Ruger PC Carbine Wooden Stock


Ruger’s latest pistol-caliber carbine is an outstanding performer. With its compact size ideal for police work and an innovative feature allowing it to break apart into two pieces for easy storage or transport, this rifle proves its mettle.

A recessed lever under the forearm makes disassembling and assembling your firearm easy, making magazine adapter swapping quick and painless.


The Ruger PC Carbine Wooden Stock is highly adjustable to meet any shooter’s individual needs, offering maximum customization to each user. Unlike some rifles that may be fixed at one length of pull, this rifle allows users to change it as desired – simply loosening screws on its receiver and sliding its recoil tube up or down allows for customization to both grip size and overall feel of the weapon, making carrying and shooting more comfortable.

It has been designed to accept both Ruger SR-series pistol magazines and standard Glock capacity magazines; additionally, an adapter for use with standard capacity magazines comes included with this carbine. Furthermore, a Picatinny rail mounted on its receiver provides access for attaching accessories; this rail features M-LOK accessory attachment slots on all four sides for quick attachment of additional gear.

This rifle boasts an integral optics rail, pistol grip, and 6-position collapsible stock with six-position adjustments for length of pull. Additionally, its 16″ fluted barrel made from chrome-moly steel features a protected wing front sight along with a ghost ring rearview and three-dot polymer foregrip adjustments for better ergonomics.

Ruger PC Carbines come equipped with a removable Magpul Backpacker Stock that’s similar to what comes standard on 10/22s; this stock was explicitly created for those who enjoy taking their rifle on hikes and other long trips without compromising shooting performance. Among its many features are target hammers and bolt hold-back levers reminiscent of 10/22 models.

Specter Gear’s Ruger PC Carbine Buttstock Magazine Pouch (BMP) was specially created for use with the PC Carbine and can hold two spare SR-series, American Pistol or Glock standard capacity pistol magazines in its offside buttstock pocket. Fully ambidextrous for left and right-handed shooters alike, it also comes equipped with an integral sling attachment point and comes in various color choices; you can order online or from your local sporting goods store.


The Ruger PC Carbine is a 9mm carbine that resembles an AR-15 rifle in terms of appearance. It comes equipped with an aluminum shroud handguard covering nearly the entirety of its barrel and an interchangeable pistol grip to match. Though heavier than some 9mm carbines, its dead blow action may help soften recoil.

Takedown feature. It features a takedown feature, which enables you to separate the barrel and receiver for storage or transportation purposes. This is an invaluable feature, especially for frequent travelers with guns. This process is straightforward: ensure the weapon is empty before depressing its takedown lever.

The PC Carbine receiver is constructed of aluminum and features a MIL-STD 1913 rail, which can be used to attach various scopes and optics. There are also accessory slots on its sides for extra accessories.

Another outstanding feature is its adjustable pistol grip, which can be moved from right to left for more comfortable fitting and is sturdy enough to withstand abuse. Furthermore, the PC Carbine boasts superb accuracy – an ideal option for target shooting enthusiasts!

If you wish to use a red dot sight, attach one to the forward Picatinny rail section on the barrel. Its easy installation or removal makes switching between pictures quick and effortless. Plus, its fluted structure reduces weight considerably.

Another great feature of the AR15 rifles is their magazine well modules. To do this, use the takedown system to separate receiver and stock, depress the mag release button on the mag catch section and depress the mag catch spring section on the mag release button on the mag catch and depress the mag release and small selection of the catch plate simultaneously – it takes only minutes! Moreover, you can move the mag release button around according to preference if desired.


Add a wooden stock to your Ruger PC Carbine for classic looks and enhanced handling and performance. These stocks are designed to bend with shock absorption to reduce recoil and muzzle rise, plus they are more comfortable to hold than synthetic stocks. What’s even better? Most wooden stocks can be customized and customized sanded or stained according to personal taste!

Ruger PC pistol-caliber carbines have proven highly popular with gun enthusiasts worldwide. Its Chassis model provides a fully modular 9mm carbine that is suitable for anything from competition shooting to home defense; plus, it features a takedown system enabling easy storage and transport.

This takedown system works by depressing a lever recessed under the forearm. As soon as depressed, the forearm and barrel twist apart to allow easy removal of the bolt. Once broken down, this rifle becomes compact enough to fit easily in a backpack or emergency bag – an attractive feature especially appealing to police officers who wish to use the gun in their patrol cars as backup.

The chassis stands out from its competition with its integrated Picatinny rail section that can be accessed without dismantling the receiver, making it easy to attach red dot sights quickly when engaging threats rapidly. Furthermore, its lower weight compared to an AR-15 makes carrying and controlling it more straightforward for law enforcement officers of more diminutive stature.

Though the Ruger PC Carbine offers many impressive features, proper maintenance and cleaning routines must be adhered to in order to keep it running optimally. This involves regularly checking its safety, locking/unlocking mechanism, trigger mechanism, and magazine well modules – replacing any that are worn if necessary – in order to keep it at peak condition.


The PC carbine is an affordable pistol-caliber carbine, especially when equipped with a custom wood stock. Fully modular, you can swap out stocks and pistol grips as well as mount attachments on its handguard. Plus, its quick takedown barrel assembly makes transport and storage effortless; additionally, it can serve as a home defense backup weapon.

Ruger’s first iteration of the PC Carbine featured a traditional appearance, a hunting-style one-piece polymer rifle stock, and iron sights mounted to its barrel. However, its second iteration featured more modern aesthetics: an aluminum shroud handguard that encloses almost the entirety of its barrel all the way to its muzzle and M-LOK attachment slots for vertical foregrips or bipods, in addition to featuring an independent pistol grip, which makes replacing with AR pattern grips much simpler.

The latest iteration is the Chassis model, which features a more tactical aesthetic and is designed for both recreational shooting and home defense purposes. With ambidextrous controls that make shooting easy either right- or left-handed and an included takedown block for more straightforward conversion from pistol to carbine mode, users can also convert their gun from AR-style pistol into carbine format using this takedown block. Furthermore, two storage locations exist a water-resistant grip and a cheek riser to store up to one pistol magazine.

The Backpacker Stock is an innovative solution for adding improved ergonomics and portability to the PC Carbine. Based on the X-22 Backpacker Stock for Ruger 10/22 rifles, it utilizes the same locking interface that securely joins both halves of the gun together for transport or storage purposes. Furthermore, a Picatinny rail attached directly to the receiver allows it to accommodate optics/optic mounts that extend up to 0.275 inches above top rail height.