Origins Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie


The Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie is an icon in fashion, with almost a century of heritage. Today, the brand is relaunching the iconic sweatshirt in Europe with its first store in Soho, London, and its second store in Amsterdam’s trendy Jorddan district. This legendary sweatshirt was also featured in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, which explored the impact of fashion on contemporary society. In 2018, the Reverse Weave Hoodie became part of the permanent collection at the museum.

Double Dry(r) technology

This Champion hoodie features Double Dry(r) technology and is made of medium-weight, two-ply fleece. The hoodie is decorated with the iconic “C” logo on the left sleeve. Up to 5% of the fabric is made from recycled polyester.

This Champion hoodie is a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend. This blend provides durability and ease of care.

Iconic “C” logo on the left sleeve

The iconic “C” logo on the left sleeve of this Champion hoodie adds a pop of color to a classic sweatshirt. This hoodie is made of 100% cotton with a two-ply hood and lining. It is soft and durable.

This hoodie is made with midweight jersey fabric, similar to the material used for the brand’s most popular T-shirts. This material dries quickly, meaning less washing and drying time. This midweight hoodie also features less structure and is great for layering.

Performance-focused design

The performance-focused design of the Champion hoodie is still as popular as it was when it was first introduced. The sweatshirt was made of specially spun fibers that are smooth and solid. It also features cover stitching and cuffs that are highly elastic. The Champion hoodie also does not have side seams, which makes it a comfortable option for everyday wear.

Champion’s performance-focused hoodies are made of fabrics: midweight jersey and lightweight fleece. The former mirrors the midweight jersey fabric found on the company’s most popular T-shirt and is great for layering. The latter is made of lighter-weight cotton and contains ten percent recycled polyester. Both are soft and comfortable, but a midweight hoodie is more suitable for layering.


The Origins champion hoodie comes in a variety of colors and styles. Made from 100% cotton, it features a hood with a two-ply lining. It also features a TCC logo on the left sleeve. It is comfortable, durable, and perfect for your little opossum pal.


The Champion hoodie is a versatile layering piece. Available in various styles and colors, it is comfortable and eco-friendly. It is made from recycled polyester and virgin cotton and has advanced features like dry performance and breathability. The brand has also introduced limited edition styles that use recycled materials. These hoodies are ideal for chilly winter days.

Champion was founded in 1919 and focused on comfortable athletic wear. The company celebrated its centennial last year. During this time, reverse weave technology was created, a process that prevented cotton from shrinking. The reverse weave technology was eventually patented, and Champion began to partner with various collegiate teams and sports organizations. The brand has a long history of supporting sports teams and was even introduced as the official PE apparel for several decades.