Sole SB700 Review


Whether you’re a beginner looking to build your strength or a more advanced cyclist, the Sole SB700 is a great exercise bike to add to your home. It’s comfortable, affordable, and designed to provide you with a great workout.

The resistance knob also functions as an emergency brake

Unlike a magnetic or belt drive resistance system, the Resistance Knob on the Sole SB700 provides a smoother ride and provides more resistance for more muscle groups. Using a micro-adjustable knob allows you to adjust your resistance from the minimum to the maximum with ease.

The Resistance Knob isn’t as quiet as a magnetic resistance bike, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a challenging workout. It also comes with a sweat protection cover to keep you cool during a vigorous ride.

The LCD isn’t the largest on the market, but it’s large enough to see. The display also provides a nice readout of your speed, RPM, and other metrics.

The resistance knob on the Sole SB700 is also one of the smallest. The knob can be turned counterclockwise to expose the fastener. The knob is attached to a steel resistance shaft. The assembly is relatively easy to put together.

The resistance knob also serves as an emergency brake on the SB700, so be sure to get it set up correctly. If you are upgrading from a previous model, you may need a quick refresher course.

The seat is cushioned and comfortable

Whether you are an avid spinner or you are just looking to get into the sport, Sole SB700 is a great bike to start with. The bike is affordable, has a quality frame, and is durable enough to stand up to a few years of use.

The seat is soft and comfortable, with a generous amount of gel padding to offer relief from pressure on the sit bones. The seat can also be easily adjusted forward and aft, which allows riders of all sizes to use it.

The SB700 also has a console that is located on the handlebars and provides information about time, speed, distance, and calories burned. It also allows users to track their heart rate by using the wireless chest strap.

Although the console doesn’t have backlighting, the LCD screen is big enough to see. It also features a LED-illuminating feature, so you can get a readout of your ride metrics.

Sole SB700 has a comfortable seat that is adjustable for forward and aft movement. It is cushioned and designed to support the most sensitive dieters.

LCD monitor does not track watts

Whether you’re into indoor cycling or not, the Sole SB700 has some good features and an impressive warranty. It’s also well-engineered and well-built. It’s got a hefty 48lb chrome plated flywheel and Kevlar braking design. It also has a nice array of adjustable handlebars and a comfortable seat. It’s not quite as high-tech as its bigger brothers, but it’s not short on the gizmo.

There are also several other features on the Sole SB700 that make it stand out from the pack. For example, there’s a cadence reading monitor, dual water bottle holders, and a breathable adjustable seat. The best part is that it’s not too hard to get it set up. It does take two people to assemble it, though.

The Sole SB700 is a good value for the money. It’s got a solid frame, and it can accommodate users up to 300 pounds. It also has a good warranty, which is more impressive considering its price.

Works with Zwift

Whether you are looking for a good exercise bike for home or light commercial use, the Sole SB700 is a good choice. It has a heavy-duty steel frame, adjustable handlebars, and a pedal with toothed edges and toes cages. It also has a backlit LCD that shows time, distance, RPM, calories burned, and speed. It is also compatible with popular apps.

The Sole SB700 exercise bike is a good value for the price. You can buy it in two versions, the SB700 and the SB900. Both feature pedals with toe straps, which can be swapped for clipless pedals. They are also vertically adjustable. They have a 48-pound chrome-plated flywheel that ensures a smooth ride at high speeds.

Sole bikes are built to last. This model comes with a lifetime frame warranty. You can also adjust the seat forward or aft. Sole is a well-known fitness equipment manufacturer with several consumer reviews of its equipment.

Sole SB700 bikes are designed for riders of all sizes. The pedals have toe straps that can be removed, which helps prevent injury. They also have a standard-size thread on the crank arm.