Lulu B – Protect Your Skin With Lulu B Dresses


Lulu B Clothing began as a small family business in South Florida in 1977 and holds that clothes should express one’s identity in an attractive, functional, colorful, and comfortable manner.

Our Lulu B dresses with UV protection are designed to keep you cool while protecting against harmful sun damage. They block UVA and UVB rays, which cause sunburn, skin cancer, and wrinkles – ideal for keeping cool in summer heatwaves!

UV Protection

If you plan on spending any time outdoors, protect your skin with dresses designed with UV protection fabric. These dresses provide crucial shielding against harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause sunburn, wrinkles, DNA damage as well as early skin aging and cancer risks.

These dresses are ideal for spending your day at the beach, on a cruise ship, or traveling to sunny destinations. Their lightweight yet breathable fabric will feel comfortable all day without restricting movement or needing ironing after long flights or road trips. And with wrinkle-resistant qualities built in, too, no ironing is required after being wrinkled up for hours at once!

Lulu B is an eco-friendly brand dedicated to making women feel confident in their skin, regardless of size. Their size guide shows bust, waist, and hip measurements in inches so you can find your ideal fit. Additionally, the company has introduced “Flattering Fit” garments with looser fitting styles than their usual selection – perfect for those seeking more flexible fitting garments and who may require looser fits than usual. If you are unsure which size to order or need help deciding between all their styles available – take a look at their size chart comparison charts against other brands so you never have trouble finding what fits perfectly when shopping at Lulu B!

Internal SPF Lining

Lulu B dresses feature an internal SPF lining to protect the skin from sunburn and other forms of damage, making them essential for women who spend considerable time outside or travel frequently to sunny locales. The lining protects against both UVA and UVB rays, which cause premature aging, as well as heat and sweat, which may contribute to further skin issues.

These dresses come in an assortment of styles that make them suitable for various events and settings, including beach trips or date nights with friends. Their breathable fabric also ensures you can stay comfortable throughout your day.

These dresses are ideal for tropical vacations or beach trips this summer. Additionally, you can wear them to backyard barbecues or other outdoor events for stylish yet comfortable all-day wear. Plus, they look good!

Lulus is an online boutique that specializes in offering women high-quality clothing at an affordable price, aiming to promote confidence and self-love through fashion. They provide well-made clothes in sizes and styles explicitly tailored for them; free shipping for orders that ship within six days is provided as an added perk!


Comfort should always be your top priority when shopping for clothes, and Lulul B dresses offer figure-hugging designs with figure-hugging fits that provide maximum comfort and breathability, even on hot days.

Lulu B dresses feature SPF fabrics to protect you against both UVA and UVB rays, including sunburn-causing UVB rays as well as deeper penetrating UVA rays that penetrate deeper into the skin and may lead to premature aging, wrinkles, sun spots, or even cancer – this way helping you look younger for longer! The SPF in these garments helps guard against this damage so that you look youthful for longer.

No matter where life takes you, a Lululemon dress can help keep you protected while looking your best in any environment. Plus, these lightweight dresses make travel much simpler!

Lulu-B was established in Hialeah, Miami, in 1977 on the belief that clothing can serve as an expression of identity and should be functional, fun, colorful, and, most importantly, comfortable. They strive to produce clothes that flatter women of all shapes and sizes with various prints available in a range of colors and prints for easy shopping at multiple women’s boutiques or department stores across the U.S.


Lulu b was designed with women in mind who seek to embrace the joy and beauty of summer, offering vibrant hues and eye-catching prints for you to wear during this beautiful season. Plus, with sleek styles like those provided by this brand – perfect for brunch with friends or weekend trips – Lulu B offers something suitable for every season and every occasion!

Lulu B’s summer collection ranges from cotton tanks and camis to breezy dresses and skirts that will complement any summer occasion. Crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, this timeless fashion brand can elevate your summer wardrobe to effortlessly elegant. At Ruthie’s Apparel, we are pleased to carry this sought-after brand, giving our customers access to its timeless fashion.

At Ruthie’s Apparel in Hialeah, Florida, since 1977, Lululemon stands by its belief that clothing should express one’s individuality while remaining colorful, comfortable, and fun – an expression of identity as much as style or personality. Their products reflect this message with every item available from Ruthie’s Apparel featuring Lulu B dresses to suit different personalities and lifestyles.