Leonardslee Country House and Gardens


If you love country houses and gardens, you will love Leonardslee. This stunning country estate features a stunning woodland garden, terrace, and wallaby colony. There are also many activities to enjoy, including wine tastings. Read on to find out how to enjoy Leonardslee’s grounds.

Leonardslee is a country house.

Located near Horsham in the South of England, Leonardslee Gardens is an award-winning country house and gardens complex. It was designed by Robin Loder and was once the premier destination of its type in Britain. The estate’s gardens have been updated over the centuries and include stunning rhododendrons and a rock garden. They are also home to a rare colony of wallabies. The gardens are also home to a Michelin-starred restaurant, Interlude.

The gardens are spectacular in spring and autumn, when the colors are softer and more muted. The estate’s tree planting was done so that the landscape is particularly stunning in autumn. The collection of Acer trees is particularly beautiful. Leonardslee also has a thriving wildlife community, including a swarm of buzzards, red kites, and resident grey heron. Even a flock of wallabies can be seen walking around the grounds.

It has a woodland garden.

The woodland garden at Leonardslee Gardens in West Sussex has been reopened after being neglected for the last eight years. The garden was created following the planting ideas of Sir Uvedale Price, Richard Payne Knight, and JC Loudon. In 1889, Sir Edmund Loder purchased the estate and imported a herd of Wallabies to the area. As a result, the sheltered valley is home to various plants, including rhododendrons, magnolias, camellias, and rhododendrons, ‘Loderi.’

The 240-acre estate is studded with golden daffodils in early March. The narcissus adorns the grounds, which symbolizes the arrival of spring colour. The 240-acre estate also features several Grade I Listed gardens and the renowned Bluebell Bank.

The gardens are home to some of England’s finest woodland gardens. The gardens are surrounded by seven tranquil lakes and are home to a 35ft Cornish Red Rhododendron planted in the 1800s. Other park highlights include the Victorian Pulham rock garden and rare trees.

The woodland garden is the most popular feature of the estate. The gardens are also open to the public. Local people have fond memories of visiting the gardens and living in the area. These memories have led many people to help preserve the magnificent heritage of the estate. A visit to Leonardslee Gardens is a must for anyone who loves the outdoors.

This 240-acre woodland garden has been open to the public since 1907. The garden’s twin children, who have business backgrounds, will take over the estate this autumn. However, the owner will continue to be active in the daily operations of the garden.

It has a terrace

The Leonardslee Gardens are situated on the east side of the A281 Cowfold to Horsham road and consist of 32ha of formal gardens, parkland, and woodland. The site sits in a deep sheltered valley, and slopes rise steeply to the west and gently to the east towards Hogstolt Hill. The site is enclosed by clipped hedging and an intermittent internal tree fringe along the road. It borders the C19 landscaped gardens of Crabtree farm and the nearby village of South Lodge.

The gardens are a Grade I listed estate once owned by the Victorian plant collector Sir Edmund Loder. The gardens were closed to the public in 2010 and allowed to revert to nature. However, in 2017, a South African entrepreneur, Penny Streeter, bought the estate and started to restore it. As a result, the gardens reopened in 2019 and now offer a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Leonardslee is a popular garden with a renowned collection of rhododendrons. It is home to a 35-foot Cornish Red Rhododendron that was first planted in the 1800s. The gardens are also known for their seven tranquil lakes.

The gardens are described as some of the finest woodland gardens in the UK. They once drew 50,000 visitors each year. The gardens have since undergone one of the largest restoration projects in the UK and are now open to the public again. The gardens are beautiful year-round, featuring outstanding scenery and wildlife. The garden is situated in Lower Beeding, near Horsham in West Sussex. The gardens take their name from the nearby St Leonard’s Forest, one of the ancient forests of the High Weald.

It has a wallaby colony.

A wallaby colony lives at Leonardslee Gardens, a wildlife sanctuary close to the Surrey border in West Sussex. This colony was established in the late 1800s by naturalist Sir Edumind Loder. The mammals have thick coats and roam freely within the grounds. However, during the breeding season, they are confined to an enclosure.

The grounds feature an extensive collection of flora and fauna—over a hundred species of oak trees, including thirty native varieties. You can also find several unique species of palm trees. The gardens also boast over sixty species of birds. You can spot Woodpeckers, Buzzards, and other raptors on the grounds.

Leonardslee Gardens have been called the Finest Woodland Gardens in England. They are Grade I-listed and boast outstanding scenery throughout the seasons. They are home to a wallaby colony that was introduced in 1889. The property is also home to several species of deer.

The gardens are home to Bennett’s wallaby colony. This variety is indigenous to Tasmania and adapted to England’s conditions. These animals have large ears that can rotate 180 degrees and are very sensitive to sound. They reach maturity at between fourteen and 19 months. Visitors are welcome to visit the wallaby colony during feeding sessions held every twelve hours.

There are several walking trails if you are in the mood to hike. If you’re not a fan of big parks, you can spend your day exploring the gardens. An area is a great place for family outings. Visitors can also visit the Dolls’ House Museum, which features miniature replicas of Edwardian buildings. A light snack can be purchased at the Engine House Café, Courtyard Café, or Farm Shop.

It has seven lakes

Leonardslee Gardens has seven lakes that offer different views of the garden’s woodlands. The gardens are well-known for their renowned collection of Rhododendrons, including a 35-foot Cornish Red planted in the 1800s. You can also find azaleas, camellias, magnolias, and other plants.

The landscaped gardens are home to a diverse range of wildlife, including a critically endangered species of wallaby and delicate butterflies. When visiting the area during spring, you should look for the beautiful azalea and rhododendron displays. The garden is also home to a 70-acre deer park with many critically endangered species.

Leonardslee also has a contemporary art exhibition featuring over 80 works by the internationally-acclaimed sculptor Anton Smit. The sculptures represent various stages in Smit’s life and are placed in such a way as to blend into the woodland. They also add an air of magic to the woodland gardens.

The landscaped gardens at Leonardslee are Grade I listed and feature beautiful displays throughout the year. Many of the plants in the gardens were collected in the 1880s. The garden’s other highlights include the Rock Garden and the rare colony of wallabies. In addition, the gardens are home to many animals, including deer and giant carp.