How to Watch Joe Rogan Videos on Spotify


If you’ve ever wondered how to watch Joe Rogan videos on Spotify, you’re not alone. The controversial Joe Rogan show was a polarizing topic of conversation following COVID-19 when the host repeatedly used the n-word during his show. As a result, 70 episodes were mysteriously pulled from Spotify after the video surfaced. While Rogan later apologized for using the n-word and making the racist joke, Spotify has not publicly commented on the situation. However, in a leaked memo, CEO Daniel Ek said he had talked to Rogan and was committed to investing $100 million in marginalized creators, including Rogan.


You’ll have to download the Spotify app if you are interested in watching Joe Rogan’s video podcasts. The app has a section called “Spotlight,” where you can find podcasts and videos. You can also access the videos in the “Browse” section of the app. In the future, Spotify may add more types of content, including music videos, to its offering, but for now, it’s focusing on podcasts. You can even listen to a podcast episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast on the platform, which consistently ranks in the top 10 on iTunes.

Before watching Joerogan’s video on Spotify, you’ll need to enable the app’s video feature. This feature works on mobile devices, tablets, and laptops but not televisions. Users have complained about this feature on Twitter, but Spotify has responded and allows people to watch videos on their devices.

Turning on the Canvas

Turning on the Canvas is a new feature that allows artists to upload a three to eight-second loop video and have it play automatically on listeners’ mobile devices. While the feature is still in beta, it has already received mixed user reviews. Many find it distracting and pointless, while others find it a valuable addition to the app.

The first step is to download the Spotify app. Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to turn on the Canvas settings. Once the setting is enabled, you’ll be prompted to log in to your account.

Joe Rogan’s podcast

Joe Rogan is a famous podcaster, and his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the most popular podcasts on the web. His insightful commentary on current events makes him a popular choice for a podcast. Spotify has a feature that allows users to view videos from artists they subscribe to. To watch Joe Rogan’s podcast videos, open the Spotify app on your smartphone and navigate to the Podcast section. Then, tap the play button on the “Video” tab to view the video.

In February 2018, Spotify removed Joe Rogan’s podcast videos after accusations of using racial slurs. The podcast was removed from Spotify after a video surfaced of Rogan using the n-word multiple times. Spotify and Rogan have not commented publicly on the incident, but they have removed more than forty episodes of Rogan’s podcasts. The company has also removed the podcasts of Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Gavin Mcinnes. Spotify has not officially said it would reinstate Rogan’s podcast videos. Still, its CEO Daniel Ek has confirmed in a leaked memo that he had a conversation with Rogan about the removals.

Neil Young’s music still available on Spotify

Despite recent controversy, Neil Young’s music is still available on Spotify. However, young has written to the company’s parent, Warner Records, requesting that it remove his music catalog. In the letter, Young cites a podcast by Joe Rogan that allegedly spreads vaccine misinformation. While many in the entertainment industry have defended Joe Rogan, many others have backed Young. Spotify declined to comment immediately.

Spotify is under no obligation to remove Neil Young’s music from the site. The record label and Young’s estate hold the copyrights to Young’s songs. While Young did not sell his recordings to Spotify, he did allow covers of his songs to remain on the service. Young has not followed suit with other prominent artists, but several prominent artists have also been unhappy with the royalty rate paid by the music streaming service.

113 episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience were removed from the platform

A recent scandal surrounding Joe Rogan’s use of the N-word in a podcast has caused Spotify to remove 113 episodes of his show. The podcast, hosted by the comedian Joe Rogan, featured clips of Joe using the n-word more than 20 times in a podcast. In addition, the comedian is accused of using the n-word in quotes from other comedians, including Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, and Paul Mooney. In the aftermath of the controversy, Rogan apologized, and the episodes were removed from Spotify.

The 113 episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience have been removed from Spotify since Friday. A monitoring tool reveals that the podcast has disappeared from the platform, but the reason is unknown. According to Gizmodo, the episode deletions have affected a total of 113 episodes. A website that monitors the disappearances of podcasts shows that the episodes that disappeared from Spotify were random. For instance, the latest episode that has been removed was #1458 with comedian Chris D’Elia. Although the episode was removed a few days ago, it seems unrelated to the COVID-19 controversy.

Streaming videos on Spotify

Spotify has been around for seven years now, and it’s amassed more than 25 billion listening hours in that time. So the company has decided to branch out into streaming videos to grow its user base and create a multimedia entertainment hub. Users will soon be able to watch videos within the Spotify app and switch between music and video without leaving the app.

Spotify offers two types of videos: full-length and looping. You can listen to videos on the Spotify app by tapping the canvas icon in the app drawer or on your home screen. By default, Canvas videos will automatically play, but you can turn them off. Then, go to the Settings menu in Spotify and enable Data Saver.