MissaX Presents Risque Business, Starring Layla Jenner


MissaX presents Scarlett Sage’s directorial debut with the erotic thriller Risque Business. Layla Jenner stars as a trophy wife whose sick husband suspects she may be cheating, who manipulates hapless Ryan Driller – assigned to tail her – into engaging in an indecent affair that ends when Layla blows him, and they make love in cowgirl attire!

She’s a cheat.

Scarlett Sage makes her directorial debut with this erotic thriller starring Layla Jenner as an ambitious femme fatale attempting to poison her older but wealthy husband, played by Ryan Driller (played by Ryan Driller of Ryan Driller vs Driller fame), assigned as an attorney to monitor whether or not she’s cheating on him. Chad White plays her somewhat mysterious employee while Jessica Ryan guest stars as his faithful partner – all testaments of Scarlett Sage’s promise as a filmmaker! Sage co-wrote this screenplay with Maddy Burton (with whom Sage also co-wrote the script), while Jenner shows promise as both writers (co-wrote the screenplay with Maddy Burton), showing promise as both an author (co)and filmmaker!

The next day, she arrives at Ryan’s door with allegations against her husband being abusive, and she wants out. Reluctantly agreeing to assist her, Ryan suggests going to the police; she declines.

She seduces him with her seductive body language and flirting. They 69, reverse cowgirl, doggy, and sideways before finally cumming. She gives him a dildo and warns him away from her husband; although he tries to resist, his libido proves too strong a pull on him to fight.

She’s a snob.

MissaX presents Scarlett Sage’s directorial debut, Risque Business, featuring Layla Jenner as a trophy wife planning to kill her sick old husband with help from Ryan Driller (playing an attorney assigned to monitor her for infidelity), as well as Chad White (her boss’ employee) following closely.

Layla quickly takes control and seduces Ryan, blowing him and 69’ing him before they engage in reverse cowgirl/doggy play, followed by missionary/cumming play before Layla sucker-sucks Ryan’s pussy for more groaning pleasure – she loves fucking up her older man! A must-watch.