profile but not permanently delete them from existence; to access this feature on Instagram, navigate to your IG profile and tap the three-line icon in the top right corner before selecting Your Activity & Recently Deleted in My Activity Center; this section lists everything deleted within 30 days on your account.

Archive allows you to restore photos, videos, reels, and stories that have been accidentally or intentionally deleted – an invaluable feature if you are concerned that someone might be viewing your private content without your knowledge. To restore a post, tap the three-dot menu, then choose Restore to Profile or Archive before Instagram sends you an SMS/email verification request to delete or restore content from your Archive permanently.

If you are uncertain where your deleted Instagram posts are stored, check your phone’s gallery. On Android devices, Instagram holds a copy of all uploaded photos and videos in an “Instagram” folder in your gallery, while iOS users will find them under Albums-> Instagram Pictures in their Photos app. Over time, these copies may have accumulated across your phone in multiple places.

Some third-party apps and websites claim they can recover deleted Instagram posts using cache files on your device to search. While these tools might work temporarily, it’s wiser to avoid them as they could cause more harm than good. If in doubt about the authenticity of any given application or website, reach out to Instagram’s support team with details of your situation, and they may help!

Search Google Photos to search for deleted Instagram posts. Google’s cloud storage service keeps a copy of all photos and videos uploaded to Instagram accounts, so even after they have been deleted from Instagram, they remain accessible to you if needed. Just be sure to back up regularly so you don’t lose valuable content!

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