KLM Business Class Pushes Excellence


KLM’s business class on long-haul flights excels. Guests enjoy gourmet meals prepared by Dutch chefs, premium seats, and, as a parting gift, collectible Blue Delft houses filled with Bols gin.

Additionally, the airline introduced a brand-new World Business Class cabin on its Boeing 777 fleet featuring lightweight sliding door technology and user-friendly seat design with adjustable lower back support, relaxation settings with back massage features, and multiple charging sockets for passengers.


KLM boasts some of the most comfortable business-class seats in the sky. On long flights, their business class cabin boasts lie-flat beds and fantastic meals prepared by top Dutch chefs, along with beverages and onboard Wi-Fi on select flights – plus their 17″ screens provide plenty of television viewing options!

On September 19, Air New Zealand unveiled a significant upgrade in business class seating designed by Jamco. Featuring a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone layout with direct aisle access for all passengers and an adjustable sliding door for privacy and extra foot room, as well as additional controls such as massage functionality and pre-set positions, its arrival was warmly received by travelers on both Amsterdam-Cape Town flights.

KLM’s new business class features more than just seats; in addition to providing separate cabins and complimentary lounge passes for each passenger, they also offer drinks, snacks, comfort items, and pillow/blanket sets to ensure maximum restful sleeping during their flight.

KLM serves business class passengers on shorter intercontinental flights a full meal and offers in-seat power and ample personal storage space. Customers have three fare levels to select when booking business class tickets: Business Light, Standard, or Flex. Business Light tickets do not provide lounge access or two 70-pound bags (unlike Business Standard and Flex tickets).

KLM’s long-haul flights now feature a brand-new seat featuring a flat bed in business class and an improved IFE system, making for a superior passenger experience. KLM will begin using these seats on its Boeing 777s and A380s starting this month; the Air France 787 fleet and A330s will remain with their outdated seating arrangements.


KLM Airlines offers passengers an impressive inflight entertainment selection tailored to all preferences. Choose from movies, TV shows, music, games, newspapers, and personal screens that provide Wi-Fi service at a fee with packages covering specific data usage limits.

Business class cabins of KLM provide guests with an assortment of snacks and beverages prepared by top Dutch chefs alongside fine wines, champagnes, and spirits from around the world. In-flight drinks are served up with a smile by friendly flight crew members.

KLM provides its long-haul passengers comfortable lay-flat seats in its World Business Class cabin. Each new center is designed to ensure optimal comfort, featuring privacy dividers. Furthermore, every passenger is guaranteed window or aisle access, and each seat comes equipped with a giant touch screen and various plugs to charge devices.

KLM’s 777 fleet offers passengers traveling between Europe and North America an alternative seat product: Zodiac Cirrus 1-2-1 seats are installed for shorter flights. Comparable to many U.S. airlines’ offerings, they feature spacious interiors and an HD touchscreen display for maximum passenger comfort.

KLM World Business Class does not guarantee full flat beds on all international flights (other than those to and from Asia), yet still stands out among competing business class offerings from different carriers. KLM is worth considering for any long-haul flight coming into or departing Amsterdam.


KLM’s business class perks offer an unforgettable experience on any international flight, with its World Business Class featuring lie-flat seats and top-of-the-line service on long-haul routes to worldwide destinations. Additionally, they also provide many amenities designed to enhance shorter-haul flights.

Seat arrangements in World Business Class vary between aircraft, but all seats in this cabin are spacious and comfortable. Each center offers a 16-18 inch entertainment screen packed with over 1,000 hours of content for entertainment, along with in-seat power outlets to keep devices charged during flight; WiFi service may even be provided (at an additional fee).

Long-haul business class passengers enjoy a lie-flat seat that measures more than 81.5 inches wide and reclines up to 180 degrees, a privacy canopy, noise-canceling headphones, and foot cubbies to rest their feet during flight.

Amenity kits on long-haul flights are created by Dutch fashion designers, featuring items like earplugs, socks, and eye masks designed by an innovative Dutch fashion house. As part of an effort to foster brand loyalty each year, new kits are released for purchase; business class passengers also enjoy receiving their Delft Blue House bottle of Genever during their flight!

World Business Class on KLM flights departing Europe is available on all long-haul international flights except short-haul Cityhopper flights and connections within Europe, with the best way to book tickets being through either its website or a travel agent who knows the cheapest fares; you may also use miles earned in KLM’s Flying Blue loyalty program as part of booking your ticket if you qualify as an elite member of that program.


KLM Airlines provides its business class passengers with various delicious food and beverage offerings on board their flights, featuring dishes prepared by top Dutch chefs and sommeliers that pair perfectly with wines. You can choose between appetizers, main courses, and desserts. They even have their signature cocktail, “The Flying Dutchman,” featuring Damrak gin combined with Bols blackberry liquor, fresh lemon juice, and sugar syrup! They even have coffee as well as Dilmah teas available!

Before takeoff, drinks are generally provided. Once in flight, three-course meal service will begin based on flight length: for flights under two hours, you may receive light meals such as salad or fresh sandwich, while on longer routes in Europe, expect a traditional three-course menu.

KLM has unveiled its new menu, designed by Dutch star chef Jonnie Boer and his sommelier Therese Boer of De Librije restaurant, that incorporates recognizable, locally sourced ingredients with sustainable tableware designed by Marcel Wanders (made of bone china and polypropylene). Additionally, Business Class guests will get new silver featuring these same designs!

KLM flights provide the opportunity for travelers who wish to upgrade from economy class to business class at an additional fee and pay the difference at check-in or online. You may even use miles as payment if there is space available and you have a flexible fare ticket; keep an eye out, as prices can differ widely between airlines.


KLM stands out as an airline that puts children’s comfort and entertainment first, with amenities such as kid-oriented meals, airport strollers, and over 130 channels dedicated to them – so much so that TPG has listed KLM among their family-friendly airlines.

Air Canada also allows children up to 12 years old to fly business class tickets at no additional charge when accompanying an adult passenger, with children up to 2 passing free and infants up to 24 months traveling for discounted fares. Children of this age have the same generous baggage allowance as adults, with two checked and one carry-on bag allowed; strollers are welcome on board, provided they fold down easily into overhead bins.

On intercontinental KLM flights, all children aged 0-2 receive a Bluey bib while all children aged two years and up receive a travel set featuring activities such as card game, tic tac toe, pencils, key cord, sticker, and luggage label – plus guests traveling in economy class can request a special baby meal!

KLM provides business class passengers with an attractive amenity kit designed in partnership with Rituals Cosmetics and the Rijksmuseum. Men can take advantage of deodorant, razor blades, and shaving cream, while women will find Bvlgari hand lotion and hand cream provided for them.

SkyPriority benefits extend to premium economy and business class passengers when boarding, such as priority check-in, security screening, and boarding. In addition, Delta also provides unaccompanied minor services that cater specifically for unaccompanied minors from check-in until arrival at their destination. For more information about booking travel with children, visit their website.