MobiKwik – Your Shield Against Covid-19


With the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing, people are turning to digital payment apps rather than cash. While it is possible to avoid the virus through various precautions, such as frequent handwashing and wearing a mask, the need for a safe and secure payment method is urgent. However, this does not mean that cash payments can be completely ruled out. Using the MobiKwik app is your shield against Covid-19.

Payment options

The MobiKwik app allows you to use your credit card to pay for various items, from groceries to clothes. You can also pay with your zip code. The ZIP Pay Later service is a handy way to pay for an item without putting your card number on hold. ZIP users receive up to Rs 30,000 in credit, which they can use to buy the item they want. They can even use the credit to pay for travel tickets and utility bills. Users can also use ZIP to order food or book a movie ticket. Popular merchants include Myntra, BigBasket, Swiggy, Pharmaeasy, and MakemyTrip.

Besides making payments daily, you can also use the MobiKwik app for making utility bill payments, and mobile recharges. Its app is available on Android and iOS devices and helps you manage your financial transactions on the go. MobiKwik has been endorsed by the Reserve Bank of India and partnered with various merchants across the country.

Apart from bill payments, the MobiKwik app also offers municipal property tax and water bill payments services. The app allows users to use various payment options, such as credit card payments, debit card payments, and bank transfers. The app allows users to add money to their accounts and make recurring payments. As there are three payment options, users should choose the one that suits them best.

KYC process

The KYC process is now mandatory for those who use the MobiKwik app. As per RBI guidelines, it is important for all users to submit their KYC documents before making any purchases. Besides making payments, users can also make P2P transfers and make bank transfers. To complete the KYC process, MobiKwik will send an agent to the user’s doorstep and ask for biometrics and proof of identity. It may take up to seven days to complete the process. Users can also visit their nearest KYC center.

Before completing the KYC process for MobiKwik, users must provide valid ID proof and proof of identity. These documents can be a passport, driving license, permanent account number (PAN), voter’s identity card issued by the EC, job card issued by the NREGA, or Aadhaar number. After submitting these documents, a representative will visit the user’s location.

Users who have completed the MobiKwik app KYC can access their wallets. Depending on their status, they can deposit up to Rs. 1 lakh in a single month or Rs. 20,000 per month. This limit applies to both upgraded and non-upgraded users. Once KYC is completed, the user will continue to receive cashback into their wallet. Afterward, they can use their wallet balance to make payments.

Limits on withdrawals

Limits on withdrawals on MobiKwik apps vary, but the limits are usually set to protect the app from fraud. You can only withdraw up to Rs. 10,000 per month or Rs. 20,000 per transaction. Limits are also set on the number of transactions you can make per day and month. Limits can be raised if you meet the KYC requirements. If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for a higher limit, contact MobiKwik to ask.

Most banks set daily withdrawal limits for their customers. However, your limits can vary based on your account type. A typical account limit is $1,000 per day. You may have to go to several different ATMs to withdraw more money if your monthly limit exceeds that. You can also increase your limit during special times, such as on vacation. However, once the special period is over, it will return to its previous value.

You’ll also be notified via email when a transaction fails or is declined. However, you don’t have to be worried if you’ve made a mistake – MobiKwik will reverse the transaction and refund you the entire amount, including any charges. This is because MobiKwik acts as a facilitator, not a party to the transaction.


When you subscribe to the MobiKwik – Recharge & Bill Pay subscription, you have the option to cancel the subscription whenever you want. However, you must confirm your cancellation on the confirmation or verification page of the app. You can also cancel the subscription directly on the company’s website. However, there are risks associated with this subscription. For instance, your account will no longer be secure if you decide to cancel the subscription.

MobiKwik is an online mobile payment company that offers a digital wallet. Consumers can load money into the MobiKwik wallet, endorsed by the Reserve Bank of India. In May 2016, MobiKwik also started providing small loans to consumers. It is a subsidiary of Future Work technologies, a global technology services company specializing in mobile app development. It has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create a successful m-commerce apps.

MobiKwik app recharges are made simply by the payment method. The user can pay using their SBI credit, debit card, or online banking. Besides, the user can also use PAYBACK points to get free recharges. This service is compatible with all major credit and debit cards. To pay a bill, users must select the service and the operator. Next, they must enter the consumer number and click the Make Payment tab to complete the transaction.

Bill payments

A MobiKwik app is a handy tool for making bill payments. The app allows users to pay their bills online and earn PAYBACK points with every transaction. The app also helps you recharge your phone and receive customized offers for your next phone recharge. With the ease of bill payment, you’ll never miss a bill again. You can make bill payments anytime, anywhere, with a single screen tap.

The app is free; you can link your bank account and mobile number to continue earning rewards points. You can also redeem points for cash. If you use the app to make payments online, you’ll be able to earn up to 50 percent cashback. Using the MobiKwik app is simple, convenient, and secure. It also allows you to pay for almost anything online or in-store.

The MobiKwik app also offers cash pickup services. A representative will reach your destination within 30 minutes to deliver your cash. You can also add money using your Masterpass account. The best part is that it’s free. You can even use the MobiKwik app to pay for movies and entertainment. You can also pay for your health and fitness products with MobiKwik!

Credit facilities

MobiKwik, a leading digital financial services platform, has launched a new product – Boost, which will offer instant loan approval and disbursal. The company has partnered with various NBFCs to enable this feature. At first, Boost will be available on Android phones. Once the service is rolled out to other platforms, it is expected to expand its range of products and services.

The ZIP feature is easy to use and offers credit up to Rs 30,000, so you can shop for what you need without worrying about repayment. Unlike credit cards, this facility allows users to build up their credit scores and secure low-interest rates and quick loan approvals. For more information on ZIP, visit the MobiKwik website. It is free to use and a great way to build a good credit score.

The ZIP feature is a virtual credit card similar to a credit card. Those registered with MobiKwik can use it to make payments and clear bills. MobiKwik has partnered with cab aggregator Ola to enable its users to book rides in the app. This may pose a competition to the recently launched Ola Money Postpaid, an Ola co-branded credit card.