Show Your Dog’s Holiday Spirit With a Christmas Dog Harness


Show off your pup’s holiday cheer with a festive Christmas dog harness! Unlike collars, these harnesses won’t put pressure on their neck or throats, making them safe for car rides and winter walks. Select the designer dog harness and leash set.

This festive neoprene harness features an adjustable neck and chest strap with a D-ring leash attachment at both ends and an open D-ring leash attachment at both the back and front for attaching tags or charms.

Reindeer Harness

Reindeer harnesses are an adorable way to show your pup’s holiday spirit! Available in various styles and designs, these lovely harnesses will pair perfectly with their festive Christmas bandanas, collars, sweaters, or other holiday accessories you have. Furthermore, these versatile pieces pair beautifully with all kinds of winter toys your pup likes playing with!

PoyPet’s Hello Rudolf reindeer dog harness is an elegant and comfortable holiday-inspired option perfect for Christmas! This harness features a front lead clip to reduce pulling and a D-ring leash attachment that gives you complete control of your pup. Crafted with high-quality fabric adorned with gold jingle bells, this easy-to-put-on harness features top handles designed for quick grabbing and control and boasts over 23,300 five-star reviews on Amazon from satisfied pet parents!

Reindeer are well-known for their speed and power, so this adorable red-and-gold reindeer dog harness is a lovely way for your pet to show their lively spirit! Adjustable to fit a range of chest sizes for optimal fitting.

Frisco’s festive Christmas harness is another fantastic option to help your pup show their holiday spirit. Crafted to resemble a reindeer, this harness has antlers attached for that authentic reindeer feel! Easy to put on and fits various neck and chest sizes for optimal results—your pup is guaranteed an ideal fit this Christmas!

Plaid Harness

Red tartan plaid fabric adds holiday cheer to this comfortable dog harness! Perfect for dogs and cats up to 40 lbs, this harness features a padded chest plate for extra comfort, with a strong buckle that prevents choking. Additionally, an attached leash and collar give added control.

If you’re searching for the ideal holiday harness to pair with traditional collars and leash sets, this one might just be what you need! It features an eye-catching plaid design in complementary colors and comes in small, medium, and large; plus, its reinforced stitching provides additional strength.

This plaid step-in harness is an excellent solution for dogs that do not like wearing collars. Instead of relying on traditional front-clip buckles, this harness features a heavy-duty touch fastener to secure around their neck and back. Have your pup step his front legs into it before wrapping the harness around their body before attaching a leash using its leash ring on the back!

To ensure the safety and comfort of your pet, take measurements of their neck and chest before selecting the best size. Too loose will let your pet slip out; too tight could become uncomfortable or cause chafing. When measuring their neck size, wrap the tape around their lower neck – not the collar area – and measure their circumference at the widest part behind their front legs – for more information on measuring a harness, click here.

Santa Harness

If your pup enjoys wearing festive attire like Santa hats, collars, or bandanas during the holidays, a Christmas-themed harness may be just what they need to look their best! These harnesses sit away from any pressure points on a dog’s shoulders, so they can move freely without exerting too much strain on the neck or back muscles.

This red and white Santa-themed harness looks just like Santa’s coat, with an adorable white fur trim on the chest and top handle to reduce leash pulling. Pet parents love this durable yet functional harness from PoyPet; 23,300 have given five-star ratings! Plus, it comes in multiple sizes for small breeds.

Blueberry Pet offers a more subtle Santa-themed harness, complete with Santa and his reindeer and red holly leaves on its reverse side. Additionally, this harness has two adjustable neck and chest straps to ensure a perfect fit and both back D-rings for leash attachment and one front D-ring to attach tags or charms.

Horze offers a realistic Santa-themed harness of soft white faux fur and an easy clasp closure. Its adjustment points make finding the appropriate size much more straightforward: measure your dog’s chest’s widest point (usually in front of their front legs). Although finding the ideal fit with this style might take more work, the added adjustment points simplify fitting it to your pup!

Christmas Tree Harness

As you prepare to enjoy festive festivities this holiday season—eggnog, caroling, and decorating the tree—outfit your pup in an attractive Christmas-themed harness. These harnesses match other festive accessories, including bandanas, collars, and sweaters, with lifetime guarantees; they’re guaranteed to stand up to all their wear and tear.

Christmas dog harnesses come in various styles, from reindeer and candy cane prints to stately plaid patterns. Many designs include front point leash attachment to minimize pulling; others feature back point attachment for use with dog seat belts – both are great features to help ensure your pup’s safety during car trips!

Lionet Paws offers this reversible Christmas tree-print harness with a matching bow tie. Additionally, there’s Coco & Pud’s Home for Christmas dog harness, which features an adorable country barn scene full of presents – not too wrong either!

Blue Christmas dog harnesses are an elegant choice for any pooch looking to look their best in the snow this season. This Blueberry Pet reversible Christmas harness features adorable snowmen prints on its front side and holly leaf patterns on its back, and three adjustable points provide perfect fitting. Its reinforced construction makes this ideal for dogs prone to tracheal collapse, such as Yorkies and Chihuahuas; an added reflective strip makes it easier to spot in low-light environments!

Gingerbread Man Harness

Gingerbread man harnesses are an excellent way for dog owners to add holiday spirit and fun to everyday walks with their pups. Compatible with any collar or leash and featuring festive prints that look perfect during festive outings, these harnesses make an excellent way to bring festive joy.

Harnesses can also be ideal for dogs that like playing with holiday-themed toys, such as gingerbread men. Such toys provide longer play sessions by engaging dogs to find hidden treats within them, encouraging longer sessions.

These toys may even come equipped with squeakers to add extra fun and excitement during playtime for dogs. Furthermore, these toys can be props in holiday photo sessions with pets, making this an invaluable way to capture memories from family and friends during this festive time of year!

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