Siemens CT Scanners


The Siemens Emotion, Sensation, and Definition series CT scanners are popular models offering outstanding features at an economical price point. There are a few critical distinctions among them. Obtain the Best information about نماینده زیمنس در یران.

Siemens Healthineers initiated the development of its Somatom go line by soliciting feedback from customers, who identified common pain points such as reimbursement cuts and staff shortages.

High resolution

Siemens CT Scanners boast an exceptionally high resolution that allows for precise, detailed views of patients. This also helps doctors make accurate diagnoses; for instance, their Definition series scanner can display bone marrow details to assist cancer treatment as well as high-resolution images used during CT-guided interventions.

Siemens Definition Flash CT system features two 128-slice detectors for fast imaging with excellent image quality and 0.28 second rotation time, using TwinBeam Energy technology to reduce radiation dose without compromising scan speed or resolution. Suitable for CT-guided interventional procedures as it allows surgeons to pinpoint target areas before inserting needles.

The Somatom X.cite is a single-source CT scanner with an 82 cm bore, designed for user-friendliness and easy operation. Featuring a tablet user interface as well as advanced iterative reconstruction methods such as SAFIRE and ADMIRE, which have the potential to reduce patient dose by 45 percent, respectively.

Intelligent automation designed to maximize efficiency and workflows is at the core of this system. MyExam Companion guides users through diagnostic procedures, while myNeedle Companion facilitates targeted needle path planning and laser-guided insertion across multiple modalities. Ideal for emergency imaging, cardiac CT, spectral imaging, and minimally invasive interventions, thanks to its new hardware/software combination that simplifies intervention processes, this system also supports minimally invasive interventions with confidence.

Dose efficiency

Radiologists’ goal when interpreting CT images is to attain high-quality images with minimum radiation dose exposure. Siemens scanners feature advanced radiation minimization technology that reduces patient exposure; for instance, their Definition Flash scanner boasts one 128-slice tube with 0.28 second rotation time for high-speed scanning; this ensures exams can be completed quickly and without excessive radiation exposure.

Siemens DSCT system utilizes a dynamic collimator to protect overlying areas that are unnecessary for image reconstruction, providing additional radiation shielding for higher pitch, high-speed scan modes. In fact, its second-generation dynamic collimator was proven effective at blocking 50% or more overhanging doses than industry norms, making this device even better capable of shielding vital organs during fast CT scans.

Siemens scanners feature an array of iterative reconstruction algorithms designed to enhance image quality while significantly decreasing radiation dose. Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction (SAFIRE), for instance, can cut radiation dose by 60 percent while improving image quality. Furthermore, CARE Dose4D automatically adjusts tube current depending on patient anatomy and imaging type – when combined with CARE kV and ADMIRE; this ensures that patients receive the appropriate dose.

Patient comfort

With the Siemens Somatom Spirit CT scanner, radiologists can conduct regular CT exams more efficiently while maintaining optimal patient comfort. It uses an easy user interface and intelligent automation to reduce manual tasks wherever possible and free up more time for interpretation than prepping scans; additionally, its advanced iterative reconstruction techniques, such as Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction (SAFIRE), improve reconstruction speed while helping lower radiation dose requirements for each exam.

Somatom’s Emotion series of CT scanners are among the world’s best-selling models, and for good reason. Boasting exceptional image quality and versatility while taking up only 18 square meters of floor space, its upgradeability and expandability make it an excellent investment for clinics that anticipate growth but may lack the budget to acquire higher-end systems right away.

Siemens Healthineers recently unveiled the Somatom X.cite single-source CT scanner that was approved by the FDA, along with myExam Companion user guidance system. Powered by the StellarInfinity detector system and Vectron X-ray tube for better-personalised imaging, Somatom X.cite is capable of producing diagnostic images at lower exposure than its dual-source CT market leader – Somatom Force dual-source CT.


The Siemens definition series is tailored to adapt to virtually every patient and clinical question. Offering a broad selection of applications that can be field upgraded according to your institution’s changing needs, as well as tight space constraints. Furthermore, its flexible gantry design can be cooled either via air or water, and it features the CARE Dose4D software to ensure low doses as well as an Adaptive Dose Shield to protect pre and post-spiral scans from radiation damage.

Depending upon your application, there are various kV settings and reconstruction algorithms you can choose from to customize your CT scan for its specific task at hand. Furthermore, using an appropriate reconstruction algorithm can speed up scan time while decreasing the dose.

Somatom’s Definition AS CT scanner is an adaptable CT device capable of accommodating patients of various sizes, with an impressively high patient weight limit and upgrade options for 64 or 128-slice configurations. Furthermore, its highly efficient imaging platform delivers quality images at minimal radiation exposure – making this an excellent choice for hospitals seeking to update existing CT systems.

Siemens Healthineers recently announced that the US FDA had granted clearance to their premium single-source CT scanner, the Somatom X.cite. This system features a Stellar Infinity detector and Vectron X-ray tube, which improve imaging fidelity while decreasing dose. MyExam Companion automates exam planning.

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