Shift Forex App Review


The Shift is an educational app that provides daily market news. However, the information provided by the app is not meant to serve as financial advice. Instead, it’s intended as general market commentary. The Shift app is designed to educate users about fx markets, not give them specific financial advice.

The Shift is a free forex app

Using Shift is a great way to learn more about the fx market. It features training videos and provides daily market news. The app also lets you set alerts for essential market changes. You can also monitor your account from any location. But it’s important to note that Shift is not a financial advisor.

It is a full-stack brokerage platform.

Whether an experienced trader or a beginner, you’ll find the Shift forex app an invaluable resource. This app offers a comprehensive suite of features that let you access the newest asset classes worldwide. In addition to offering real-time forex data, the Shift forex app provides educational content on the currency markets. It also offers daily market news. Users are cautioned to note that the information provided by the Shift app is a general market commentary, not financial advice.

It is a dangerous broker.

If you want to invest in forex, the Shift forex app might be what you need. This software will record the pips you win and lose monthly. The software is unique and only available for a limited time. However, it would help if you did not trust it because it is an unregulated broker and may not be worth your money. Furthermore, the broker will not provide you with vital information, like the regulatory body’s name and the license number.