Stockli Stormrider 95 Revealed For 2022


After being Stockli’s go-to ski for advanced and expert skiers who enjoy both groomers and off-piste terrain, the Stormrider 95 received some upgrades for 2022. Now, it feels more surgical when linking turns on groomers while cutting effortlessly through crud.

Powder Rocker technology, TiTec technology, and direct Titanal top sheet combine to make this ski an expert performer on challenging terrain and in changing conditions.


Stockli’s 2023 Stormrider 95 epitomizes what it means to be an outstanding all-mountain ski. Not too demanding on groomed slopes, yet quickly carving through fresh powder and zipping through crud.

Skiers of varying experience levels find the 2024 version an excellent ski, thanks to its stable feel and easy-turn shape that provides confidence under variable conditions. A few grams have been trimmed off from its previous edition while its mount point has been moved forward to add freeride flavor, but the overall design remains nearly the same.

The main difference in construction between traditional and new shovels lies in their lighter and stiffer structure, which enhances responsiveness at higher speeds and improves handling in mixed snow conditions. Still features an exceedingly soft core composed of balsa and fuma as well as two full sheets of titanal (one of which serves as the top sheet), poly wall construction, and an ultralight brushed titanium finish that’s more durable than conventional finishes.

This year’s Stormrider 95 feels surgical when linking carves, thanks to a slightly shorter turn radius produced by its tweaked shape and an array of factors such as thinner spruce layers in its core, Stockli’s Magic Dust coating – an innovative rubber-based composite designed to reduce vibrations – and two sheet construction with one metal sheet serving both top sheet and binding interface simultaneously. As such, only a few other all-mountain skis can match its smooth ride across corduroy to tenth run chop – something few all-mountain models can match.

The Stormrider is an impressive ski for skiers of various abilities due to its flexibility and overall quality construction, making it a versatile all-mountain option at an excellent value. While you might find something with more playful features when skiing on soft snow than an all-mountain model would, its impressive versatility will likely satisfy most types of skiers – plus, at such an incredible value, it makes it hard to imagine finding anything better at this price point!


The Stockli Stormrider 95 is an all-mountain ski designed to offer advanced and expert skiers the ideal combination of powder hounding and piste-slaying capabilities, making it perfect for versatile terrain like groomers, off-piste skiing and racing at speed no matter the conditions on the ground. It is ideal for advanced and expert skiers who divide their time between groomers and off-piste terrain as they maintain speed no matter the conditions present!

A full 95mm underfoot provides ample float on fresh snow, while its Polywall sidewalls and TiTec technology add stability for carving on hardpack with optimal impact resistance and dampening properties. Furthermore, both tip and tail rocker make this ski playful yet responsive in powder terrain to deliver an unforgettable powder experience every run-through.

Groomer performance isn’t compromised with the Stormrider 95; it boasts plenty of power and edge grip to meet even the most challenging groomers’ demands. Furthermore, its 2024 model comes equipped with a new shape and taper that makes its grip less hooky in soft snow conditions compared to previous versions and more accessible for skiers who favor freeride-style skiing.

These tweaks have enhanced the ski’s performance on groomers as well, making it feel more surgical when connecting carves than before. That is partly a function of its revised shape but also the new design: tips and tails feel lighter while still offering enough stiffness to maintain an edge in challenging snow conditions.

The Stormrider 95 does struggle in soft snow conditions. Although its float may not match other skis in its category, it still provides ample flotation for most situations and has plenty of edge grip to manage firm conditions and chop. Furthermore, its binding position has been adjusted forward 1cm for easier access for skiers who like being more engaged on the front end of their skis.


No matter if it’s carving on groomers or plowing through fresh powder, this ski can handle whatever comes its way. Thanks to Polywall, which has excellent impact resistance, and Titanal Tech Pro, which adds a carbon layer between its core and brushed titanium top sheet for robust stability and intuitive ride quality, this is one ski you can count on throughout all of your adventures.

If you possess the technique, this ski is designed for you. Ideal for advanced to expert skiers who are comfortable transitioning between groomers and off-piste terrain with ease and looking to increase their speed regardless of terrain or snow conditions – there is nothing that stands in your way when using this ski! Push yourself further with it as well and achieve things you never thought were possible before!

Stockli Stormrider 95 receives some upgrades for 2022 without losing its essence or character. A lighter core lowers swing weight and allows for quicker turns, and moving of its mount point provides a more progressive feel, making it easier to release oneself if desired.

The light core offers the best of both worlds, using fuma and balsa woods in combination to reduce weight while maintaining dynamic response and durability. When coupled with a modified rockered shovel, traditional camber underfoot, and two or three full sheets of titanal, all backed up by carbon top sheet, this ski becomes truly versatile, stable, and robust.

Tip and tail rocker designs have also been revised to increase float in deeper snow while providing more maneuverability on groomers, with Freeride Tip Tech increasing stability and edge grip on the hard pack. As a result, this ski is equally at home carving firm runs and in deep powder; it can handle anything from the first run corduroy to the tenth run chop with ease.


No matter if your goal is floating through fresh powder or carving groomers, this ski is designed to meet all of your needs. Stable yet maneuverable with its integrated poly wall that ensures maximum impact resistance, this ski will give you endless fun in the snow. It is genuinely limitless fun in the snow!

These skis are suitable for intermediate and advanced skiers alike and also make an excellent first choice for novice skiers who are seeking an all-terrain performance ski. One such versatile option is the Stockli Stormrider 95; anyone who likes both piste and powder skiing will find this ski ideal.

This lightweight freeride ski offers excellent floatation in fresh snow and an incredible edge hold on hard-packed terrain. A combination of the light wood core material with two sheets of Titanal under the top sheet reduces swing weight for precise carving in all conditions, while an innovative Freeride tip design keeps you in control in challenging terrain or variable snow conditions.

Stockli has recently made some tweaks to this ski yet still maintains the same outstanding performance and versatility. While its solid metal edge may be narrower than before, its smooth and consistent feel remains similar. A lighter core helps reduce swing weight even further for increased responsiveness, and binding points have been moved forward slightly for a more effortless release experience.

The new rocker design provides a softer, more playful ride while being easy to turn and maneuver. Furthermore, this ski is very durable, lasting through multiple seasons without showing signs of wear and tear.

This ski is great for powder days but may not be suitable for deep back bowls or steep terrain. For an all-mountain premium option, consider the Armada ARV 94, Salomon QST 98, or FIS 92, which provide comparable performance but offer more aggressive flex and taper.