The Ombre Wedding Dress Trend


Ombre wedding dresses are an eye-catching choice for non-traditional brides looking to add some color and vibrancy to their big day. The trend has long been popular in hair and fashion accessories, but now brides can use ombre hues as part of their gown’s aesthetic to stand out on their special day.


Adding a pop of color to your wedding gown is a beautiful way to personalize it and add drama. What better way than with an eye-catching ombre gown? The trend has quickly taken the bridal world by storm.

Ombre gowns are an enchanting option that is suitable for brides of any taste – whether they want subtle color accents or go all-out with rainbow-esque ombre designs, you’re sure to find the ideal piece in our stunning selection.

Nontraditional brides have been rocking the dip-dye wedding dress trend for some time now, but ombre brides are taking this look one step further. Ombre refers to gradual shading from one color into another–it offers endless opportunities!

If you want something soft and romantic, try this lace A-line wedding dress with its blush ombre skirt. It features layers of blush pink from the waist to the hem for an elegant and feminine finish.

Leanne Marshall offers this stunning two-piece ombre wedding dress with its elegant black lace top and gorgeous pale blue ombre chiffon skirt for a more dramatic effect. With such elegant fabrics combining to make this an eye-catching selection for both bohemian ceremonies as well as more traditional ceremonies, its beauty makes this piece truly breathtaking!


Brides looking to add just a splash of color are well served by considering an ombre wedding gown. Its soft tones are beautiful and can complement any bridal style imaginable. A pale pink ombre wedding dress would make an attractive choice for a spring ceremony, while rich, vibrant shades may suit more formal ceremonies, like this beautiful Leanne Marshall two-piece bridal gown featuring a stunning black ombre skirt!

For something truly eye-catching, ombre gowns provide the ultimate dramatic statement. Available in any shade you can imagine, our favorite is deep blue, which spans all the way down the dress for an absolutely breathtaking effect.

An elegant dip-dye wedding dress is another unique choice, becoming increasingly popular over time. Available in any hue of your choosing – though most commonly found is an ombre blue to pink transition that makes an impressive statement at beach or coastal weddings; or find dresses with pastel blue accents ideal for winter celebrations.

If you still require convincing, we suggest you explore Kelly Faetanini’s stunning new collection. From subtle blush to dramatic lace designs, her latest offerings feature many ombre dresses to suit various needs and occasions. In particular, check out the Tilly Tulle wedding gown with its exquisite floral embroidery, which blends into its ombre tulle skirt to create a romantic and unforgettable appearance – indeed, an inspiration worth considering.


The ombre wedding dress is a nontraditional trend making waves in an industry known for conservatism. Brides looking to express themselves and create a distinctive look should consider opting for dip-dyed ombre gowns as an expression of their individuality and character.

Step one in crafting an ombre dress is selecting the appropriate fabric. Silk satin has long been considered an industry standard due to its sheen; however, other silk fabrics like dupioni and chiffon can also create stunning effects when used together for incredible results. Chiffon fabric offers lightweight comfort in warm temperatures while working beautifully for flowing silhouettes like sheath or fit-and-flare dresses; it can easily be draped for fuller looks when layering is desired.

If you prefer something with more structure, silk zibeline may be an excellent choice. Woven from straight fibers, this constructed silk is more durable than satin and can accommodate constructed styles such as ruched or ball gown shapes. Plus, its range of colors makes it the ideal fabric choice for summer or spring weddings!

Silk taffeta may be the ideal fabric choice for winter weddings. Durable and more cost-effective than silk, it adds texture to your gown while remaining affordable. Coming in an array of colors with a sheen that complements many bridal shoes – making silk taffeta a smart, budget-conscious choice!


Brides this year have been opting for bold and dramatic looks, particularly those featuring ombre wedding dresses. Ombre is a graduated color scheme that can be applied to almost any dress style; dyeing the garment, adding lace or embroidery, incorporating different textures, and dyeing it are all methods used to achieve it. Darker hues such as blue, purple, and black work best for brides seeking nontraditional wedding gowns, while paler pastel hues work better with feminine, modern looks.

Make an impressionful statement on your special day with an eye-catching ombre train, perfect for brides wanting to draw attention to their back or add extra charm during their formal walk down the aisle.

Layered ombre gowns add drama with trains composed of various colored tulle. For added effect, this train may feature delicate lace floral motifs to tie into your wedding day color scheme.

Other details to enhance an ombre wedding dress include sleeves, necklines, and lengths. Lace is a timeless classic, but you could also go for more modern and off-the-shoulder or strapless gowns instead. A scoop neckline will flatter your decolletage while creating a deeper V shape on your collarbones, while butterfly hemlines that look like wings when raising arms add some fun whimsy, while cap sleeves can add classic yet petite features that complete any gown look.