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A health and safety officer (also known as an HSO) monitors the way an organization complies having health and safety laws, and provides assistance to both companies in addition to employers on safe performing environments. An HSO will in most cases work for the Health and Safe practices Executive (HSE), the local administration, or a similar body, exclusively trained to monitor compliance having health and safety regulations. Health and Safety police officers also exist within exclusive organizations, usually larger people, and in the public sector, including hospitals and schools, and so forth

Health and Safety Officers are employed in many different industries such as construction, producing, catering, waste, IT, and also aerospace as well as many more. The aim is simple and that is to keep folks safe when in the working surroundings.

An HSO has a number of responsibilities. Whenever visiting a great organization, the health and basic safety officer must record information. They carry out routine examinations over the course of time, which will contain collating evidence and getting any samples, when necessary. They need to investigate any complaints which were made about the work environment, and offer advice on technical and legalities. They should collect evidence and produce case files, which include keeping a database of examinations. If necessary, an HSO might have to present information in the courtroom, or on other community inquiries relating to injury

and death in the workplace. More than something, an HSO will ensure an organization is complying together with legislation and isn’t taking the health and safety of their staff with no consideration. If this was the case, the particular officer would suggest ways to increase the working conditions and screen any changes that are made afterward. So, a health and safety official has plenty of duties: but it is an important one, which usually helps to make working surroundings a lot safer for many organizations, and can be a successful career path to follow.


You normally require a Higher National Diploma (HND) or degree, usually within occupational safety and wellness. There are also qualifications at a higher level for those who are clear about what their own career path is. To practice like a health and safety officer, you can total either a BSc or MSc in environmental health, they may be accredited by the Chartered Start of Environmental Health (CIEH) in England, Wales, and North Ireland; in Scotland, they may be credited by the Royal Environment Health Institute of Ireland (REHIS).

Just to get on these types of courses, however, you will require some other qualifications. You will need either NVQs or A-levels. Ideally, these types of qualifications will be one of the science-based subjects (chemistry, biology as well as physics) or mathematics, however, it isn’t a major problem if this is false. However, you would need a minimum of 5 A-C grades in GCSE level, with a minimum of a B in maths.

There are other courses available which could provide you with work experience. There are also sub-courses, meaning that you will nevertheless gain work experience in your selected field, but whilst nearly all your studies will be in one college, the rest of your period will be spent at yet another university.

Don’t worry on the other hand if you don’t have a degree. Many job paths see people advance into different roles along with health and safety officer is one of the people. Probably the most sought-after qualification important for this role is the Country-wide Examination Board for Work Safety and Health (NEBOSH) Certificate and Diploma. NEBOSH and IOSH another diploma in health safety looks on most job descriptions. NEBOSH courses are generally studied with college and can be taken both equally full and part-time along with requiring the student to take assessments at the end. However, it is a lot of common now that NEBOSH lessons can be studied intensively around 10-14 days which can genuinely help those looking to rapidly track their career.

Precisely what Employers Are Looking For

Health and safety are crucial areas that all organizations would be wise to take into consideration. Therefore, as an HSO, you will be required to ensure that most environments you come into contact with are secure and healthy, or else, suggest the ways that they can always be improved. As a result, there is a number involving key skills that recruiters are looking for in a health and safety police officer.

Communication skills are very essential; you will often have to recommend potential flaws, so having the ability to explain the problems, the feasible consequences if they are not set, and how to remedy them in a well-spoken, considerate and calm way is vital. If not, it could possess the opposite effect, and the recommended changes will not be made out of revenge, which could then lead to risk.

You must also be calm. You will see moments of extreme pressure as well as high stress. For example, in case you have to report on an event wherein due to a failure in order to comply with health and safety regulations, the worker has been injured and even killed, you may have to recommend and create a case requested by the prosecution, which could involve gathering photo taking evidence and speaking with all those most closely linked with the actual incident. Although you are not responsible, it will still be stressful as well as hard to deal with, so having the ability to remain cool under this kind of pressure is of excellent significance, to you, the company, and the people involved.

Additional traits that an employer will need to see. You will have to be self-applied motivated and well-organized since you will usually have to build and observe after your own inspection records. You should be able to think on your legs; if you see a potential danger, knowing quickly how to street address the matter means that it will be addressed more quickly. And you should always be prepared to take the advice of others; you may suggest a course involving action that may be wrong, or possibly there is a better way of managing the problem. Being able to listen to others will help you to improve, and make you better health and safety officer.

What amount of cash Will I Make as a Well being & Safety Officer from the
The UK?
For those just starting out in health and safety, as well as graduates, typically the starting salary is likely to be all-around £25, 000. Depending on the scale of the organization, and its spot, however, that figure may be higher, possibly as high as £40, 000 for a major firm in a heavily populated portion of the country. When entering some sort of management role, the established salary for a health and safety policeman will be even higher, earning upwards of £60, 000.

In addition, there may be opportunities to work with private sector companies, who else advise on health and safety problems and work on an agency basis earning £250-£1000 each day. Salaries will be roughly exactly like those for a “regular” safety and health officer, but those who achieve senior consultancy positions usually earn more than £100, 000. So, one can understand why, when the option to work as an advisor for health and safety becomes available, the majority would take it.

Pros and Cons to become a Health & Security Officer in the UK

There are good and bad points to being a health and safety police officer. Although being able to spot and steer clear of hazards may seem logical, you will find potential problems which can make the task a stressful one to possess.

The list below shows the primary pros and cons of being a safety and health officer.


• Higher annual salaries once skills are earned
• Most of the learning is based on logic
• Helping others will make your personal working environment safer
• You are going to spot potential hazards faster than others & avoid them easily


• A lot of pressure to ensure you perform your job well & aid to avoid danger
• Might be stressful when dealing with circumstances involving injury and/or loss of life
• Possibly poor situations in factories, roof spots, or outdoors

Helpful Info

For further information on the certification accredited by the Chartered Commence of Environmental Health, speak to:
Chartered Institute of The Environmental Health
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