The Stockli Stormrider 88 Ski


The Stockli Stormrider 88 is an all-terrain ski designed to tackle all terrain and snow conditions, featuring integrated TITEC double titanal and polywall systems for stability regardless of weather and an enhanced classic camber profile explicitly intended to be performed on groomers or hardpack.

Stockli has made some subtle refinements to their Stormrider line this season, which keeps its feel while pushing for a more powerful groomer skiing experience.

All-mountain ski

All-mountain skis are great all-terrain skis that excel in most conditions – including off-piste. Their design accommodates packed snow while offering good edge grip in powder conditions; however, no all-mountain model can meet every situation, so finding one tailored to your skiing style and environment may be best. To find your ideal pair, it is wise to establish which terrain and conditions you enjoy skiing best and then seek out one with superior performance characteristics for that terrain and situation.

The Stockli Stormrider 88 is an outstanding example of this principle, boasting narrower dimensions than other all-mountain skis in its category while still packing plenty of power and stability for advanced intermediate skiers who seek versatile terrain gliding capability on groomed terrain. The 2021 Stormrider 88 can do everything from zipper line bumps to boilerplate carving.

Comparing it to previous models, the Stormrider 88 boasts improved performance. Now lighter and stiffer than its predecessors, making carving easier, and its new shovel construction provides faster turn initiation and superior flotation in deep snow conditions. Overall, it makes an excellent choice for expert and advanced intermediate skiers; however, beginners should avoid this model.

This ski is built for versatility with plenty of camber that offers solid and dynamic responses across a variety of terrain. Perfect for both powder and hardpack, yet especially impressive on bumps and trees. While lightweight, its stability enables confident carving in all conditions.

Though this ski boasts one of the highest camber profiles on the market, it remains easy to ski on groomed terrain. It features a wide shovel and a relatively stiff tail for solid edge grip in fresh powder; moguls and variable terrain can also be handled efficiently. Unfortunately, due to its large footprint, it can be challenging to turn tight turns with ease – however, this issue can easily be rectified by adding weight behind each ski.

Off-piste ski

No experience beats the thrill of skiing through fresh powder on the back of a mountain, which leaves every run genuinely unique and will remain in our memories for years to come. But off-piste skiing poses some special risks and challenges; sudden weather changes may present themselves and require being mindful before engaging in this form of skiing. Luckily, there are some tricks and tips available to keep you safe when off-piste skiing.

An ideal off-piste ski requires agility and maneuverability to handle various terrain conditions. Furthermore, it should have the capability of carving on piste while maintaining speed and precision as well as managing rocks or trees without difficulty – these criteria make the Ideal Off Piste Ski an excellent option for advanced skiers who wish to explore the backcountry.

The Stockli Stormrider 88 is the narrowest ski in the All-Mountain/Freeride category and offers an aggressive all-mountain feel, providing effortless power and stability. It features a lightweight construction with a light wood core to maintain responsiveness. Furthermore, a new Polywal sidewall reduces impact vibration while increasing the strength of this ski.

Expert skiers who wish to develop their mogul skills should consider this ski. Its versatility allows it to be used by experienced fall-line hawks or intermediates eager to advance their bump game, thanks to its directional shape and two sheets of metal which provide plenty of stability during bumpy terrain, and the tip-to-tail rocker that helps it glide effortlessly across variable snow surfaces.

The 88 mm width makes this ski ideal for skiing powder, crud, and chopped-up snow conditions, as well as big mountain terrain when new snow has begun to accumulate. As a freeride model with elite construction and powder rocker technology, it provides maximum floatation in powder while remaining stable at high speeds with the bonus of easy carve carving on the piste.

Freeride ski

Freeride skis are designed for skiing in all weather conditions and terrain types, offering you the freedom to explore every corner. Their rocker/float technology can plow through fresh powder or choppily packed snow, while their flex enables them to carve on slopes and carve through fresh powder with ease. Their long camber section also helps provide stability and grip under challenging conditions; consider Stockli Stormrider 88 as one such capable choice!

Stockli’s Stormrider series comprises eight ski models designed to conquer any terrain. While each ski model boasts unique characteristics, they all share similar design principles: polywall sidewalls increase durability and cushioning, unique woods like balsa or fuma provide strength, and lightweight construction ensures agility in all conditions.

The Stormrider 88 is a fantastic choice for freeride skiers who enjoy carving groomers. At 88 mm underfoot length, its versatile construction can handle various terrains and conditions with ease. Rocker technology (a gradual bend up of the shovel) creates lift in powder conditions while quickly riding through trees; plus, its moderate flex makes this ski suitable for intermediate skiers as well.

These skis are favorites among professionals and are regularly used on the Freeride World Tour. Their versatility extends from powder to hardpack to crud terrain, and they deliver incredible edge grip despite being heavier than other options of their class.

The Stormrider features a Titanal surface treated with a protective finish that resists scratches while also reducing weight, providing more excellent durability and reduced swing weight – critical factors to maintaining speed. Furthermore, this new design improves edge gripping in all conditions – powder and hardpack alike – as well as offering more comfortable riding for women through its soft construction that floats powder better while carving turns and cutting through crud.

Ski for all conditions.

The Stockli Stormrider 88 ski is specifically designed to perform under all kinds of conditions. Featuring a symmetrical side-to-side flex pattern and a lightweight core, this ski is easy to maneuver for intermediate skiers. In addition to having an excellent flex pattern, these skis also boast an innovative construction method that makes them stronger while their titanal top sheet protects them from scratches.

This ski is equipped with an 88 mm width, providing ample powder control while still performing admirably on groomed runs. Its power without being demanding, quietness at high speeds, and confidence-inspiring ride make this an excellent choice for resort skiers looking for powder adventure. Plus, thanks to an early rise shovel and light tip rocker feature, it also boasts plenty of flotation in fresh snow conditions, making this ski ideal for resort skiers looking for plenty of floatation. This makes this an excellent choice for powder skiers looking to explore powder terrain!

This ski is also equipped to deliver smooth, precise, and agile carving on hardpack terrain. TITEC double titanium provides maximum stability under adverse conditions while poly walls offer maximum impact resistance – both essential features in any ski that can handle any terrain or snow condition with ease.

At Solitude, this ski was an undisputed hit among testers. Thanks to its mid-fat dimensions and playful yet versatile performance, testers found it ideal for powder skiing while remaining versatile enough for hardpack and icy conditions. However, it didn’t compare favorably with Atomic’s Bent or Volkl’s Blaze when it comes to playfulness or maneuverability.

Volkl Kendo 88 frontside all-mountain ski is another fantastic frontside all-mountain choice, ideal for intermediate to advanced skiers who seek something that can handle both hard-pack and soft snow conditions. This ski provides quick responses to inputs, precise handling on groomers, satisfying rebound between turns, and an 88-millimeter waist with integrated TITEC design – which also features an innovative freeride tip designed to increase floatation and performance – plus it comes in both 96 mm width options which make this ski ideal for skiers who prefer bumps/trees terrain!