Pyramid Solitaire


Shuffle and deal cards into a seven-row card pyramid that overlaps to play pyramid solitaire. Then, set any remaining face-down cards aside as draw piles. What do you consider about Unblocked Games.

Click pairs of cards totaling 13 to clear them from the pyramid. Aces are worth one point, Jacks eleven, and Queens twelve; only Kings can be eliminated alone.


As with any solitaire game, pyramid solitaire requires specific rules and guidelines to play successfully. First and foremost, only exposed cards may be removed from the pyramid, such as any recently turned cards from your stockpile, fully exposed kings in the waste pile, and cards wholly exposed on the pyramid but unhampered by other cards.

Remember these rules to help your pyramid game go more smoothly: Aces, Jacks, and Queens all match with one another but do not match with Kings. Also, keep an eye out for blocks – some hands in the pyramid are unwinnable, so spotting these early can save time and frustration!

To eliminate a card from the pyramid, match it up with one from the waste pile that equals 13; alternatively, you may flip cards from your stock to the waste pile to pair them off and eliminate more cards until all pairs equal 13. Once this process has run its course, or you cannot stop more cards further, continue pairing cards until all 13-valued teams exist, or you can no longer do so.


There are various variations of pyramid solitaire. Most follow the basic rules found in traditional solitaire. At the same time, some add variations that make the game more challenging – for instance, placing additional cards face down beneath the pyramid as reserves or using draw piles instead of waste stacks as waste piles can add significantly to game complexity but provide more opportunities to pair cards and win!

To win this game, players must remove pairs of uncovered cards totaling thirteen from a pyramid that total 13. Each card has an assigned value: Aces are worth 1, jacks 11, queens 12, and kings 13, with Kings being removed directly to the foundation pile or when all 13 cards have been removed by pairings or discarding alone to the foundation pile. Two redeals may occur before all remaining cards form the stock and waste pile, either moved onto the foundation when exposed or put back into stock when no other pairings can be made between pairs. No more pairings can be made – making the game over either way!


Before beginning the game, shuffle the deck and deal cards one at a time to form the pyramid. Each successive row should overlap the previous one until all 28 cards have been dealt; any excess will create the draw pile on the table.

Play begins when players pair cards that add up to 13. Aces count as 1 point; Jacks 11; Queens 12; Kings are worth 13 each, and pairs can only be removed if they remain exposed (not covered by another card) within their pyramid or waste pile.

Players should ideally start by evenly eliminating pairs from the center and sides of their pyramid. This will make clearing its top easier later. Furthermore, any kings present should be stopped early to clear a path towards victory and achieve victory more swiftly.


Pyramid Solitaire differs from other card games by not considering suits when matching cards. Instead, players must pair the cards according to their ranks (Ace has 1 point, Jack 11 points, and Queen 12). Pairs must add up to 13. Also, exposed cards not covered by other cards may be matched; two whose ordinals total 13 can be sent together directly into the Foundation pile by dragging.

When matching cards, aim for an even pyramid structure; this will help eliminate rows of cards later. Furthermore, try not to pair any trapped cards on either side of the pyramid, waste piles, or temporary storage piles, as this will obstruct your path to victory. Finally, permanently remove Kings as soon as possible, as they may block potential routes to success and earn you 500 points as quickly. Furthermore, Kings have 13 values, making pairing them with other cards unnecessary.

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