Spot Pet Insurance Reviews


In this Spot Pet Insurance Review, we’ll look at the features and benefits of this company’s policy. It covers accidents and illnesses, provides two preventative care plans, and offers discounts. We’ll also look at how easy it is to make a claim and whether or not its 30-day money-back guarantee is worth the risk.

Spot Pet Insurance offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

If unsatisfied with Spot’s service or product, you can get a full refund within 30 days. You can also get a 10% employee discount and a multi-pet discount, which amounts to a 20% discount on the monthly premium. Spot sells insurance policies across the U.S., but the specifics of the policy may differ from state to state.

The price for a single policy varies depending on the breed and age of your pet. An optional preventative care policy is available, which provides your pet with deworming, wellness exams, and dental cleaning. In addition to these benefits, Spot offers a 10% discount for additional pets. And, unlike many pet insurance plans, there is no maximum age limit.

It covers accidents and illnesses.

Spot Pet Insurance covers accidents and illnesses and allows you to submit claims online or through their mobile app. Once a claim has been filed, Spot will send you a check or direct deposit. You can cancel your policy at any time. The company is also flexible with the amount of coverage you need.

You can choose between basic or comprehensive coverage. Each plan has different deductibles. The deductible amount will depend on your dog’s age, breed, and location. Spot also offers optional preventive care. For example, it covers deworming, dental cleaning, and wellness exams. Spot also offers a discount if you have more than one pet. You can also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your coverage.

Spot offers two types of pet insurance plans. The Accidents and Illness plan covers medical expenses, including hospitalization and surgeries. It also covers prescription medications and vet-supplied medications. You can also get your pet microchipped through Spot. The Accidents and Illness plan also covers veterinary fees and medical supplies. Accident-only plans, on the other hand, only cover unexpected injuries and don’t cover illnesses.

It has two preventative care plans.

Preventative care is essential to your pet’s health, and Spot offers two preventative care plans. Each plan reimburses you up to a certain amount for specific preventative procedures. However, some preventative care procedures are not covered by either plan. For example, the gold preventative care plan will only reimburse you up to $250 per year for dental cleanings, vaccines, and heartworm tests. The platinum plan, however, reimburses you up to $450 per year for specific preventative care procedures, including spaying or neutering. In addition, the platinum plan also reimburses specific screening tests and medical procedures, such as MRIs and x-rays.

There are some limitations on preventative care coverage, like coverage for preexisting conditions. Preventative care coverage will not cover preventative care for a pet that has experienced a prior health condition. However, the preventative care plan will cover costs incurred by the insured pet for an annual exam, vaccinations, dental cleaning, or other preventative care. As a bonus, the plan offers a $25 Amazon gift card for enrolling multiple pets. The spot is also financially stable, and claims payments are promptly handled. It is backed by United States Fire Insurance Company, with an A (Excellent) rating from AM Best.

It offers discounts

When you purchase pet insurance from Spot, you can save money by using one of their many discount coupons. These discounts are valid for both dog and cat insurance. You can use the discount at checkout or on the company’s custom page. You can also submit your claims using your member account.

For instance, Spot offers a multi-pet discount of 10%. This discount is higher than the average for pet insurance providers. It also offers a $25 Amazon gift card for new policyholders.

It doesn’t cover preexisting conditions.

Spot Pet Insurance doesn’t cover preexisting conditions, so you can’t expect Spot to pay for any pre-existing ppreexistingtain diseases, such as dental, hip dysplasia, and heart disease, which are excluded from coverage. It also doesn’t cover certain hereditary diseases. Other exclusions include respiratory infections, diabetes, and ligament or knee problems.

Pre-existing conditions are coPreexistingly acute illnesses, not preventative care. In addition, preventative care is covered only after a waiting period of fifteen days. You can also purchase additional coverage for preventative care, but this plan only covers illnesses or injuries before your pet’s enrollment date.