Pepperdine Law School Ranking


Pepperdine Law School, situated in Malibu, California, is an acclaimed law school offering JD, MBA, and MPP degrees concurrently and dispute resolution specialization programs.

Students benefit from an exciting law school experience through various student clubs and events. It ranks 45-52 in the 2023 US News law school ranking.


Pepperdine Law School accepts applicants with GPA and LSAT scores that fall in the 25th, 50th, or 75th percentile range – this number represents the average GPA and LSAT scores among admitted students.

When reviewing applicants, the admissions committee takes many factors into account when making its decisions, including GPA and LSAT scores, academic history, work experience, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and personal statements. Applicants who demonstrate exceptional ability and promise are given special consideration.

Applications require two letters of recommendation from college professors or others who can vouch for their abilities and qualities professionally, including letters from supervisors for applicants with significant work experience. Furthermore, applicants should submit a two- to four-page double-spaced personal statement explaining why they want to study law at Pepperdine Caruso Law. Applicants should include any information relevant to their application such as race/ethnic origin/age/geographical location/socioeconomic background/experience etc that might affect their application process/application process/application process/application process/process/experience that are essential considerations/application processes/steps taken/reflections within that statement/personal statement/essay in which applicants fully describe why studying law interests them/choosing Pepperdine Caruso Law among many options/options they consider looking law/chooping Pepperdine Caruso Law among their choices/or any relevant information such as race/ethnic origin/age geographical origin/socioeconomic background/pertinent other experiences that is/are also suitable such as r/ethnicity etc /age etc that could affect/ influence their applications such as; additional relevant info like race/ethnic origin etc… Applicants may wish to include in their applications such as; any information that they feel is pertinent such as; race or ethnic origin/age geographical origin etc… Applicants may deem necessary.

Pepperdine students come from diverse backgrounds and faiths, yet all share an adherence to integrity, service, and justice. Pepperdine offers its students access to several clinics and externship opportunities that give them practical legal experience while building professional skills; additionally, this school specializes in global justice by hosting programs in Uganda and India.

Pepperdine Law School boasts an outstanding record for placing its graduates within ten months of graduation, most often at large law firms, with some also working for government and public interest organizations.

Pepperdine University provides Master of Legal Studies (M.L.S) and Master of Dispute Resolution (M.D.R) degrees to professionals looking to incorporate legal education principles into their careers. It offers Juris Doctor degrees for foreign school lawyers wishing to become US licensed. In addition, this school is part of AALS, with access to an expansive library of legal books and journals.


Pepperdine students represent all walks of life. The law school strives to foster an inclusive environment, welcoming individuals of different faiths and backgrounds. Pepperdine offers a comprehensive selection of academic programs to support students in meeting their career goals; its faculty includes top lawyers and scholars dedicated to their teaching roles – the Princeton Review has listed Pepperdine professors among its best.

The school’s program is tailored to meet the demands of today’s legal world. The curriculum covers fundamental legal topics like constitutional law, contracts, criminal law, property torts, and civil procedure. Students must complete 88 hours of coursework over either three years or two years; either option provides students with an excellent legal education.

Pepperdine offers more than just a Juris Doctorate, in addition to providing an LL.M. and certificate programs in specialty areas of law. Pepperdine University boasts several distinguished ADR programs, including its nationally-ranked Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, which provides mediation and negotiation training; Geoffrey H. Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship and Law addresses legal issues that intersect with business; while Institute on Law, Religion, and Ethics addresses controversial subjects regarding religion within legal practice.

Pepperdine students can participate in many student organizations run primarily by student volunteers. Activities may include social gatherings, guest speakers, fundraising drives, and community service opportunities. Students who excel academically may be invited to join the Law Review journal, which publishes articles and book reviews on contemporary legal issues.

Pepperdine law school is home to the Prosser Inn of Phi Delta Phi, an international legal honor society, and several law clinics offering hands-on legal experience for real-world situations. Many graduates from Pepperdine have gone on to careers in government, the private sector, academia, or law – with immigration attorney Judy Wood (portrayed by Michelle Monaghan in Saint Judy) and prosecutor Edward Ulloa (working against online child sexual predators) being two notable alumni who went into government or academia after graduating from Pepperdine; amongst them are immigration attorney Judy Wood (portrayed by Michelle Monaghan); Edward Ulloa ( prosecutor working against child sexual predators online);


Pepperdine University’s LLM and MDR programs draw students from around the globe. Our LLM students hail from China, Korea, Russia, Greece, Turkey, and Syria – some have even received fellowships or scholarships from organizations like Fulbright, Muskie, and OAS! Their varied perspectives help create a thriving academic community where scholars learn together while expanding their horizons. Furthermore, Pepperdine offers career counseling services that assist students in finding employment or making connections.

Pepperdine Law graduates are well-equipped to find employment across many fields after graduation, with 87% finding jobs within ten months of graduation at an average annual salary of $83,500. Of those, 35% go into private practice, while others choose public service, government service, business, or non-profit management careers.

The school’s JD program features a comprehensive selection of upper-level courses in legal writing, evidence gathering, corporations, and property law. Students also complete a practicum or externship requirement to gain hands-on experience and prepare themselves for careers in these fields. Students also have five concentration options from which they may select one – further narrowing down their studies in particular areas of law.

Pepperdine offers law classes and world-class dispute resolution and international affairs programs renowned for preparing graduates for jobs across industries – U.S. News & World Report has recognized these programs among some of the best available nationwide.

Pepperdine University provides graduate programs at its picturesque Malibu campus. Thanks to Pepperdine’s strong alumni network in Southern California, graduates can quickly secure employment after graduation. Graduates can also take advantage of Los Angeles – an epicenter for entertainment and commerce – thanks to being close to law school and Los Angeles law schools. Furthermore, students may combine their law degree with another graduate program, such as MBA or MA Public Policy degree, for added flexibility – creating unique degrees such as JD/MBA or JD/Master’s in Public Policy degrees that few can rival in terms of scenic location and top academics anywhere else!

Life at Pepperdine

Pepperdine Law School is an inviting campus with numerous clubs and activities for students to get involved with. There are student groups focused on social activism, professional development, diversity and inclusion, and hosting events such as volunteer opportunities or sports and fitness activities. Furthermore, students have access to legal clinics and externship opportunities at Pepperdine.

Academic programming at the school emphasizes skill-based learning over traditional classroom teaching, reflected in its curriculum through practicums and externships that enable students to work on real legal problems for actual clients. Furthermore, specialization programs exist in tax law, dispute resolution, and international law.

Pepperdine law students can participate in various extracurricular activities, from student journals and moot court competitions to awards-winning faculty who excel in research-intensive scholarship, are available as advisors/mentors, and teach a range of courses covering everything from constitutional law to international relations. The school is known for its outstanding faculty. Specifically, its research faculty have won multiple accolades as experts renowned for their research endeavors and being available for advice/mentoring of students.

University facilities at this campus feature a 40,000-square-foot law library with ocean views and an innovative technology services suite boasting various legal databases, e-resources, primary source materials, and introductory law books. Furthermore, its International Law program stands out for its emphasis on globalization as an enabler of human rights advancement and economic expansion worldwide.

Pepperdine Law School boasts one of the top clinical education programs in the country, pairing students with practicing attorneys or judicial alumni during their first year and offering various externship and practicum opportunities within Los Angeles and abroad. International Law courses and externship opportunities are also provided at Pepperdine, along with an LL.M degree for non-attorneys, and one focused on dispute resolution for foreign-educated students. Pepperdine is well known for focusing on spiritual and personal formation through this program.