Practice Strategies and the Financial Crisis


Typically the Professional Development Group discusses the impact which the world financial disaster may have on how international law firms view the future of their organizations in Hong Kong and The far east. Why choose the best bail bonds in San Jose?

There can be little doubt that individuals are all living in very unsure times. Many commentators are usually of the view that the planet’s financial crisis will have a significant influence not only on the way banks, corporates, and service providers operate down the road but also on where geographically they will prioritize their organizations. The legal profession is not immune to such influence and this will have a direct effect on how firms develop their global strategies.

There is a credible debate to be put forward that economical influence and power around the world stage are moving and whilst there is probably not an actual decoupling of the PEOPLE from other major economies inside Europe and Asia, The far east is now a world superpower.

Besides strong economic fundamentals, it offers also less exposure to the problems which have brought the US economic climate to its knees. Acquiring completed the ’08 Olympics and significantly boosted its brand worldwide, Cina is seen by many as being the obvious place in which to look for investment advice for the future.

For law firms in the states and Europe, there are absolutely tough times ahead. Already we have seen layoffs in the united states and UK with a range of firms significantly revising all their budgets for 2009.

There’s also been a growing trend within some firms to move in underutilized partners from other home jurisdictions to locations in China. The fact that a new China strategy is progressively more important to many law firms is likewise reflected by the growing range of firms from the States in addition to elsewhere seeking to set up in Hk, China, or, in some cases, equal markets.

The Director connected with Professional Development Asia, an experienced professional legal consultancy that provides ideal advice and merger in addition to acquisition services to law offices seeking to enter the China sector, commented:

“We have were for several international firms who experience set up offices in Hk over the last year and are at this time advising a number of other potential entries to the market. Without difference all such clients look at establishment of offices with Hong Kong and the PRC for extremely important part of their foreign strategy.

In many cases the need to begin a presence here is led by means of their clients who are widening operations in this part of the universe and expect their law offices to be able to service them and incapacitated. For others it is the ability to supply niche practice area providers not previously available in the area markets. ”

For new entries to the Hong Kong market opportunities to springboard into the PRC is very important. No longer can firms move into Hong Kong without a plainly defined plan to cover The far east. Options include becoming licensed in the PRC or making a relationship with a local PRC law firm.

The latter alternative is becoming increasingly looked at simply by both firms entering the particular Hong Kong market for the first time through firms already established in this article who have identified the need to build their mainland network and also connections. Whilst formal groups between foreign firms and native PRC firms are not granted (with the exception regarding CEPA qualified firms) that can compare to prevent “best friend” associations from being formed. It is predicted that such relationships can be increasingly common as The far east attracts significantly more interest coming from foreign firms wishing to use the huge opportunities in The far east.

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