Metatrader 4 App Review


Metatrader 4 is one of the world’s premier trading platforms in forex and stock markets. Offering traders numerous tools that allow them to analyze prices and trade them effectively, as well as creating alerts and copy trades from other users via Signals, it has quickly become one of the go-to trading solutions in recent years.

Traders can utilize a demo account to familiarize themselves with the software and prevent themselves from losing money on trades.

Easy to use

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is an advanced trading platform designed for Forex trading, though other markets can also be traded using it. MT4 features numerous market indicators as well as its own coding language to automate trades; additionally it is available in 30 languages with free technical support downloadable directly onto any computer device.

Although MT4 is comprehensive, its intuitive nature can make it difficult for new users to navigate. Luckily, the platform provides numerous educational resources and tutorials to aid newcomers, while users will also have access to support via their broker or directly on its website.

MT4 is available on both Windows and Mac operating systems, but to run it on Mac you will require either Wine or PlayOnMac emulators; both are free but may cause instability when run. As an alternative, Virtual Machine software such as VMware can also help install Windows onto a Mac OS system.

Easy to customize

MT4 software can be tailored to suit your unique trading needs with its array of tools and features, including automating trades through its coding language, access to an extensive library of free technical indicators, professional custom indicators that you can purchase from brokers or code yourself, nine time frames from one minute to one month, customizable charts with bar, candlestick, and line styles, as well as various time frame options.

Customize your chart by removing grid lines or changing color schemes, saving them as templates for future use. Alerts can also be set up via email – to do this click on the ‘Alerts’ tab in Terminal (CTRL+T). Finally, you have the option of viewing profits in points instead of your deposit currency.

MT4 differs from most trading apps by not offering direct phone or live chat support, instead providing a comprehensive support website with advice articles in multiple languages.

Easy to learn

MT4 App: Ease of Use Though the app lacks all of its desktop counterpart’s features, it still provides all essential functions – for instance you can easily add an indicator to your chart that recognizes patterns within candlesticks and colors them based on convention – most traders choose red for low candles and green for high candles to make reading their chart easier.

If you’re new to trading and need an easy way to get started, the MetaTrader 4 mobile app could be just what you’re searching for. You can open and modify trades as well as manage your account and access market news; furthermore it supports various technical indicators and real-time charts for easy navigation.

SmartAsset provides individual traders with an affordable platform, but there will still be expenses involved. Brokerages determine what fees to charge for software licenses and any additional services provided – to reduce expenses, look for low-cost brokerages by using SmartAsset’s free tool that connects you with advisors in your locality.

Easy to install

MT4 is an advanced trading platform with many features that will appeal to expert investors. For instance, you can easily create and automate complex trades; connect multiple accounts at once; replicate trades across them all – ideal for scalpers and day-traders who depend on speed to be profitable; access MQL Community programs which facilitate one-click trading.

MT4 stands out among other trading platforms by having an intuitive user interface and easy installation process, though there may be some subtleties to keep in mind before downloading and installing it.

At first glance, it is essential to keep in mind that MT4 requires an account with a broker in order to install its software onto a computer. Furthermore, traders can download mobile versions of this app onto iPhone, iPad and Android devices with three types of charts, nine timeframes, and 30 technical indicators available on these versions of MT4.