Understanding the Market Value of a Marlin 336 Tactical Stock


As either a prospective buyer or seller of a Marlin 336 tactical stock, knowing its market value is crucial. Factors like condition, vintage, and additional accessories may impact its worth.

The stainless steel finish on a marlin 336 attracts buyers and sellers who prioritize durability and performance, unlike blued finishes, which require regular maintenance to remain looking their best and prevent corrosion.

Adjustable Grip

The adjustable grip on the Marlin 336 tactical stock improves its functionality and usability; it is made of sturdy materials with multiple colors to choose from and is compatible with numerous accessories that make this rifle suitable for hunting or target shooting. Installation of this grip is quick and simple – although please be aware it may not fit all models of the Marlin 336!

Marlin 336 rifles can be dramatically affected by their replacement stocks, with high-quality replacement stocks made of high-grade materials and manufactured by trusted vendors having an impactful effect on market value. High-grade reserves made with superior materials can elevate aesthetics and fit, increasing overall rifle value; subpar or poorly fitting replacement stocks may decrease it by detracting from aesthetics and functionality and decreasing value overall.

Stainless steel finishes are increasingly preferred on lever-action rifles due to their exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion, making them highly desirable among shooters and hunters who anticipate frequent exposure to moisture and harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, it is much simpler and faster to maintain than blued finishes.

A variation of the Marlin 336, the 336BL stands out with its large loop lever for improved maneuverability and use. This giant lever makes handling it while wearing gloves easier than before – something which makes this rifle an attractive option among lever-action enthusiasts and hunters looking for premium lever-action rifles.

Marlin’s Dark Series lever-action rifles boast a distinctive tactical aesthetic and black parkerized finish. While this may elicit disapproval from Marlin purists, offering shooters an appealing option that blends tradition with innovation.

Manuals included with a Marlin 336 can significantly increase its market value by providing essential information about firearm operation and safety procedures, gun maintenance practices, and care, and owners may learn valuable tips about taking proper care in maintaining and caring for their rifles. Though the inclusion of manuals does not affect functionality or shooting performance, they can add considerable resale value for those who value complete packages as much.

Tactical Handguard

Even though they feature an old design, Marlin 336 and Model 60 lever-action deer rifles remain highly popular today. While the 336 can accommodate various calibers, only rimfire versions of both are currently available. Both come equipped with quality stocks – one featuring a flat bottom to aid stability when shooting from rest while its grip features deep finger grooves to fit most hand sizes – as well as bead front sights with adjustable rear sights for an accurate sight picture.

One of the critical trends in lever action hunting guns today is making them more tactical. A number of companies have produced such firearms, and this trend continues to gain ground as new generations discover them. This bodes well both for industry players and hunters.

Ranger Point Precision (RPP) has developed several products to make accessorizing older lever-action guns easier, including their M-LOK handguard designed specifically for Marlin 336 Compact and Youth 16” barreled models – with room to attach QD sling attachments, muzzle devices, and Hoptic ammo quivers.

The RPP handguard is constructed of 6061 solid billet aluminum and finished with black Type III hard coat anodization for ultimate corrosion resistance. Featuring five M-LOK mounting options – panels on either side as well as on its bottom – five M-LOK mounts can be found to secure it securely onto its frame; unfortunately, however, this handguard won’t fit onto Marlins with wooden handguards that utilize caps instead of barrel bands.

Midwest Industries (MWI) has long been producing tactical-ready lever guns. Their M-LOK handguard offers ample rail space for attaching accessories to Henry or Marlin 1894/1895/336 series rifles; models with handguard caps feature this handguard; it even comes equipped with four MLOK accessory mounting slots to attach lights or lasers!

This handguard is lightweight and straightforward to install, featuring a forward-mounted sling swivel stud to accommodate conventional hunting slings. Made in the United States with aluminum alloy construction and black finish.

Tactical Sling

The 336 Dark Series lever action rifle is an ideal lever action rifle for deer hunting, being quick to shoulder, intuitive in its point, and surprisingly accurate compared to most lever actions. Furthermore, these new rifles come threaded for suppressor or muzzle brake attachment and feature cross-bolt safety, sling studs, and an extended hammer extension in the stock design.

The stock is designed to accommodate scopes up to 3x magnification and features an adjustable cheekpiece and butt pad, along with an ambidextrous butt pad for comfortable shooting. In addition, there’s a Picatinny rail on which additional accessories can be attached. Finally, its durable nylon mesh webbing sling can fit multiple rifle models, featuring lightweight mounting capability that can either connect directly to the buttstock or left on its own; adjustable tabs make adjustments easy, while an integrated account for pad attachment lets you position precisely where you need it – set it up exactly how you want it!

Marlin 336 tactical stocks feature an exceptional sling for their rifles – one that meets these criteria and more. Lightweight yet sleek in appearance, its adjustable system gives plenty of adjustability, while basket weaves, stamps, or initials can also be added for customization if desired. You can find one online retailer selling them affordably enough that it could make your next hunt that much better!

Arbor Arms also offers the Dual Adjust Weapon Sling as an outstanding solution. This sling features both quick-adjust front grabs and precision versions with pads for precise slinging positions. Available in various colors, this installation-friendly sling features an abrasion-resistant nylon strap equipped with quick-release buckles on its side to allow quick reloads.

Interested in lever guns? The Marlin 336 tactical stock is an ideal addition to your next hunting trip. Crafted from CNC-machined billet aluminum and featuring an ambidextrous pistol grip with a cheek riser. Adjustable in height, this versatile option works with most Marlin rimfire and centerfire lever-gun models, making it suitable for shooting both small game creatures as well as predator control purposes.


Marlin 336 tactical stocks are lightweight options designed to complement your hunting gear. Crafted from fiberglass for durability, they feature an adjustable buttplate for customizing fit as well as an ergonomic design that makes using it comfortable in hand. There are stylish options available in different colors to complement your wardrobe.

Marlin 336s with camouflage finishes are popular choices among hunters who prioritize stealth and blending into their surroundings. This finish helps conceal your profile, making the game more accessible to spot in dense vegetation or brush, while camo patterns offer versatile customization depending on where your hunts take place.

Stainless steel is widely revered for its resilience against corrosion, making it the ideal material for outdoor enthusiasts who expect exposure to harsh conditions and moisture. A Marlin 336 with a stainless steel finish has a sleek, modern appearance and requires less maintenance compared to blued finishes – making this rifle popular with shooters and hunters who prioritize long-term gun ownership.

A Marlin 336 in Fair Condition exhibits significant signs of wear, such as substantial finish wear on metal components like the barrel and receiver, as well as scratches, dings, and handling marks on its surfaces. All mechanical parts remain functional, though, and its bore is still serviceable, making this model suitable for shooters who prioritize affordability over aesthetics when searching for helpful lever-action rifles.

Wood-stocked models available today are made of Scandinavian birch laminates from CWP and feature fully machined adjuster mechanisms with nylon bushings for silky smooth and precise adjustments without using tools. Available in multiple styles and color choices, they’re compatible with most Marlin lever-action rifles.

Marlin 336 rifles can make an invaluable addition to your hunting or target shooting equipment. A sling swivel allows for convenient mounting on either the back or side and provides more control when cycling the lever. Sling length options vary; mount them either to the forearm or cheekpiece for use when hunting/target shooting or select tactical versions that make carrying easier during hunting/target shooting sessions.